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Dr. Michael Hogue

Overcome obstacles by understanding the true impact of your thoughts while also learning how your brain governs your life.  Improve commitment, execution, and follow-through.  Change your vitality, motivation, emotional regulation, and executive function.

Jimmy Turner MD

Through the Alpha Coaching Experience, we help physicians (both men and women) who feel trapped in medicine find the financial freedom they need to practice medicine however they want through mindset, money, and life coaching.

Cristi Schiopu

I work with people in their mid-30s-40s that change careers to create something on their own, more aligned to their calling. You may be having a corporate career background, and wish to have more impact and a more personal contribution to the world. The first steps in entrepreneurship are often sprinkled with doubt and disbelief. We work through beliefs that are disempowering and create the fuel you need to shine and thrive. It is sometimes hard. And it is always beautiful and rewarding.

How else can a transformation take place?

Jay Rush

Jay believes it is never too late for parents and children to rebuild and strengthen their connections. Borrowing from his experiences as a son, husband and father, he understands the pain and uncertainty that all family members endure when they feel unheard, unseen, or even betrayed. Working to dismantle rigid (and often invisible) belief systems and rediscover compassion, joy and fun, along with learning new tools to cope with tough feelings is just part of Jay’s expertise in bringing families together.

Marc Hildebrand

I help LEOs and First Responders break through mental, physical, and emotional barriers so they can generate the energy to own their health, connect with their family on a deep and impactful level, and change the trajectory of their career forever.

Cameron Nichols

I help you get out of the “fake it ’til you make it” energy and change your personal narrative so you can  and step into your authentic confidence that is just waiting for you to uncover it and let it shine!

When you shine brightly, it gives others permission to shine as well.

Chao Sun

If you are an immigrant with a six-figure job but do not feel happy,

If you are an immigrant with more than six months’ worth of expenses in your emergency fund but do not feel safe,

If you are an immigrant with more than five years’ residence in a foreign country but do not feel like you belong,

If you are an immigrant who always compares yourself to others because you feel like other people are living their dreams and you are not.

I got your back.

Cali Pope

I am a mental fitness coach for high achieving men who are overwhelmed by their stressful work environment. I help them recognize and overcome destructive thoughts and behaviors that are holding them back from success in their work and personal lives.

Wayne Poisson

Proving to first responders that they can thrive – not just survive – without having to quit their job

Stacey Mendelson

I work exclusively with men and women going through (high-conflict) divorce to teach them how to strategically manage their mind and their legals.

Darrin Thomas

I have over 25 years as a High School Assistant Principal, JH and HS Teacher, HS Coach, and Behavior Interventionist. As a life coach, I see my job as motivating and encouraging your teenager as they take action. We always look for collaborations. As with any big goal, networking can help you achieve it much faster. One of the biggest factors that will decide success versus failure is accountability. When a teenager is held accountable for their daily, weekly, and monthly action plans, they are more likely to follow through.

Celebration along the way is a tool I use often to keep the momentum. The teen years are the most critical! Imagine the possibilities for your teenager if they can learn how to manage their thoughts. I can help your teen overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, thus unlocking their GREATEST POTENTIAL!

Craig Spear

I help men over 35 who want to get fit and lose weight so they can show up for their families and stop feeling stuck. Perhaps you want to lose weight, sleep better, get a better job or just feel better? The only thing holding you back are your beliefs about who you are and what’s possible. If you change your thinking, you’ll change the way you feel, which will change the way you act. When you change the way you act and show up in life your results change too. It’s an amazing process, but you can’t do it alone, otherwise you would have done it already. That’s where coaching comes in.