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Sarah Mueller

If you have a lot of stuff, you may have thoughts about these things that create a sense of shame or overwhelm. I’m here to tell you that it’s just stuff. I help women over 50 declutter, get organized, and take control of the things in their homes again so that they can focus on the things that matter most to them.

Sara Kenana

Relationships play a big role in our lives. Almost every issue we have whether we admit it or not, goes back to our relationship with that thing and ultimately our relationship with OURSELVES!

My passion is to help tired Muslim women, have more energy fulfilling their honorable roles in their lives (as in career, marriage, or motherhood) through coaching within an Islamic framework. I help women stop undermining their rights and hiding from their true potential due to culture or due to their own limiting beliefs. Together, we help build and uplift better generations, one empowered woman at a time.

Michelle Ofreneo, M.D.

I help introverted High Achievers overcome stress, reach bold goals, and live life on your own terms.

I help you BE the Truest & Highest Version of Yourself in your personal and professional life without compromising who you are.

I am a physician, an anesthesiologist, a mom, a spouse, an introvert.
I am a recovering perfectionistic procrastinator, self-doubter, & people-pleaser.
I am a Thriver emerged from the ashes of my own burnout, a goal-getter, and a lifter of weights & minds.

I felt stuck in the rat race of life. I always had to get to the next thing before I could arrive and allow myself to feel good about where I was.
I was in this cyclical state of dis-ease… feeling this need to fill this void that I didn’t realize was there… trying to meet societal, cultural, and self-imposed expectations and pressures of being “good enough”.

I would take out my frustrations on my family or myself.

When finally, I thought — enough was enough.

Sometimes we need a coach, a mentor, a guide to help us see what we don’t see… to help pull us out of the same old story of our lives.

I had tried to DIY my personal development. I read the self-help books, listened to podcasts, tried meditation and yoga, studied philosophy, theology, positive psychology, and neuroscience.  But it wasn’t until I personally experienced coaching that I got the guidance and traction to overcome my old thought patterns and reactive habits.

And so, It is my mission and vision to share the power of coaching to help you shed the limiting stories within you and re-write your story and create new ones beyond the same old limited soundtrack.  I want to help you uncover what is keeping you stuck… help you reveal your highest self even in the most “triggering” situations. Our brains are neuroplastic, and it is absolutely possible to become the person you want to be and create a life you love… and enjoy it!

  • Maybe you’re working through bettering your relationship with your spouse, your kids, or your work place.
  • Maybe you’re working on getting over your self-doubt or imposter syndrome.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to perform better in your work or business.
  • Maybe you’re going through some major life or career transitions.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to manage your time better.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to get out of over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, … over-doing.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to feel less angry and just… feel better.

Together, we create a process to do just that.

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ―Marcus Aurelius

Let’s build some mindset muscle.

Valita Speranzi

I help women up-level at ‘mid-life’ by getting beyond the emotional pain and frustration that comes with wondering, “Is this all there is?!” I help them get unstuck and rediscover their dreams!

Chelsea Tanner

I help musicians get unstuck in their careers, navigate uncertainty, and build the self-confidence they need to be wildly successful. Musician’s mindset is the number one thing holding them back in their lives and careers. As a professional flutist, I know firsthand how hard it is to navigate the world as a musician. We will dive deep into your relationship with yourself to create confidence so you can thrive doing what you love. Is that building your own business? I got you. Is that trying to win auditions? I got you there too. Let’s go.

I help musicians with all aspects of performing and teaching: performance anxiety, your mindset as a teacher, dealing with harsh criticism and feedback, rejection, comparison, auditions, creating new opportunities, and so much more.

Margo Krekeler

Are you ready to Let Go of the clutter in your life – so you can Move On with new clarity and energy? Determined to create real change – and to do it from a clean place?

Some help from a personal and experienced supporter might be all you need to make your next decluttering project a sustainable success.

Consider working with a ‘Clutterfree Life’ Coach.

This is a new profession (I invented it) that combines the qualities and skills of a professional organiser – a specialist in home decluttering – and a life coach – an expert in mind decluttering.

I help my my clients let go of the ‘too much’ – all the things, thoughts, feelings, and actions that don’t serve them, that hold them back from moving on into a more spacious and enjoyable life.

A successful decluttering project has so many benefits:

  • You not only gain more space and order in your home,
  • you also build up clarity, confidence, and peace in your mind,
  • and you fill your life with more energy, passion and lightness.

However, you can only get really good at decluttering your home if you first learn how to be really good at managing your mind.

It’s very simple: You won’t be able to create real change and get the clutter out of your home/life as long as your mind wants to keep it!

So let’s find out what’s going on in your mind.

Let’s uncover any limiting clutter-thoughts and understand why your mind wants to hang on to them. This makes it easier to clear up some space in your mind so that you can re-organise it with powerful new thoughts.

Now you are perfectly ready to get started with any other decluttering job that needs to get done.

You are going to create – step-by-step and unstoppable – the clutterfree life you want: a spacious and organised home where you can relax and enjoy yourself, and a clear mind that ensures that all areas in your life not only get but also remain free of clutter.



Lea Ann Slotkin

I help fellow artists who want to be as enthusiastic about building their creative business as they are about creating their art. I am here to debunk the myth of the “starving artist” by coaching you on your journey to selling your 1st or your 101st painting.

Angie Wilson

I help women create the life of their dreams after divorce. You will unleash inner strength, enhance self love, make peace with your past, and create an abundant life. You can become the most peaceful, grounded, and confident version of yourself.

Jessica de Hody

Through my personal experience, I see that the majority of relationship problems between human beings frequently stem from the discomfort that each person may experience internally and for which he or she does not always have the solution and the tools to resolve it.

This unhappiness has its origin in the emotional dependence that we have with others, which has the impact of preventing us from truly living our lives in our own terms, but according to others (their gaze, judgment, thoughts, etc.).

My coaching philosophy is deeply linked to this point of view : for me, it represents one of the best ways to improve the relationships that people have with themselves because it allows us to take a deep look at the situations of our lives and gives the power back to each person to decide what they want to keep and change in order to live better every day.

I am convinced that improving one’s relationship with oneself will improve one’s relationships with others and ultimately create a better world where each person would more easily take responsibility for his or her emotions and where psychological abuse would be less present.

Faith Hoskins

Helping international workers become masters at change, so they can live a happy, fulfilled life no matter where they call “home.”

Jen Ryan

I help women reinvent their life with self-confidence after divorce. I believe divorce is an opportunity, not a setback.

Beth Spenceri, MD

You’ve set and achieved goal after goal, realizing success upon success for years. But between the demanding patients, staff, insurance companies, and even your family, it seems there’s no time or energy left to dream up what’s next for you. The problem is: you’re not done achieving yet. Now what?

I coach high achieving, mid-career physicians develop the sustainable skill of achieving big goals amid their busy lives, make big decisions and move beyond being “stuck”, and regain the control they’ve been missing in their lives. The key? Learning how to effectively manage their physician brains (a skill they never taught us in med school or residency).