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Bonus Episode: Impress Yourself

Welcome to the Bonus Episode of The Life Coach School podcast!

Most of the time, we don't take enough time to be impressed with ourselves and our capabilities.

We don't take the time to be impressed with our capacity as human beings to develop.

I think many of us spend so much time in hiding, we don't feel like we have much to be impressed about.

On this bonus episode, I talk about the reasons why it's so important for those of us on the journey of self-improvement to impress ourselves.

I also explore why I created my new program, Self Coaching Scholars, and lay out what I was able to create for all of you because of all the work I've done on myself… and getting out of my own way.

Listen in as I show you what we're able to create when we're not stressed, buffering, or procrastinating.

Click here for the overview of the Self Coaching Scholars program

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Listen to the show

What You will discover

  • The importance of impressing ourselves.
  • Why I created my new program, Self Coaching Scholars.
  • What you’re able to accomplish when you’re not stressed, buffering, or procrastinating.


  1. You are an example of what is possible for us all. The best part is your integrity shines through. Doing the work in SCS gives me an opportunity to uncover what is possible in my life. Thank you Brooke and the amazing team.

  2. Thank you so much for this bonus podcast Brooke. I’m a new subscriber to your podcast. I heard your interview with Jess Lively last week and made a beeline to subscribe to your podcast immediately after that episode.

    I’ve been dealing with so much fear mongering in this brain of mine over the past two weeks in building up my business. I’ve been shutting that voice off and doing the work anyway, but the doubt creeps in still at times. I appreciated hearing someone as accomplished as you talk about those same fear thoughts when you come up with a new business idea. Gives me much more resolve to move forward with evolving my business and pushing my limits of what is possible.

    1. Hi Brooke,

      Glad to hear you found this episode especially helpful as you build your business. Keep up the great work!


  3. Hi Brooke,
    I have been listening to you for some time now and you always encourage listeners to leave comments, so here I go:
    I absolutely LOVE your podcast. I didn´t listen to podcasts in general until a few months ago and it´s been so helpful for me. Every time I am feeling low, sad, discouraged, frustrated or stuck, I go and listen to one of your podcasts. They make me feel so much better about myself and with my struggles. They teach me to stop overthinking or beating myself up and put me back on the right path. I can´t say how grateful I am for what you teach and how listening to your podcasts makes me better, nicer on myself and less afraid. You are doing such a great job and helping so many people. I guess a lot of people already tell you this, but I wanted to say how important has been for me to listen to your wisdom. I can tell your podcasts reach much further than the USA because I am from Spain and currently living in the United Kingdom.


    1. Hi Maria,

      It’s so great to hear how much you have benefitted from Brooke’s podcast. Brooke appreciates the feedback very much!


  4. Hi Brooke!
    I am wondering if you have any specific approaches to dealing with teenage girls in the area of overeating. My 16 year old daughter has struggled with emotional eating for several years but now that she is not participating in organized sports she is packing on the pounds (30 in the the last 4 months!) I have been listening to your podcasts and I am reading your book, “If I’m So Smart…” and “Self coaching 101.” I would like to get her on board but I don’t want to screw her up emotionally by my lack of mastery of the subject. I too have struggled as an emotional eater for many years and have found so much of myself in your teachings. I don’t want my daughter to struggle the way that I have and I see the tendencies developing. She won’t go out because she does not like the way she looks in her clothers and she often comments about being fat and unlovable. It is starting to effect her concentration for academics and she has become continually sad. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi Brooke/Carina

    Just want to say I love love love Brooke’s work and the way she delivers her training/podcasts/videos etc are just amazing and she is so motivating and inspirational. I live in Melbourne Australia and being able to access Brooke’s work all the way from Oz is great!. I tell everyone about her and her CTFAR model. I am on the journey of trying to lose 60kg so everyday I am listening, doing and learning so much about myself. This is the best weight loss coaching i have ever read about and implemented into my life and my family’s (although they do not need to lose weight but the thought work is great, especially when you have a 15 year old daughter!). Thank you so much for all you do and provide. You are amazing! Please Please come and do an event in Melbourne Australia. I will be front row!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Leanne,

      It’s so great to hear Brooke’s work resonates with you and that you are applying what you’re learning with your family as well. You’re not the first to invite Brooke to Australia…so you never know! 🙂


  6. Brooke, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for developing a program financially available to someone like myself. I am so full of gratitude, especially after this podcast, that it’s as if I am sharing in your own joy in your creation. And over-deliver…girl, please.

    I just enrolled in SCS and already I am changing in ways I didn’t think I was capable of. More on that some other time. For now…just thank you so frigging much.

  7. I am very interested in the SCS program. I was wondering how the transition to the change in eating happens, is it gradual or all at once? I have tried a couple before that kind of are all at once and it worked for a while but not long term because I get like I was missing out.

  8. Brooke,
    I am so grateful for this episode and for what you’ve expressed here. I am a newbie life coach and I have found it difficult at times to combat my cynicism about our industry when it is sometimes hard not to notice that the folks who seem to be experiencing the most success are those who are operating business to business. It almost seems expected that at some point you will jump from client service to business service in order to maintain an upward trend. I have never been interested in offering business to business services of any kind and was so gratified to hear you rethink your approach to re-emphasize service, and to allow those who can’t pay top dollar to benefit. This podcast and the changes you’ve made reaffirm my own commitment and give me hope.

    1. Hi Julia,

      So happy to hear Brooke’s message resonated with you. Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback.


  9. Hi Brooke,

    I’ve been listening to you every morning in my car going to work for a few months now (so many episodes to catch up with!!) and I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge you provided me with. It feels like you know how to explain very clearly what was is my mind for so much time and it is really helpful to have now appropriate words to describe it and tangible concepts to deal with. Thank you so much!

    In particular, I am working on feeling the fear, acknowledging that it is just a sensation and facing the obstacles instead of avoiding them and I can’t believe how much I improved. I gained so much confidence, knowing that there is no big deal and that I will be proud of myself and relieved once the fear is gone. I love it! I try to find one thing that I fear a day and push myself to go there and I think that is the best decision I ever made.

    Thanks again from France!!


    1. Hi Bénédicte, Glad you found Brooke’s podcast and are enjoying it! Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. Brooke appreciates it! –Rebekah