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Melanie Mittermaier

Infidelity do not have to be the end of a relationship. I love to help partners or couples to save their marriage, to deal with an affair and to build trust and a deep connection between them. It is normal to have crisis in longterm relationships, it is normal and human that partner hurt each other. My Clients learn to use challenges to take their relationship to a new level of honesty, openness and love.

Nina Urman

Declutter your Brain. Unlock your potential. Re-design your Life.

My Coaching Program “Re-design your Life” is specifically designed for Executive Spouses (Wifes of Executives and CEO’s) who want to take their lives to the next level.

These are world-class women that have supported their husbands for many years making sure everything is in “Flow.”

I have worked with Executive Spouses from all around the world, and have developed customized processes and systems to help you to FEEL as good as your Life looks!

Asel Ormonova

I love coaching humanitarians to design their ideal dream lives that they have always wanted. Life on purpose without unnecessary suffering and complaining.

I am in love with how all of this and more can be done simply working through our thoughts and feelings to create our results in life. Anything is possible as long as we put our minds and hearts to it.

Anna Gorga

I help successful women who work in corporate settings create more fun and fulfillment in their life, both at work and in their personal life.

Taly Elbaum

Our mind is such a powerful tool and affects our lives in many ways, whether it’s in our dating & relationships, career decisions, dreams & aspirations or just the regular stress & anxiety.

When another layer of complexity is added, namely the pressure of family and communities, we are even prone to buy into the conceptions and misconceptions of how things should be, how we should act, feel, and think.

We often fall into the trap of right or wrong, in or out, all or nothing. We create a glass ceiling for ourselves regarding who we are, who we think we want to be, as well as who we can be.

I believe, however, that it is possible to find a way that includes it all. The connection to the community and a life lived on your own terms. I believe that living life on your own terms does not disconnect us, but rather helps us form a stronger bond to our surroundings.

I use the power of coaching to help modern Jewish women break through the limitations in their own minds, to create the life and community life of their dreams.

Christine Lohmeier, PhD

You pursued an academic career because you love your research, you value intellectual freedom, discussions and teaching.

You love the place that universities could be and you want to make a contribution.

However, now your day-to-day entails a lot of

  • Overwhelm
  • Saying yes when you want to say no
  • Feeling out of control around your time
  • Feeling inadequate

Maybe you are even wondering if you should leave academia?

If this is you, I got you.

Ann Fritzen

I help expats stop focusing on what you’ve given up and start loving your life abroad.

Verena Tschudi

Wünschst du dir einen Job, der dich richtig erfüllt?

Möchtest du dich weiter entwickeln, aber du weisst nicht wie?

Fühlst du dich manchmal frustriert und verunsichert? 

Möchtest du eine starke, selbstbewusste Persönlichkeit werden?

Dann bist du hier richtig.

Caroline Bjorkquist

In the world we live in, many women feel they can’t speak or be their authentic self with friends and family without causing conflict. I help women handle these conversations from a place of love and empowerment and give them tools to keep those friendships and working relationships positive and open while still feeling good about what they believe in.  I feel passionate about helping people realize that not only is life 50/50 but people can disagree but still be wonderful co-workers, neighbors and even close friends. It’s through our differences that we grow,, but we have to start with self-love and acceptance.

Johanna Chen

Do you feel stressed or stuck in your life? There is a way out of it and chances to thrive, without needing to quit your job (except you really want to).

No matter if engineer, product manager, marketing or sales manager, designer or HR. The work in the tech industry can sometimes feel stressful, competitive and demanding.

But often you do love your job, but just feel stuck or like you do not have a work-life balance or that you are just not sure how to go the next step.

I help people in the tech industry or in startups to get unstuck and thrive, because you deserve to feel great while you create great new things.

Veronica Zapp

I help smart and ambitious women let go of their physical and mental clutter. My passion is to show my clients how to organize their home, time and mind and stop procrastinating. I believe that less mess means less stress – and more inner calm and fun.

Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
Do you want to simplify your life? And finally have time for the things that are important to you?

I can help you get organized for good.

Astrid von Weittenhiller

  • Are you childless not by choice?
  • Is your heart broken, your purpose gone?
  • Do you feel stuck, asking ‘Now what’?

I help amazing women like you to overcome the pain and regrets of not becoming a mom. Together we create your exciting new future full of purpose and possibilities.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Let me be your guide.