Weight Loss Is Hard, Get Coached in Overeating.

Marina Clavet

I help working mums to be finally happy in their professional life, without sacrifying their “me” time and time with their family.

Karin Obertreis

I support professional women leave overwhelm and burnout behind by managing their mind and question the patriarchal belief system they grew up with. My vision is to help as many women as I can free themselves from burnout, overwhelm and self doubt so they can tap into their full energy and create the life they truly want to live.

Lisa Dunk

Cancer is a pain in the keister but it doesn’t to consume your whole life! We’re here to help you put it back in its box so you can focus on what really matters to you. We have game-changing strategies that will not only help you feel calm and confident but will help you communicate better with your medical team, friends and family and make informed decisions that are aligned with what is important to you.

Martin Skopp

I am passionate about helping people who are feeling stuck or frustrated in midlife to (re)discover their inner drive and purpose. Through my coaching, I accompany men to become decisive, to believe in themselves and to create & use new possibilities in their private and professional life. Together we design a transformative journey that enables them to make midlife the most remarkable and fulfilling chapter in their life story.

Dr. Ada Sommerfeldt

As a Change Coach, I coach high-achieving executives, entrepreneurs and visionaries to become the best version of themselves.

With my coaching program, they learn to understand their brain, comprehend their feelings and explore the realm of possibilities in a fast-changing world , so that they find their voice in a career they love,  become pioneers in their field, and create the life they want.

Lilly Beyond

I help purpose-driven coaches to reach their impact and income goals without sacrificing their personal lives or wellbeing. Get comfortable getting paid for your coaching and serve beyond your wildest dreams.

Stress, overwhelm, burnout, and financial struggle do not have to be part of creating impact in the world! I’ll show you how.

Nina Lacher

I help coaches & client-based business owners unleash the IT factor in their life & business and own their brilliance.

By applying my simple 3-step process you create a strong personal brand that captivates & sells without all the mind drama of not knowing which steps to take next and how to market & grow your business.

Learn how to create high-ticket coaching containers by using soulful marketing and magnetic messaging to create paying clients with calm confidence. On repeat.

Katharina Hellmann

I am the Eco-Anxiety Coach. I help women overcome climate change anxiety and live more sustainably without giving up on the things they love.

Sandy Kaufmann

I help single women to identify why they can’t find the love they want and transform the barriers that exist inside themselves to finally find and live the love relationship of their dream.

I coach online over Zoom in French, German and English.

Julia Lakaemper

It’s my passion to help you make tons of money & create a business and a life you love. I want more and more women to be financially independent so you blow your mind about what is possible for you while working 40 hours or less.

Melanie Mittermaier

Infidelity do not have to be the end of a relationship. I love to help partners or couples to save their marriage, to deal with an affair and to build trust and a deep connection between them. It is normal to have crisis in longterm relationships, it is normal and human that partner hurt each other. My Clients learn to use challenges to take their relationship to a new level of honesty, openness and love.

Nina Urman

Declutter your Brain. Unlock your potential. Re-design your Life.

My Coaching Program “Re-design your Life” is specifically designed for Executive Spouses (Wifes of Executives and CEO’s) who want to take their lives to the next level.

These are world-class women that have supported their husbands for many years making sure everything is in “Flow.”

I have worked with Executive Spouses from all around the world, and have developed customized processes and systems to help you to FEEL as good as your Life looks!