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Jessica Perle

I help professional women to achieve their dream life, both personally and professionally, without the stress, anxiety and burnout.

Civia Caroline

I work with mission driven people in the music and entertainment industry – artists and industry professionals – to be intentional with their creative energy and create lasting, authentic impact in the world.

Your impact on others always begins with your relationship with yourself.

Monica Myers PA-C, MS

My clients will learn the key steps to defeat burnout, restore the balance of work and home life, and become self-advocates to ensure your own needs are met in order to thrive as a Healthcare Professional, spouse, parent and friend.

Dominique Vandal

I help women embody their mindset work so they can be present in their lives and bodies NOW.

Kirsten Simon

I help high achieving women experiencing a quarter-life crisis get out of the rut, figure out exactly what they want, and create the fulfilling, intentional future they’ve always wanted.

The women I work with have achieved what they set out to achieve – the degree, the stable job, the husband, the family – but they’re not as happy as they envisioned themselves being when they were younger.

They’re unfulfilled at work and questioning whether they should move on. They’re unsure of their passion and purpose in life and know they’re not reaching their full potential. And the added stress of questioning themselves and being confused about what to do next is taking a toll on their energy.

Sound familiar?

I’ll help you cut through the confusion, silence the seemingly neverending chatter in your mind, and help you figure out exactly what you want and how to create it.

You’re going to look back and believe with your whole heart that this quarter life crisis was the best thing that ever happened to you.

Teresa Beshwate

Teresa Amaral Beshwate is a certified professional life coach who helps widows learn to live and love their life again, on their terms. She holds a master’s degree in public health, is a motivational speaker and frequent blogger on the topics of life after loss and reconstructing a life worth living. Because although life can be brutal, it can also be beautiful.

Christy Towns

I believe that work is so much more than just a job––it’s your livelihood.

It’s an extension of your life and an expression of who you are. It’s how you support your one beautiful life.

But what’s the point of work when you can’t even enjoy the life it’s supporting?

Success isn’t how high you can climb the corporate ladder or how many accolades you receive. It’s about having the career that aligns with your values and fulfills your definition of success and happiness so that you can experience more joy, energy, and freedom. It’s about sharing your gifts and talents with the world through your work so that you can support your life and your soul.

If your career doesn’t make you feel alive… then it’s not your livelihood.

LaQuida Barnett

I help you create more of the romance you read about or see on TV, in your life.

Krista St-Germain

I help widowed moms learn to work with their grief so they can fall in love with life again.

You see, most widows have been sold an outdated an inaccurate bill of goods about grief and resigned themselves to a “new normal” they aren’t excited about. They don’t know about Post Traumatic Growth. They don’t know that most of what they’ve learned about grief is wrong. And if they do know they can be truly and genuinely happy again, no one is teaching them how.

After my husband, Hugo, was killed by a drunk driver in 2016, I worried my best days were behind me. That my shot at real happiness was gone. All my dreams had been about us. I wanted to believe that better was possible but didn’t have the tools. Therapy helped me get back on my feet so I was surviving but Life Coaching gave me the tools I needed to create a future I could get excited about.

In my Mom Goes On group coaching program, I help widowed moms get back to truly living life again. Once we’re done, you’ll feel free of the heaviness that’s weighing you down and keeping you stuck. You’ll be ready to move forward with life. You’ll be certain of your ability to make any kind of decision on your own and know you can create the future you want. You’ll be confident in your parenting, knowing you’re raising resilient, independent children. You’ll stop trying to be both parents. Your relationships with others will seem easier because you’ll know exactly why they aren’t working and what to do about it. Whether you’re dating again or contemplating it, you’ll know you can be happy either way. We will have examined every area of your life and you’ll be stronger, bolder and more self-assured than you’ve ever been. You’ll know what you want going forward and you’ll have the tools you need to create it. And you’ll have a new community of widows like you who get it and plenty of support along the way.

This program is by application only. Click here to take the next step.

Lisa Madsen, LCSW

Are you a caregiver for a loved one with a chronic illness?

Do you often feel exhausted, trapped, and resentful?

Do you wonder what is wrong with you and how you got here?

Nothing is wrong with you.

I coach caregivers to find their sanity, design a life they enjoy, and to love themselves in the process.

I learned the secret that life can be better – right now  – no matter what your loved one says or does. It is possible.

I have tools that are different and they work.

My clients and I are proof.

Stacie Fletcher

We help develop healthy, happy athletes who know how to win.

The athletic journey is a team effort between coach, parent and athlete. We coach all three members of the team in the mental and emotional health tools they need to create an environment for athletes to thrive. We have taken the best from sports psychology and combined it with the most innovative and effective life coaching tools to create something entirely new. The process is powerful, yet simple to learn and will level up your game like no other mindset training  you have ever tried.

Deborah Thomas

You’ve done all the “right” things and intentionally created the life you have. But you realize that even though there are things you love about your life, deep within, you know there’s something “more.”

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working in the corporate world, an entrepreneur, or retired, every woman has a desire to become the woman you know you’re meant to be. To what I call . . . Create Your Extraordinary.

It doesn’t mean perfection or a life free of adversity. It means defining your “more” by aligning your talents, gifts, and passions with the wisdom gained from life experiences. It means living your truth guided by your life purpose, filled with authentic confidence, and fueled by a powerful vision for your future regardless of your circumstances to create a life that is rich, meaningful, significant, and most of all, extraordinary.

That’s what I help you do! I want every woman to know she is worthy, significant, has a purpose, and can create an extraordinary life—no matter who she is or where she comes from.

The world has never been more in need of extraordinary women!
Women who are courageous examples of rising above, walking in faith, living authentically, and filled with beautiful optimism.

Why wait for them when you have it in YOU to become one?