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Vanessa Calderon, MD

I help high achieving women create wholehearted success they can be proud of.

Caro Szabo

Are you tired of yoyo-dieting and not being able to lose the excess weight once and for all? Are you tired of feeling stuck in fear and anxiety? Tired of not being able to love yourself enough and create meaningful relationships in your life? If this resonates with you, you can now breathe knowing that I have the tools to help you put an end to your struggles and help you create a LIFE you can truly LOVE. My program is designed FOR YOU, tailored to your needs.

“Un programme sur mesure pour une vie de rêve!”.

Stephanie Vargas

I help college students stop procrastinating and start planning so they can get that paper done. I’ll teach you how to get A’s without pulling all nighters, yes, it’s possible!

College is not the same as high school. Cramming the night before doesn’t work anymore. Success in college comes down to managing your time and your thoughts, getting rid of distractions, and being laser focus.

Together we work on:

  • Prioritizing assignments
  • Creating a schedule and sticking to it
  • Developing academic confidence
  • Managing overwhelm and stress

JP Bolwahnn

Creating life transformation one pound at a time!

I teach my clients how to succeed where they have failed in the past.

Michelle Vasquez

If you are feeling stuck in your life and having a hard time seeing beyond your current role as a students, a wife, a mother, a partner, employe, etc..

I can help you!

I have found my passion in helping women pursue their passion and achieve their goals while living their best intentional life today.

Charise Naifeh

I help Lawyer Moms (and other ambitious moms) get happy in their career and personal lives.

Marisa Lopez

I help mompreneurs to live a life and a business that’s both productive and calm. If you are tired to feel tired, to multitask and be in a hurry all day long, to postpone taking care of yourself and your business; check out my podcast Productividad En Equilibrio, where I teach you how to create an effective business in balance with your life.

Tiphanie Minquet

I focus my practice on developing the natural creativity and unique strength of each of my clients. My goal is not to fix their discomfort but rather to build an exchange that allows them to access their own internal resources in order to achieve their goals from their current situation. I help them regain their alignment so that they can go to bed each day proud to be fulfilled and without ever giving up.

Sonia Meneses

I help women tie all of the information they’ve consumed from seminars, podcasts, and self-help books together, through personalized sessions focused on the specific obstacles and challenges they’re experiencing.


Vianey Duggins

I teach women that practice Intermittent fasting to be responsible for their feelings.

Brenda Lomeli

I help my clients lose the stubborn pounds and get to their goal, for the last time.

I’ve strategically designed THE LAST 10 process where a woman knows:

Most importantly: ON HER OWN TERMS.

All while actually feeling SO good. Up-leveled. Empowered.

My method isn’t about a cookie cutter approach for cookie cutter results and cookie cutter lives.

The Last 10™ Method is about YOU, getting the next-level results you want on your own terms.

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