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Photo of Brooke Castillo and Stacey Boehman from the Selling Expensive Things Workshop

What is Coach Tank?

So glad you asked.

Coach Tank is my spin on the TV show Shark Tank, but for coaches.

It’s an opportunity for my certified coaches to pitch me ideas for collaboration. The collaboration may take the form of money invested, marketing opportunities, and/or program co-creation.

The idea is that I want to help coaches succeed in any way I can. I want to partner with smart and hard working people to make their dreams come true.

The only catch is that it has to benefit my business as well. If you are thinking about collaboration, you have to think about how your idea benefits my growth, and my company, as well as yours. It has to be a win win or no deal.


I’m currently committed to four different collaborations under Coach Tank.

If you are a Certified Coach from The Life Coach School and would like to submit a proposal for Coach Tank, click here to fill out the application. If we love your idea we will contact you directly. Please make sure you follow the directions exactly. All incomplete applications won’t even make it to my desk, so take your time.

Looking forward to many more collaborations in the future.