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Dr. Saadia Mian

I am a practicing Endocrinologist and also have a passion in functional/ holistic medicine. I support women to gain clarity in their vision for their lives, alleviate burnout and rekindle the joy in their careers, relationships and lives in general. I also work with women to achieve optimal health and weight through lifestyle modifications and mindset management. This work propels women to achieve results beyond their biggest dreams!

Rashmi Pawar

Our thoughts create reality, but that’s not how we are wired. We have practiced the skill of self-judgment since our young years while creating our results, but with a lot of shame, guilt and regret. I help with the art of self-compassion and celebration so that we can intentionally shape our future from a kinder place where we have our support no matter what. I help women with PCOS lose weight before they get pregnant so that unconditional love comes easily for themselves and their future children.


I am a Relationship & Life Coach who helps women create happy marriages and lives. I specialize in the skills and mindset needed to develop happy, connecting and supporting relationships. Good relationships don’t happen by chance – there are skills that make them happen.

The most exciting part of my coaching is that you don’t need anyone else to create what you want in your life. You are enough. You have the power to create happiness around you and build relationships you are longing for. You just need some guidance to step into your power. As a Yoga teacher, I help people stretch their bodies and as a Relationship Life Coach, I help them stretch their minds to recreate their lives in alignment with their dreams.

Kirthi Lilley, MD

I help busy physicians create extraordinary and fulfilling lives by helping them overcome burnout and time scarcity. I help you bust through the most common limiting belief of “I don’t have enough time” so you can create a joy filled life exactly as you envisioned it. Loving your life again shouldn’t have been so hard and I can help you achieve it.

Prerika Agarwal

I help women leap into their next career within 90 days. If you have been trying for six months or more, spending hours and hours, frustrated and wondering what is going wrong, I can help you. My coaching program is 3 Simple Steps:

Clarity- I will get you focused and clear on your next career, so you’re not frustrated by a sea of options.

Alignment-I will match YOUR values to opportunities that are a fit, so that you don’t waste time and energy on those that don’t resonate.

Action-I help you design a unique roadmap, so you know exactly what to do next and never have to wonder why it’s not working.

Dr. Anu Gupta

I help smart, driven & high performing women lose weight permanently & create food freedom for life. As a Weight Loss Coach & Medical Doctor, I work at the root cause level of weight struggle & help women create a peaceful relationship with food, body & weight for life.

Having tried all the diets out there & struggling with my own extra weight for more a decade, I know how it feels to live imprisoned with the constant food fight & body hatred. Once I understood how my brain functions & experienced the power of coaching, I dropped 50 pounds for good.

Now, I’m on a mission to support women who are sick & tired of feeling like a failure at weight loss, to unlock the power of their brain to lose weight & reach at their ideal weight. My signature process & coaching can help you rewire your brain to go from overweight, tired & miserable body to a naturally slim, vibrant & confident body, for life.

Sangam Stanczak

I help mothers overcome intergenerational trauma so they can parent themselves and their children from love using their intuition. I help you minimize the behaviors, like yelling or being rough, that keep you trapped in the shame cycle.

Ketan Kulkarni

I am a SELF coach. No more bandaids, no gimmicks, no hacks. Let’s get straight to the point. I will help you identify your authentic goals, and achieve inner and outer excellence.

Neha Awasthi

I help Life Coaches & Practitioners to UNMUTE their superpowers and get fully booked in their practice. I do that with my 5S framework: soul, strategy, social media, storytelling, sales. Words are the currency of internet & online coaching business. When you know how to use them intentionally – you have a superpower to share your message powerfully & create the change you want to create in the world. I teach you how to do it with substance, strategy & skill so that you can inspire your people to take action.

I also work with woman of colour afraid of being “authentically” visible – which I call becoming UNMUTED.

Dr Kanwal Akhtar

I help Professional Muslim Women reach their highest, scariest goals while ENJOYING life! and without the hustle!

And YES, professional home-makers qualify.

Create a perfect harmony between professional, personal and spiritual aspects of your life. I am a practicing physician and business owner where I have built a thriving medical practice over the past 10 years. In my program, I teach mindset coaching combining core principles of the Islamic faith and scientifically proven methods to help women create their ideal life.

If you identify as a high achiever, this program is for you.

Akanksha Gulati

I help my clients create promising future by managing stress and anxiety.