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Kristen Carder

My name is Kristen Carder and I have adult ADHD.

I used to be filled with frustration. I was angry at myself and others that my goals weren’t happening. I was a chronic under-earner, under-achiever, and under-performer. I felt like I was missing something. I was right. I was missing a proper ADHD treatment plan. I was missing an understanding of how my ADHD brain works. I was missing the ability to understand and feel my emotions. I was missing the support I needed to help me to accomplish goals.

Everything is different now. I’ve mastered my ADHD brain, implemented support, and built the life that I’ve always wanted.

I’m a Certified Life Coach who helps adults with ADHD figure out how to get sh*t done and enjoy their lives.

Melanie Mittermaier

Infidelity do not have to be the end of a relationship. I love to help partners or couples to save their marriage, to deal with an affair and to build trust and a deep connection between them. It is normal to have crisis in longterm relationships, it is normal and human that partner hurt each other. My Clients learn to use challenges to take their relationship to a new level of honesty, openness and love.

Sterling Jay

I help Catholic moms learn how to manage their minds so they can stop believing lies and step into who God is calling them to be.

Mama, you prayed for this life. Let me show you how to enjoy it.

Together, we’ll find the thoughts that are keeping you stuck and dissatisfied. Once we remove those, you can hear God’s voice so much more clearly. Then we work on building your self-confidence and finding the courage to do what He’s asking you to do.

God planted desires in your heart and since He planted them, He will create a path to fulfill them. When you click into alignment with God’s vision for your life, fully trusting Him and yourself to show up, amazing things happen!

Julie Mann

I’m a life coach, mindfulness practitioner and educator, helping women at all ages and stages of binge eating disorder and emotional eating become truly free forever.

I have unwavering belief in my clients’ ability to be truly free. I’ve created my own unique blend of coaching using the Life Coach School Model, mindfulness and neuroscience to help women become truly free forever.

After almost 40 years of my own struggle, thanks to the power of coaching, I am now the coach I needed and could never find.

Anna Thalman

I help film professionals create their own roles, make their first feature film, and subsequent films until they have achieved their dream career. And we do this in a unique way that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your health, relationships, values, or your sanity!

Nika Maples

I help Christian writers conquer what’s holding them back so they can finish, publish, and market their amazing books.

Courtney Townley

I help women in midlife lead themselves more confidently in the health arena and beyond so they can show up as their best to the things that matter most.  You can find out more about my philosophy around health and what it really takes to improve yours by listening to the Grace & Grit Podcast.

Stephanie Hibbert

When you’re more aware of what’s going on in your head and your heart, it sheds light on the endless possibilities for your future.

Light dispels darkness. Light creates clarity. Light invites confidence.

It’s time to uncover and embrace the light that has always been inside you, one phase forward at a time.

Paige Pritchard

I help women transform their relationship with money and the way it’s used as a tool in their life. Through empowering you to think and feel differently about money, I give you the tools and mindset shifts needed to stop impulse spending, pay off debt, overcome under earning and gain confidence and clarity around your financial situation.  I believe that when more women have more money, the world becomes a more beautiful place.

Eric Thompson

I believe a real estate professional’s deepest desires are to have clients who adore them, to earn extra money, to create more free time, and to wake up every day feeling amazing about themselves.  They know exactly what they want, they just don’t know exactly how to do it.  I help them discover how.

Cookie Rosenblum, MA

To lose weight, you need to first figure out why you are overeating.  Your goal is to not just lose the weight, but to lose the whole problem.  To do this, I will show you how to eat like a natural eater, not someone who is on a diet.  You will learn to manage your mind, so you understand where your emotions come from and don’t run to food to feel better. And you’ll learn how to take amazing care of yourself, so food is no longer your main comfort.

Megan Thomas

I help homeschool moms create amazing relationships with their kids, and a strong family culture, so they can teach their kids anything.