Weight Loss Is Hard, Get Coached in Overeating.

Emma Richter

I help those with chronic health issues to stop longing for the before, wishing for the after, and start loving the now. You deserve a beautiful life even without perfect health! Your diagnosis isn’t a stop sign; its a crossroads. I have a chronic health issue, too, and know all of the questions and concerns that come with a diagnosis. I have been at the crossroads where you are and can show you the road to a better way. I’m so looking forward to meeting you and working with you so that you can have a life that you want, a life that you love.

Let the doctors work on your body. Well work on your mind!

Jessica Parnell

Mental toughness can be an athlete’s greatest strength or it can be their biggest weakness. We help Athletes, Coaches, and Parents develop a clearer understanding of their thoughts and feelings. Let’s Talk PMA, helps to unite the team to accomplish the goals and prepare athletes to get ready for success.

The ultimate goal of our program is to create leaders within athletes. When leaders are created, they can help those they are surrounded by to further the awareness of mental health.

Sully Wittrock

I help women who work from home ditch the sweatpants, not their comfort. Be stylish and comfortable without sacrificing one for the other. I’ve been where you are and creating your own authentic personal style doesn’t have to be a daunting unfulfilling task. I’m going to teach you exactly how to have clothes you love to wear all day long.

Kenna Bryan

You know you are more than your singleness but it feels all consuming.

Hey friend, I see you.

You love the life you’ve been given. You’re doing all the “right” things. But…

  • You are tired of waiting and wondering when it will be your turn for marriage.
  • You feel forgotten or that maybe God skipped you.
  • You want to maintain hope during this time of seemingly unfulfilled promises.
  • You’re tired of waiting for the right person to come along so you can truly start living.
  • You can’t help but feel there’s a void in your life that only a romantic partner can fill.
  • You wonder what more you can be doing.

I understand the deep longing for marriage companionship and the pain of unfulfilled righteous desires.

I spent many years feeling discouraged, wondering when and if I would ever be married.

I loved my life for the most part, but the unfulfilled expectation and righteous desire of marriage seemed all consuming and it hurt. A lot.

I felt tired of waiting and so tired of feeling like my singleness was preventing me from living the life I wanted.

Thankfully…I learned to manage my mind and to finally live the life I wanted to live and love it!

I’ll teach you the very same tools that helped change everything for me.

These tools helped me transform my thinking and allowed me to fully and completely love my life as it was.

I was able to finally feel completely at peace with my life regardless of my dating or marital status.

Your relationship status doesn’t have to change to feel the fulfillment, hope, and joy you’ve been longing for. I’m living proof!

If you’re reading this and it resonates with you, let’s chat!

Book a free consultation call and we can see if one-on-one coaching would be a good fit for you.

Janelle Dessaint Kimura

I help people navigate their attachments to digital devices, over consumption of news and social media, and addiction to the adrenaline of fear to live free in an increasingly digital world.

Understand that our devices are simply a tool for our use.

Become more aware of your digital media habits and decide to be in charge of how and when you consume digital media content, what you think, and how you respond to the world around you.

Release the fear you feel from daily doom-scrolling and reclaim your mind and life. Decide which boundaries work for you and learn to honor yourself and your digi-goals.

Learn to reduce distractions, disconnect from and minimize the pull of the digital world to live in the present and focus on what really matters.

Ai creates a new set of challenges between understanding what is real and what is not.

I would love to help you learn how to minimize the negative digital impact your devices have in your life so you can consume with intention and be present for the people and things that truly matter.

Laurie Adams

“Second Act” your choice results at age 55+ for women who grew up in the 60s and 70s when people-pleasing, putting yourself last and limited future choices defined your expectations. Whether you beat those odds for a fulfilling life, career, family, relationships, financial security or not, I’m here to ensure your second act is your choice, to get you off the back burner and into a fired-up life–yes, at your age! You learn to define what you still want most with my support and go through doable steps to realize true change. People-pleasing no more, but a life where those who mean most to you still feel your love.

Cloe Xhauflaire

I am an international actress and acting coach who will guide you towards freeing your instrument and mastering your uniqueness.I believe that an actor who knows his or her instrument is inclined to explore any kind of character. Knowing your instrument will not only give you the tools to create characters and book the roles you want but will also help you with any area of your life where you feel stuck.

Nadia Nadeau

J’aide les professionnels occupés à incarner leur bonheur, décider sans peur de décevoir et prendre soin d’eux maintenant sans devoir revisiter le passé.

Emily Byrd

I am inspired by these simple and powerful phrases written so beautifully by my brilliant teacher and guide.

“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”
-Eckhart Tolle

“What a liberation to realize the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.”
-Eckhart Tolle

Hadley Lewno

From the outside, it looks like you have built yourself an exquisitely beautiful life. AND you are not loving it. Far from it. You are nearing burnout, and are exhausted from endlessly trying to make your clients or partner or kids happy. I hear you, and I can help. I believe YOU have your answers.  Work with me and I’ll teach you skills so that you can actually hear them.  With the specific skills I teach, you will learn to show up and move your life in ways that are deeply satisfying, specifically to YOU.

Lesley Martin

Lesley helps high achievers who’ve been through adversity create more authentic, joyful and fulfilling lives. As someone who has overcome a lot of adversity already in your life, you’re in a good place now. You’re stable, settled and have a pretty good life. There’s definitely a sense of safety in the status quo, now that things have calmed down and you’re on the other side of the turmoil. You have a sense there’s more on the horizon for you, that you could do something really amazing with your life, but all your self-doubt and old fears resurface and you retreat back into the security of the comfortable life you’ve curated for yourself. You try to convince yourself you have a good enough life, you shouldn’t want more. That stepping out into the light is risky and you might be judged, or get hurt, or fail. But what if you fly? I work with you to transcend your past and all the ways it has defined you, even up to your current circumstances, and increase your willingness to step into possibility so that you can truly embody a version of yourself beyond your imaginings. LFG!


Amber Anderson

My purpose as a coach is to unleash the impact of soul-centered leadership for people and teams everywhere.

I’m not your typical executive coach – I’m a life coach for leaders. I work with leaders at the conscious and unconscious levels to produce effective change through an integrative coaching model that accounts for mind, body, and spirit – empowering and equipping people to move from ego-centered to soul-centered leadership to maximize their impact in a way that is authentic, joyful, and expansive.

Soul-centered leadership enables you to LIVE more fully. It goes well beyond your experience of leadership.

But if your unconscious mind and nervous system aren’t ready to embody a new identity, hold more power, wield more influence, and feel safe in a new level of self-actualization, it will slow down and sabotage all of your (consciously) best-laid plans. Through coaching with me you will learn at the unconscious level how to stand confidently in your new identity as a high-impact, soul-centered leader, get comfortable in visibility, and expand your capacity to receive positive attention, recognition and money.