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Sunny Smith MD

We empower women physicians to stop sacrificing themselves for others indefinitely and finally ENJOY this life they worked so hard to create.   We seek to normalize and humanize the full lived experience of being a physician.  All of it.

We do this through the most comprehensive, collaborative coaching program for women physicians.

We have created an incredibly powerful community of like minded women physicians who work with you one on one, in small groups, and in larger groups.   Deep and meaningful friendships are formed that last well beyond the length of the coaching program.   For those who prefer to focus on the one on one work, this is a very welcoming and safe space for that as well.

We bring together outstanding women physicians who are all certified coaches through the Life Coach School and aligned with our values .   They empower you to meet yourself right you are, with awareness and compassion, then once you have accepted where you are, you can start to dream, believe, and act to get the results you want.   As we all know, you can put anything you want in the R line : )

We have proven this time and time again from people who get  days off, go part time, raises at work, promotions, national leadership positions, start podcasts, implement their own coaching programs, start multiple six figure businesses, and the ripple effect of this work is magical.   Even just learning to say no or having boundaries.  It’s contagious.  So is believing you really can change your life and finally prioritize yourself, whatever that looks like for you.
We stop believing “I’ll be happy when…..” and start working on enjoying our lives more right now.  It all starts with a thought, a dream, and being surrounded by and immersed in a community who believes in you, your future, and the infinite possibilities for your life even more than you do.

Your success is inevitable, whether that is really going part time, getting your charts done before leaving clinic, or retiring early.   How do we know?  This ain’t our first rodeo.  We’ve walked hundreds of women physicians just like you through this.  We have pre/post data from our own program with our own coaches documenting that this work is evidence based to decrease burnout, improve professional fulfillment, and most importantly improve self compassion.  I spent my career as a medical educator, awarded faculty member, Clinical Professor in Family Medicine and Public Health.  We offer CME, conduct formal program and faculty evaluation, and always are informed by medical education best practices in developing our coaching program.

Our team includes women physician coaches from all walks of life, all specialties, and always includes practicing and non-practicing physicians.   They are carefully selected based on their own personal strengths, insights, niche, unique contributions, culture add, and ability to hold space and show the clients how no matter the circumstance, the really control the rest of the model.

We hope to change the culture of medicine.  And we know very well that whether we think we can or think we can’t, we’re right.  We are starting to believe we actually already are changing the culture of medicine.  One woman physician at a time.   Each empowered physician changes the world around her.

Shandy Arguelles

I help divorced women release what is holding them back and unleash their potential.

Kari Schneider

I empower achievers to optimize performance with mindset and vitality coaching to reach new bests without burnout.  I help leaders to their possibility of incredible energy and health while attaining their next level in career, family and self-mastery.

Clotilde Dusoulier

I am the founder of Change ma vie, the #1 reference for life coaching in France, and I host the top-rated podcast Change ma vie.

If you feel stuck in a life that’s too small for you, join us and we will take you on the path to develop your VISION, FOCUS, and DRIVE, and create the life you want.

Dr. Amy Boyd

Less than half of women who start the doctoral journey actually go on to graduate with their PhDs. Dr. Amy helps women writing their doctoral dissertations silence the inner mean girl and finish their PhDs so they can move on to that next opportunity waiting for them. The dissertation does not have to suck the life out her clients, and she helps clients uncover joy in this journey.

Jane Atkinson

Jane helps people who want to get paid to speak build the businesses of their dreams.  Whether you are brand new, wanting to speak to promote your coaching practice, or a seasoned pro who wants to increase revenue from speaking (virtual or in person), you’ve come to the right place.  Jane’s Ready, Aim, Fire roadmap provides a time tested proven formula to help you move towards the speaking business (and lifestyle) that’s perfect for you.

Dani Brinkerhoff

As an athlete, you only need ONE person to believe in you to become unstoppable. That person is YOU. Trusting and believing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give not just you, but also your teammates, your coaches, your family, and your friends. Building this relationship with yourself is FUN and is what will help you live your best life!

Ana Verzone

I help rebel yogis and wanna-be Buddhas design and live a life of no regrets, with TRUE freedom inside and out. I know you can be spiritual AND have a rebellious, naughty streak at the same time. I see that as a strength in this journey – and it makes it more fun! My clients learn to use radical mindfulness and cultivate the resilience they need so they can confidently get out there and do what it takes to create the life they were meant to live, with more freedom, adventure, and purpose. My motto is “free your mind, free your life.”

Stacie Fletcher

We help develop healthy, happy athletes who know how to win.

The athletic journey is a team effort between coach, parent and athlete. We coach all three members of the team in the mental and emotional health tools they need to create an environment for athletes to thrive. We have taken the best from sports psychology and combined it with the most innovative and effective life coaching tools to create something entirely new. The process is powerful, yet simple to learn and will level up your game like no other mindset training  you have ever tried.

Kate Bixler

I help women who are tired of struggling to lose weight on their own choose, and get to, their dream goal weight

Verena Tschudi

Wünschst du dir einen Job, der dich richtig erfüllt?

Möchtest du dich weiter entwickeln, aber du weisst nicht wie?

Fühlst du dich manchmal frustriert und verunsichert? 

Möchtest du eine starke, selbstbewusste Persönlichkeit werden?

Dann bist du hier richtig.

Tobi Fairley

I coach creative entrepreneurs who are sick and tired of being overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid.

Are you ready to break the feast-or-famine financial cycle in your creative business once and for all? Are you ready to work fewer hours but get more done all while enjoying consistent cash flow and profits? Are you ready for a business with more ease and more joy, and less hustle and burnout?

DesignYou is an exclusive community for interior designers and creative entrepreneurs who have decided to stop trading dollars for hours and start designing a business and life they truly love.

With the DesignYou Membership you’ll get

  • Content designed to help you generate consistent, recurring revenue without sacrificing more time or energy.
  • Coaching to help you to dig deep into your current business and mindset struggles and create a strategic roadmap for success.
  • Courses that help you transform your mindset, liberate your schedule, and develop new scalable products that serve your ideal clients.
  • Community like no other, filled with fellow creative business owners who will lift you up, cheer you on, and give you feedback on your journey.

Ready to build the 6 or 7-figure business you’ve always dreamt of with real results, without sacrificing your family, health, sanity, or freedom. You’ve been designing everyone else’s special moments, events, homes and lives for years. Now it’s time for you to DesignYOU! Join DesignYou today.