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Lama Aboubakr

I help people who want to separate the cultural conditioning from their lives so they can discover the true essence of who they really are. By integrating thought work with spirituality and train your brain to choose a perspective that serves you.

I teach you how to understand your brain and to give yourself the certainty and clarity you need to spend time on things that actually matter to you, to declutter your mind from the cultural expectations so that you can live your real purpose.

Sara Kenana

Relationships play a big role in our lives. Almost every issue we have whether we admit it or not, goes back to our relationship with that thing and ultimately our relationship with OURSELVES!

My passion is to help tired Muslim women, have more energy fulfilling their honorable roles in their lives (as in career, marriage, or motherhood) through coaching within an Islamic framework. I help women stop undermining their rights and hiding from their true potential due to culture or due to their own limiting beliefs. Together, we help build and uplift better generations, one empowered woman at a time.

Yara Demo, MD

I use my unique combined training in life coaching as well as leadership and organizational change coaching to help women physicians create the healthy marriage of their dreams without losing momentum at work. I help women leaders thrive at work without sacrificing their marriage and relationships at home, and without changing their jobs or their partners.