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Karen Andrews

I help midlife women successfully navigate transitions and create a life and career they love by challenging limiting beliefs and clarifying their true desires and goals.

Aubin Palmer

I help ambitious and successful mompreneurs who love being mothers and running their own business! You can create the balanced and self aligned life you desire without the mom guilt or people pleasing that is stopping you from reaching your full potential in both.

I believe that any woman who desires to work and fulfill her dreams can do so, while also being a full time mom.  Learning to let these two things complement each other,  instead of competing for your attention, is how you start showing up as 100% yourself! You can truly create the life that you want today by learning to listen to yourself, and stop listening to what other people think or what you think society says is right. Finding this centered life is how you will be your best self in every part of your life. You want and feel called to do both of these things, and I want to help you create the thriving life you desire! Grow your business and your relationships at the same time!


Ellicia Turner

Helping high achieving women end the anxiety and overwhelm associated with perfectionism, while using humor and spirituality to create a life that feels more fulfilling and easy.

Janell Porter

I help entrepreneurs create more money, time, & better relationships without compromising their family or faith.

Laura Dry

As you learn how to build confidence and include Christ in the process, you gain access to the powerful woman you actually are behind all the noise.  You can turn the complaining, judging, comparing, wishing and worry into an unstoppable Christlike Confidence that ignites your life.

Your life does not have to be miserable. You are meant to have joy and be happy.  A beautiful, messy, authentic, guided and confident life is available to you and it’s my passion to help you uncover yours.

Jenie Hunter

Helping families of LGBTQ family members learn to love and support without losing their faith.

Camille Mabillard

I help women make decisions that are in line with their values in complete serenity, while revealing them their best support: the nature that surrounds them.

Alicia Hall

I help women and men who are feeling stuck in their current or past circumstances, reclaim their life and rediscover their true potential. The courage and strength you long for is already within you, and I am here to help you discover it!

Jenny Larsen, MA

As a Christian career, life, & purpose coach, I have two branches in my 10+ year old private practice:

I specialize in career direction as a certified natural ability & aptitude testing specialist – I work with students and 20-somethings, but also adults of all ages, helping them identify the career (and/or major) that is the best-fit for them, based on their natural abilities, personality, values, and interests, and create careers and lives they love. I take a very holistic approach rooted in Ephesians 2:10 – every individual is God’s workmanship.

I also focus on helping moms whose kids are getting older navigate all the relationship changes that come during this season and get back in touch with who they are as individuals – knowing themselves & their gifts and finding (or redefining) their purpose, so they can feel truly confident in themselves and their relationships, and excited about the future.

Michael Jaquith

Life coaching works, period. When you introduce the Faith and bring in the Divine Physician, it works even better and faster. I help guys break free from where they are stuck. If you feel broken, not worthy, not good enough, or just are ashamed, coaching can help you! You are not alone on this journey, and you are not the only one who feels this way. There is help.

I work primarily with men who are of the Christian Faith, and for whom that faith is important. Typical clients struggle with addictions to pornography or alcohol, worry about their parenting or husbandry, or perhaps are crippled by negative self image and self identity. Give me one hour of your time, and let’s see if we fit.

Daphne Walters

I awaken the worth in women who secretly want more in their lives but don’t feel good enough to have it.

Sarah Lawless

I help women who struggle with people pleasing, finding their worth in doing and performing, and who feel that they are a burden. I show them how to be free from the chains of their crippling beliefs and how to step into the beautiful life that God has for them.