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Holly Herlocker

I work with women, particularly creative entrepreneurs who feel like they have lost momentum, joy, and their creative spark. I help them gain momentum and confidence in the areas they feel stuck. They often feel paralyzed to take action, devoid of excitement and joy, they might be struggling with leveling up in some area of life, or they feel trapped by the circumstances of their lives…. I help them overcome negative stories, break through the mental blocks, create and stick to a plan of action, all while working to build true and lasting self confidence.

Mimi Gordon

I help mission-driven leaders achieve big goals without overworking.

Akanksha Gulati

I help my clients create promising future by managing stress and anxiety.


Linda Street MD

I use coaching tools and negotiation techniques to help female physicians strategize their contract negotiations.

Carole Méziat

I coach high achieving executives and managers (men and women) to get back to a healthy relationship with work so that they can make a difference with their professional life. I help them to reduce their professional stress, find a work-life balance and regain a creative energy at work.

Tracy Hoth

I help women who feel disorganized and overwhelmed learn how to create an organized home, business and life.

Nancy Anderson

I help women who are ready to create a bigger vision, define a clear path, and go after their goals to transform their life. If you’re ready to create what you really want in your life or business, a vision that excites and energizes you with more meaning, fulfillment & impact, with support to actually get it done, let’s chat.  My step by step transformation framework utilizes my unique Future Focus M.A.P. to identify your clear path with next steps, strategies, and tools that you need to create real change, real results.

Judith Gaton

Being curvy does not mean you can’t be stylish.

When you own your curves, you can own any room.

I help curvy women learn to love and dress the body they are in so they can conquer & slay at their work in the world.

Monaye Marcia, MSA

I Help You Grow From Trauma By Teaching You To Create A Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset

What Is Post-Traumatic Growth

Many have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a commonly known term in the media of what an individual may experience after surviving trauma. It has been a household phrase. However, what has not been talked about as often is Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG)

Post-traumatic growth is a positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis or a traumatic event.

I created the Post-Traumatic GROWTH Mindset Formula for warriors who are ready to take their control back from their traumatic experiences.

The PTG Mindset is using what has happened, is happening, or will happen that caused trauma in your life AND using the trauma to be the best version of yourself.

You Can Create A Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset if you are tired of:

  • Crying yourself to sleep
  • Not being able to get out of the bed
  • Re-telling your trauma  story as a victim
  • Self-sabotaging behavior
  • Worsening anxiety

Or you find yourself feeling:

  • Broken
  • Defeated and powerless
  • Empty
  • Frightened
  • Helpless and hopeless
  • Insecure

You will learn to love yourself even more now and create a life better than before the crap you been through.

You will gain confidence, clarity, and strength to take on any task no matter how big.

Let me help you create a life you deserve.

DeDe Anderson

I help widowed women navigate the waters of grief. I’ll show you how your husbands death doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your happiness; how to feel confident in making any decisions, large or small; and how to feel connected with family and friends again.

Shanen Sadowski

I help women create and live the abundant life they were created for (spiritually, mentally, relationally, and provisionally) without doubt or confusion.  Using neuroscience and Scripture, I’ll help you understand why you do what you do and how to get the results you’re looking for….with Jesus at the center of it all.

Ali Berry

We develop happy healthy athletes who know how to win.