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Marc Hildebrand

I empower leaders to excel in both business and family life! My focus is to help you connect deeper with your family, prioritize your physical and mental health, and build a business you love. Finding YOUR version of success!

Tyler Suzuki Nelson

I help introverted creatives thrive and succeed in a world that puts the spotlight on extroverts. You already have everything you need to get started. Overwhelm and confusion aren’t inevitable parts of the creative process. I can help you build the confidence and develop the systems to tap into your creative potential.

Ken Williams

Too many people have bad bosses and have to deal with difficult people at work. Do you have a job you love but a boss you hate? You don’t have to leave your job. I help people who can’t change jobs survive the Boss from Hell.

Arthur Patton-Hock

I help grad students, postdocs, and professors in the humanities and qualitative social sciences think expansively about careers for which their PhD has qualified them. You can build the professional life you want – within the academy or beyond – without “selling out.”

Cory Lewber

I believe that confidence comes from within. My primary goal is to foster a strong sense of self-belief in my clients. By using and teaching the model, I encourage them to recognize and affirm their own strengths and capabilities, which play a major role in building their self-confidence.

Every individual is unique, with their own set of values and beliefs. By understanding this, I want to help the individual build a self-image that is in alignment with their true self.

I aim to empower my clients to take control of their lives. This includes helping them develop skills and strategies that they can use independently in the future, reinforcing their self-confidence in the process.

Glenn Lovelace

Your Goal Is My Goal

So your wife has transformed from coaching and now it’s your turn…

I’ve taken all things LCS and filtered through my beard to help “mansplain” WTH your wife has been spending all of this time, money and energy on so that you can NOT only reconnect with her in the MOST INTIMATE of ways…

BUT also produce all the RESULTS men are focused on…

I’m not going to sugar coat it – if you want to feel ripped in your clothes, make more money and have more sex let’s talk. I’m all about adventure, fun and living while you create real RESULTS. You’re never going to be this age again so let’s learn to live it up.

Before I sound like the typical man let me also say if you don’t harmonize and balance the EXTERNAL results with real INTERNAL work you’ll be left like most men – constantly chasing success BUT never arriving at real happiness and fulfillment.

There is literally NOT 1 coach for men out there like me…not 1.

Martin Skopp

Life throws us curveballs, big and small, and they hit hard. But here’s the thing: we’re tougher than we think. In my coaching, I help folks dig deep, find their grit, and bounce back stronger. Together, we’ll tackle those negative thought loops, process the tough stuff, and take charge of life with confidence using concrete principles of self-leadership. By the end, you’ll not only overcome your setback, but elevate your self-awareness and transform the way you experience and live your life.

Jeff Wilson

Your divorce is final, now what? Your life after divorce can be amazing. It’s totally up to you.

Dr. Richard Mitchell

I help high achieving professionals overcome burnout so they can get fired up about their personal and professional lives.

Matt Rutter

I am passionate about helping people to understand their God-given gifts and that each has amazing potential for happiness, accomplishment and contentment.

Jon Tucker

I help high achievers create and execute a plan to achieve their goal; through learning self-discipline, taking action, and learning to manage their mind.

Ferruh Tumer

Helping corporate leaders who want to get their power back at work and re-ignite their potential to create joy and fulfillment in their life.