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Teal Buetzow

I help people get organized after losing a loved one.  Finally sort through and let go of items left behind, resolve family dynamics and start to move on from grief, so you can begin to live life fully again.

Barbara Childs, RN MSN MBA

I coach adults diagnosed with ADHD after 50 years old to help them with increasing their executive function abilities, time management, and alternate methods to managing ADHD with or without medication in a holistic, natural way.

I also coach petite women over 50 how to lose weight permanently with my weight loss management program for women who are 5’5″ or less. Weight management for shorter women is much harder than those 5’5″ or taller. The struggle is real!

Fausto Montalvan


What I Do

Everything I offer is to empower you to make simple but powerful shifts to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. These strategies and tools are simple to apply, but when compounded daily – make a huge impact in your life.

Laura Cazier, MD

Physicians spend decades training to care for others, but we are too often negligent in caring for ourselves. We often don’t have a “safe space” to talk about and reflect upon the many stresses we experience in our lives, both at home and at work. My passion is to provide that space, to help physicians “heal themselves,” find joy in their lives (including in their work), and set and achieve goals so they can become the version of themselves they always dreamed was possible.

Cecelia Baum Mandryk

The habits you have and maintain create the person you are and the results you have in your life.

You don’t struggle with getting to the gym, changing your relationship with food or alcohol, shifting how you talk with your friends or about yourself, or your work-life balance because it’s difficult.

You struggle because you’re using willpower to change your actions instead of self love to change your mindset.

I help women in their 30s and 40s cultivate self discipline using self love.

Using wisdom over willpower, we name and create the habits you want so you can feel amazing in your life.

I changed my life through habits when I:
– Clearly named what I was changing and why
– Worked with belief, action, exception, obstacle, and failure plans
– Learned how to recognize my thoughts and feel my feelings

And I can help you do that same.

Whether you want to change your life or just your morning routine, I’m your coach. Let’s get started.

Susan Soares

Are you an overwhelmed Mental Health Professional teetering on the edge leaving the profession?

Are you at your wits end of just barely keeping your head above water? Do you feel that the only thing that will make things better is if you found another job?

I care deeply about Mental Health Professionals who are experiencing burnout. We are on the front lines serving the mental health needs of others and in order to be effective in our jobs, we must learn to put ourselves first.  We weren’t taught this in graduate school, but the lesson is vital to our own wellbeing.

I leverage the principles of coaching to help you become the best version of yourself personally and professionally.  Sick and tired of burnout?  I can help you find a way out.

Sara Camak

I help moms of children with rare genetic disorders find relief from caregiver burnout.

Mackena Caterson

I empower women to heal codependent patterns and become the master of their own happiness.  You no longer need a perfect partner to fill your needs because everything you need is within you!  I use Somatic and Mindset tools to help you holistically transform your painful relationship patterns, and heal your attachment wounds.

Cynthia Barabas MD

My mission is to guide people over 50 through a journey of weight loss and maintenance to maximize the fabulous rest of their years.
The achievement of living at your intended weight is impacted by many things, including caring for parents and children, navigating a long-time job or a new career, health issues, and more. These don’t have to keep you from living the life you want at the BMI you choose. Learn how to ROCK YOUR BMI EVERY DAY, starting today.

Amber Titensor

I help moms who have lost a child or children navigate their grief and healing journey. I honor the grief and healing process as the individual, personal and sacred experience that it is, while helping moms find true and lasting hope and yes, even joy in their lives again. Together we can address any area of life that the loss of a child touches while learning to thrive once again.

Charlene Lam

I help grieving people to feel less alone, more supported and better equipped to deal with the practical and emotional aftermath of losing a loved one. My vision is for you to emerge with your livelihood, health and relationships intact so you can move forward (when you’re ready) with living your own fullest life!

After my mother died suddenly in 2013, I leaned into my creativity to guide myself through grief. I designed my Curating Grief coaching framework to help people process their grief in a creative, accessible way.

Feeling burdened by the weight of stuff, responsibilities, resentments and regrets?
Want to feel lighter? Want to feel better?
It’s possible! Let’s figure out your life after loss.

Betsy Slay

I help people Sleep Better & Live Better.