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Duane Leckey

Coaching with me will change your world.

I help you transform the ‘midlife triad’ of marriage, money and meaning.

I show you how to turn a ‘midlife crisis’ into a ‘midlife awakening’.

Are you ready to for an awakeing?

Michael Hersh, MD

I help physicians (both men and women) defeat overwhelm, conquer burnout, find balance and live the life of their dreams with intention and purpose.  Throughout our medical training, we are taught that self-sacrifice is the key to our success.  Through coaching, my clients rediscover their hopes and dreams, prioritize their time based on their values and learn to live life on their own terms.

Aaron J. Jacobs

Humans are storytelling creatures. Once you learn what your story is, how to unlock it, and how it connects to your ideal customers, you will be unstoppable. Do you want to close more deals? Then you need to tell better stories so you can win more business.

Matt Smith

Thoughts & beliefs are our most powerful tools!

We look at porn because of our thoughts & beliefs but our thoughts and beliefs will also free ourselves from porn.

I coach men (and women) to free themselves from porn by changing their mindset in regard to porn.

I also address the underlying issues that is leading us to use porn in the first place.

When we work on changing our thoughts and beliefs, we are lead away from porn vs us trying to stop the out-of-control train that is constantly bearing down on us.

If you want to free yourself from porn and up level your life 1000%, come talk to me!

Eric Thompson

I believe a real estate professional’s deepest desires are to have clients who adore them, to earn extra money, to create more free time, and to wake up every day feeling amazing about themselves.  They know exactly what they want, they just don’t know exactly how to do it.  I help them discover how.

Ken Li

I help professionals who are stuck in their careers (and life) discover what they truly want so they can find more purpose and fulfillment. I also specialize in helping second-generation Asian Americans who were pushed into careers they never wanted.

Pete Beskas

I help engineers transition to entrepreneurs so that they can grow their businesses in half the time.

Being an entrepreneur means changing in ways you haven’t even imagined, my mission is to help engineers that are transitioning to entrepreneurs and make them successful in all aspects of their professional and personal lives in half the time it would take them on their own.

Shaun Griffiths

Dreams and Goals can be large, small, or maybe even seen as impossible. I want to help you attain your unattainable dreams. Something you have always wanted but couldn’t achieve, or a journey you are just embarking on. My life experiences and challenges of achieving my ‘unattainable’ dreams have given me a passion to help men and women who face challenges or difficulties in their professional or personal lives.

Also, with my 28 year background in aviation, from cabin crew and then pilot flying Boeing ‘Jumbo’ 747s and 777s for 25 years, I am uniquely placed to show you your mind when it comes to anxiety, fear, or nerves when flying- for pleasure or business.

Dr. Michael Hogue

Overcome obstacles by understanding the true impact of your thoughts while also learning how your brain governs your life.  Improve commitment, execution, and follow-through.  Change your vitality, motivation, emotional regulation, and executive function.

Jimmy Turner MD

Through the Alpha Coaching Experience, we help physicians (both men and women) who feel trapped in medicine find the financial freedom they need to practice medicine however they want through mindset, money, and life coaching.

Cristi Schiopu

I work with people in their mid-30s-40s that change careers to create something on their own, more aligned to their calling. You may be having a corporate career background, and wish to have more impact and a more personal contribution to the world. The first steps in entrepreneurship are often sprinkled with doubt and disbelief. We work through beliefs that are disempowering and create the fuel you need to shine and thrive. It is sometimes hard. And it is always beautiful and rewarding.

How else can a transformation take place?

Jay Rush

Jay believes it is never too late for parents and children to rebuild and strengthen their connections. Borrowing from his experiences as a son, husband and father, he understands the pain and uncertainty that all family members endure when they feel unheard, unseen, or even betrayed. Working to dismantle rigid (and often invisible) belief systems and rediscover compassion, joy and fun, along with learning new tools to cope with tough feelings is just part of Jay’s expertise in bringing families together.