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Denita Bremer

I help Latter-day Saint (Christian) women stop feeling like they aren’t good enough. Once you finally feel good enough, you’ll have better family relationships, better habits, and be on your way to reaching all your goals. I help you be yourself unapologetically and follow the Spirit so you can fulfill your purpose in life and feel confident and successful.

Shanna Pyzer

I help Christian women overcome mindless overeating and lose weight, for the last time without restrictive dieting.

I help teen girls manage, reduce and overcome their anxious thinking and walk in confidence to show up as who God created them to be in their education, relationships and life.

Susan Estringel

I help YOU create an intentional, balanced life without having to sacrifice your own emotional and physical health in the process.

Kayla Levin

I help religious Jewish women who are stuck in frustration, resentment, and insecurity build the exceptional marriage of their dreams.

Dr. Michael Hogue

Overcome obstacles by understanding the true impact of your thoughts while also learning how your brain governs your life.  Improve commitment, execution, and follow-through.  Change your vitality, motivation, emotional regulation, and executive function.

Civia Caroline

I help musicians, music industry professionals, and all mission-driven people utilize their talents, their minds and their experience to create lasting, authentic impact in the world.

Your impact on others always begins with your relationship with yourself.

Serene Shereef

I am a mindfulness & productivity life coach who helps professional women struggling with burnout and overwhelm to take control of their time, mind & energy. I use an integrated mindfulness and productivity program with tools such as habit building, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, & other productivity systems, to build clarity and take control of your life so that you have time for everything that is important to you.

I am here to help you do less and live more in your best authentic joyful life!

Rachel Shumway

I help badass women in stop self-doubt, get clarity, and create the life they really love.

The Badassery Framework focuses on holistic emotional management, authenticity and achievement of badass goals.

Using mindset, planning, emotional processing and healing techniques, my clients learn how to rely on their innate badassery to face the challenges of life.



Sarah Shiozawa

There is no career obstacle I can’t help you solve.

I am the career transition coach.

Kristen Goodman

I help moms create more influence with their teens by teaching them communication and parenting strategies. These strategies, paired with coaching tools, will change the relationship they have with their teen.

Cameron Nichols

I help you get out of the “fake it ’til you make it” energy and change your personal narrative so you can  and step into your authentic confidence that is just waiting for you to uncover it and let it shine!

When you shine brightly, it gives others permission to shine as well.

Caro Szabo

Are you tired of yoyo-dieting and not being able to lose the excess weight once and for all? Are you tired of feeling stuck in fear and anxiety? Tired of not being able to love yourself enough and create meaningful relationships in your life? If this resonates with you, you can now breathe knowing that I have the tools to help you put an end to your struggles and help you create a LIFE you can truly LOVE. My program is designed FOR YOU, tailored to your needs.

“Un programme sur mesure pour une vie de rêve!”.