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Shannon Widlansky

I help parents confidently talk to their children about sex, relationships, and their bodies. I show them how to get the conversation started and keep it going. Together we will make a plan that is consistent with your values.

Elana McKernan

I help creative people believe in themselves and their voices so fiercely that creating and selling their work (if they choose to do so) becomes easy and joyful.

I use an intersectional feminist framework to help artists and entrepreneurs heal their relationship to creating and build a thriving business that reflects their values and feels like coming home.

Kara Wada, MD

I help busy professional women struggling with autoimmune and other chronic invisible illnesses redefine success in their lives and rediscover their vibrant, confident selves again! I approach coaching from a place of abundance and a holistic point of view focused on fostering self-compassion.

Amy Latta

Every coach needs two things to become a paid coach – to know what to do to sign clients and to know how to handle all the emotions that come up when you do what you need to sign clients.

Once you know the “what to do” and the “what to do with the feelings,” there isn’t anything you can’t handle.

And a coach who believes there is not anything they cannot handle? That’s a confident coach.
Money and clients bring security and confidence, but only for a moment. Then you set your sites on a new goal and it all goes away.

But not the way I teach confidence and business.

We’re gonna seek out and find all that conditioning in your thinking that tells you you can’t do this, show you how to still feel safe telling the world exactly who you are and how you help them.

This is the foundation of your business right here.

I work with any life coaches who are in two stages.

Want to become a six figure coach:

You know how to sign clients, you’ve made at least $5000 in six months, and you now believe you can make $100K in a year. You’re determined and resourceful and resilient.

And you have no idea how to get from here to $100,000.

Path to 100K mastermind is a six month mastermind that will teach you to replicate what you know is working on your business, remove what is not working in your business, and create the brain of a 100K coach who knows the difference.

You’re gonna know exactly how to talk to your ideal client and how to challenge that patriarchal expectation and hierarchal thinking so you can hit any goal you set your sites on.

Go to to learn more.

Carrie Marshall

I work with people who are ready to take their big dreams and make them become their new reality. As a master coach who has specialized in helping high achievers for the past several years, I am passionate about helping my clients breakthrough their mental blocks and create lives they love to live.

I am the impossible goal coach that works with people that feel their impossible goal is out of reach, but they are ready to invest in themselves, push past obstacles, and get to work.

My clients are all about getting results. They are not thinking about what they can do, they are ready to do it and see improvement. Clients love being able to have a coach that they can check in with, be vulnerable with their failures and obstacles. They also love having a coach that believes in them 100%.

Amelia Noel

I help Type A, overachieving perfectionists in finance, consulting & similar industries break free from the mental grind of your career so you can create a career & life you f*cking love.

Jennifer Richey

I can help you be brave. ​

If you are a new caregiver, I can help you create a family emergency plan to release the worries that keep you up at night. I can help you have the brave conversations that you will need to have. I can help you make decisions that are paralyzing you.

​If you are a new coach immobilized by the sheer amount of work ahead of you, decisions to make, and money to spend, I can help you get out of your own way. I can show you how to stop stopping and start helping.

​If you are a person who has an identity that you’ve hidden for months, years, or decades, I can help you come out of the shadows and start living in the light.

​If you want to have a courageous conversation with someone you love, I can help you.

​Let’s get you living your bravest life!

Victoria Albina, NP, MPH

I bring an empowering feminist framework to overcoming codependency, perfectionism & people-pleasing.

As a Holistic Nurse Practitioner and LCS Certified Life Coach with 20 years’ experience in health and wellness, I offer a true mind-body approach to addressing mental health through both brain and body.

My work is the place where the science and the Woo meet.

I coach women and non-binary humans to reclaim their self worth and self love thoughtwork, somatic practices, and breathwork based in polyvagal theory and Nervous-System science.

I help women and non-binary humans deepen their self love towards healthy interdependence.

I help women and non-binary humans who are ready to stop feeling anxious in their relationships, who are ready to step into deeply embodied self worth, confidence, and interdependence to live with the confidence, joy and radical self-love that is all of our birthright.

Through our work, you will learn to:

  • set healthy boundaries with less guilt and shame
  • truly have your own back in any situation so you can quiet the inner critic and put yourself first, with love and care for others
  • and live from your integrity and self-trust instead of people-pleasing to your own detriment.

Stacey Boehman

I help life coaches make money by learning how to sell.

Whether it’s your first 2k, 200k, or 2m, being good at selling will be the fastest way to increase your revenue.

My students don’t pay for ads, don’t cold DM on social media, or spend hours and hours creating content. Instead they have clients reaching out to them asking for consults and they know exactly how to close them. They have higher converting consults and get more clients from a YES on the phone to actually paying and showing up for their first call.

Clients giving common objections like having to “ask a spouse”, “think about it” or “check finances” are all signs of not feeling safe to buy and not being SOLD on you. I teach you how to talk about what you do, how you will help your client get results, and how to create the safety necessary to get a firm yes on the first call.

My sales process has helped thousands of new coaches make money and bring their coaching businesses to life.

Christina A Arnold, MD

I help professionals uplevel their careers, relationships, and life by working LESS! Learn how to get the best sleep of your life, negotiate like the boss, how to feel amazing in a terrible job (or how not to feel terrible in an amazing job),  ditch work-life balance/integration (be the boss instead, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!), stop letting your To-Do list ruin your life, learn how to deal with “toxic people” without becoming one, forget about the boss’s mood influencing yours, and let go of guilt and overwhelm. Forever. The secret is that it’s not our job’s job to make us feel valued. That’s our job. This is the best news ever! You are just a few thoughts away from your dream life. I can help guide you there.

Paige Bowman

Paige helps Life Coaches lose weight in a simple way as they build & scale their businesses. You can lose weight with simplicity and ease so that you spend less time thinking about food, your body, & the scale and more time thinking about CEO and coaching things. You’re making money in your coaching business and now you can lose the weight, too.

Cookie Rosenblum, MA

To lose weight, you need to first figure out why you are overeating.  Your goal is to not just lose the weight, but to lose the whole problem.  To do this, I will show you how to eat like a natural eater, not someone who is on a diet.  You will learn to manage your mind, so you understand where your emotions come from and don’t run to food to feel better. And you’ll learn how to take amazing care of yourself, so food is no longer your main comfort.