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How Do Life Coaches Help People

Are you interested in becoming a life coach?

As a life coach, you’ll be able to help people identify their thoughts, address their emotions, and solve problems.

You’ll also help them talk through their circumstances, determine specific actions to take, and discuss the results of those actions.

In short, you will help people change their lives with a Coaching Certification.

You’ll show up, serve clients, and create incredible results.

You can have the perfect career.

What Problems Do Life Coaches Solve?

As a life coach, you’ll help your clients identify, address, and solve all sorts of problems.

For example, your client may be struggling with:

  • Not knowing where to go in life.
  • Looking for a new career path.
  • Setting and achieving goals.
  • Finding a goal and realizing purpose.
  • Feeling alone and looking to find support.
  • Getting advice on a circumstance or situation.
  • Feeling stressed and not sure what to do about it.
  • Battling with self esteem concerns.

The list of problems you help clients solve is virtually endless.

If you niche yourself down to a specific industry, pain, or set of concerns, you’ll be able to narrow your problem-solving focus.

As an example, here’s The Life Coach School Founder Brooke Castillo sharing how you can solve any problem with the Model:

What Does a Life Coach Do Exactly?

As a life coach, you’ll help and encourage clients through personal or professional difficulties or goals.

Clients may come to you with a rough idea on how they want to improve their lives, but it’s your job to help them figure out what to do next.

Here are some general categories clients may ask for help in:

  • Mental Health Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Family Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Finance Coaching

Most of what you’ll do with clients is determine personalized goals and help them achieve those goals.

For example, you may help clients with improving:

  • Productivity and focus
  • Overall work performance
  • Time management, stress management, prioritization
  • Self confidence, self compassion, and self esteem
  • Collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Resilience and grit
  • Presentation skills
  • And more

Do Life Coaches Really Help People?

Yes, life coaches do help people.

In fact…

Here are seven benefits to getting a life coach:

#1. Improved Self Confidence

As a client works with a life coach, they’ll notice a self confidence increase. Why? Because the life coach will help the client clarify their thinking, address their emotions, and take specific action to get results in their life.

Confidence comes from taking action, not waiting for motivation.

#2. Adopt a Growth Mindset

A life coach helps their clients shift perspective so they can think, feel, and act differently in the world. This shift encourages the client to adopt a growth mindset. This mindset is at the core of people being able to change their lives through a tool like the Model.

#3. Increase Self Awareness

If you change your thoughts, you change your life.

To change your thoughts, you must be self aware. Self awareness is what unlocks growth, evolution, and perspective for every single person on the planet. A life coach will help clients become more self aware so they can change their lives from the inside out.

#4. Improved Relationships

Relationships along with communication skills can be improved while working with a life coach. Most of what clients do with a life coach is become more aware of their own thoughts, emotions, and actions, which translate into becoming better communicators with other people. This communication leads to deeper, more satisfying relationships in their personal and professional lives.

#5. More Clarity and Purpose

As clients become more aware of themselves, they’ll be more confident in setting and working toward goals. They will gain clarity around how they can fulfill their purpose in this life, as well as the potential impact it will have on the people around them.

#6. Improved Well Being

Clients’ well being improves as they become more confident in who they are and what they’re doing with their lives. Whether it be a personal or professional focus, increasing self esteem, confidence, and clarity create an internal environment for clients that enables them to grow into the humans they were meant to become.

#7. Increased Resilience

As clients set, work toward, and achieve their goals, they become more self aware and confident in themselves. This awareness and confidence leads to an increase in resiliency during adversity. What’s more, this increase in resiliency also lowers stress.

As a life coach, you’ll be helping your clients access a better version of themselves through the items listed above (and more).

Life Coaching Vs. Therapy

Life coaching and therapy are not the same thing, but they do have some overlap:

Life Coaching

  • Life coaches serve as guides through various aspects of life.
  • Coaching targets personal growth and professional development.
  • Coaching focuses on the future.
  • Coaching aids in achieving goals, behavior changes, shifting perspectives, and overall self improvement.
  • Coaches can help you improve your physical health, emotional well being, and financial wellness.


  • Therapists are trained mental health professionals.
  • Education and license requirements are required to practice with clients.
  • Therapy helps you understand your psychological patterns to change behavior.
  • Therapists can diagnose and treat your mental health needs.
  • Therapy can improve your mental health and emotional well being through various techniques and therapy styles, like CBT,
  • EMDR, and more.
  • Therapists often work with your medical care team to help improve your overall well being.
  • Some (not all) therapists can prescribe medication for psychological and mental health conditions.

Ultimately, as a life coach, you will help people.

You’ll show up, serve clients, and create incredible results.

You can have the perfect career.

Become a Life Coach

Every coach who’s certified through The Life Coach School’s Coach Certification Program started off exactly where you are today—wanting to find their purpose, but scared things might not work out.

Now they’ve built a career, and life, that’s beyond their wildest dreams.

It’s time to take a chance on yourself and see what results you can create in your own life.

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