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Lærke Nielsen

I help high achieving women heal, learn and grow after breakup, so they can fully own their happiness and create the life of their dreams. My philosophy is that any painful or challenging situation in life can be turned into learning and growth and that breakups are a perfect opportunity to gain awareness and evolve as a human being.


Gunila Pedersen

I work with women who want to lose weight once and for all.

If you’re here, you’re likely ready to make some changes. You’ve tried on your own, and know you need support. You KNOW there’s more to this life than doing the same thing over and over and not getting anywhere. You’ve probably read some self help books and feel THE POSSIBILITY of change, you just don’t know what’s holding you back.

I know, because that used to be me before I found coaching.

And my passion is now to show other women what’s holding you back from the best version of yourself, physically and emotionally, and show you how to overcome the obstacles, so you never have to diet again and beat yourself up for another failed attempt. In 6 months you’ll have reached your desired result, guaranteed.