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Reid Allen

Empowering Transgender Individuals and their loved ones to live their most unapologetic lives.

Alicia Hall

I help women and men who are feeling stuck in their current or past circumstances, reclaim their life and rediscover their true potential. The courage and strength you long for is already within you, and I am here to help you discover it!

Michael Jaquith

Life coaching works, period. When you introduce the Faith and bring in the Divine Physician, it works even better and faster. I help guys break free from where they are stuck. If you feel broken, not worthy, not good enough, or just are ashamed, coaching can help you! You are not alone on this journey, and you are not the only one who feels this way. There is help.

I work primarily with men who are of the Christian Faith, and for whom that faith is important. Typical clients struggle with addictions to pornography or alcohol, worry about their parenting or husbandry, or perhaps are crippled by negative self image and self identity. Give me one hour of your time, and let’s see if we fit.

Mike Weekley

I help young people thrive by showing them how to think on purpose; and I help parents have their kids’ backs.

I help young athletes win at life through mindset training. I’ll help them love their playing time and help them get the most out their training and athletic coaching. Together we’ll develop their focus, build resilience, and gain mental endurance. Mindset coaching builds stronger-minded kids, and smarter young athletes – who not only stay on the right path but succeed wildly at whatever they set their hearts on.

I help teens thrive after living in a residential treatment facility. Teens moving back home after living in this controlled environment is a huge adjustment for the entire family. Everyone is different – they need to be, if the teen is to be successful. No one automatically knows what to do. The trauma has been dealt with during the treatment stay and continues to be dealt with in therapy. But what about the other stuff … the day-to-day stuff? The household, school stuff, that is “too small” to mention, that still matters to the teen and the family? That can be managed by thinking on purpose.


Damien Valdenaire

I help Engineers, Traders and Managers to enjoy and grow in a competitive environment

I have more than 20 years business experience in a Major Oil Company and I developed my passion for coaching with trainings and practice since 2018.

My professional career, life, and hobbies have not always been full of success and smiles. I’d get frustrated, shy, lose my confidence, doubt and not show up the best version of myself.

… but it did not stopped me, and I’ll teach you these tools that I’ve learned from the best Master coach instructors.

Jake Knight

I work with busy business owners to create compelling copy and content that converts.

With insider industry knowledge in the digital and marketing space, I have had the great honour of crafting strategic content for some of the most-loved brands. From burgers to chocolate, coffee to tea, I’ve written thousands of branded words that have converted into the millions.

In my private coaching practice, I extend the copy and content knowledge to my clients and pass on the wisdom I’ve proven that works.

Come join me if you want killer copy and content, if you want a word nerd specialist on your team and if you like to have oodles of fun along the way!

Pete Tidwell


Ketan Kulkarni

I am a SELF coach. No more bandaids, no gimmicks, no hacks. Let’s get straight to the point. I will help you identify your authentic goals, and achieve inner and outer excellence.

Gilberto Spencer

I help people with FASD, ADHD, anxiety and depression improve their brains and achieve what they want in life. I help parents understand and better support their children, look after themselves and cope with the challenges of raising neurodivergent children through a brain-based approach.

Wayne Kampers MD

Live a life without medication, injections or surgery

We have created The Pain Recovery Program that not only enables you to become pain free, but shows you how to
create a new way of thinking, feeling and being

A unique Mind Body program that takes your brain from being in survival mode to a creative, thriving mode.

You get to create the exact life you want – imagine the possibilities

Caleb Price

I help college students stop letting anxiety, indecision, and perfectionism take over their lives so they can confidently create the life they want. As a Latter-day Saint myself, I understand all the complexities of that faith and can also help those wanting to be freed from the anxiety they feel in that faith, but I’m completely open and unbiased in coaching those of all faiths.

Being a college student who suffered from all kinds of anxiety, I can personally attest that it’s possible to be free from anxiety in all its forms. Worrying about what other people are thinking at a party, panicking if you studied enough before a test, and doubting over where you’re going in life, IS ALL OPTIONAL.

You can break up with anxiety! It’s possible to reach your goal, it’s possible to change your life, it’s possible to be sure of your purpose in life. I can show you how.

Brett Nikula

I look for the root cause of conflict in the relationships and utilize LCS tools to manage the thinking within the relationship that is creating the conflict. I am the perfect fit for those who want to stay in their relationship but feel that the conflict is pushing the relationship apart.