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Nina Lacher

I help life coaches and entrepreneurs who are stuck on what makes them unique and show them how to grow their business by using magentic marketing so they create paying clients with ease by building a personal brand they are truly passionate about.

Jessica McKinley

I help Women Entrepreneurs & CEOs manage the emotions that often sabotage their business growth. Business isn’t personal, but it is emotional. Don’t let your feelings stop you from having the business and life of your dreams.

Bruna Galobardes MD, PhD

I help women over 45 lose weight permanently.

If you think going through the menopausal transition or getting older inevitably mean weight gain, you are in for a treat.

I can help you whether this is the first time you experience weight issues or if you have struggled with weight throughout your life.

Gilberto Spencer

I help people with FASD, ADHD, anxiety and depression improve their brains and achieve what they want in life. I help parents understand and better support their children, look after themselves and cope with the challenges of raising neurodivergent children through a brain-based approach.

Ronda Loveridge

I believe that every woman should have the opportunity to learn how her brain works against her and can work for her. Life Coaching principles have changed my life by helping me see that I can love the life I have worked so hard to build and the people who mean everything to me in every experience of every day, and that I didn’t need to change big details of my life to do so.

I am an almost 50 year old mom of 5 from the middle of America. I worked hard to build a family focused, educated, community connected, faith filled, and thoughtful life. I was doing all the things that I could do to have a life that I could be proud of, but I was exhausted. As my kids, my husband, and I went through our milestones, I noticed that I was so strung out from trying to make things great for everyone who would be involved, that I could not actually feel the happiness for myself. From Christmas mornings to graduations and everything in between; I was not feeling the joy. I was feeling the burden.

I wasted too many years in this place of resenting things about my life that I had chosen on purpose and not receiving all the goodness that came from my perfectly imperfect life.  I don’t want you to have to spend one more unnecessary second there either. I now help every woman I coach let go of the burden and resentment, and pick up her purpose, her desire, and most importantly her Joy.

If you have spent time trying to change the circumstances of your life so that you can be happy then, or you are tired of the endless energy it requires to keep changing your body so you can be attractive enough now, or you recognize that you are criticizing the people you love instead of feeling connected, or you don’t know how to adapt to new ages and stages of your children (including when they leave your home), or you see a pattern of never being satisfied, or you are continually looking for something outside of yourself to tell you how to be happy, then look no further.

I will help you love your life now. You will feel it shift before you get off your first call with me.

Phoenix Lorcher

If you are struggling in your marriage and as a parent and your self-confidence and self-love are low – you’ve come to the right place. I can help you heal your heart, change your outlook, tap into your personal power and revive your relationships.

Even if you’re the only one invested in the change. You alone can drastically shift the dynamics in your marriage and family.

I believe the answers you’re searching for reside within you. As your coach, my job is to help you quiet all the mind chatter and emotion that’s keeping you from finding those answers. 

I take you through a process of increased self awareness that empowers you with clarity, resolve, compassion and strength. That’s what my coaches did for me and it’s changed everything.

I used to feel trapped in my life. My marriage and parenting were burdens to me. I had worked hard and did all the right stuff and I was miserable. And I felt guilty for being miserable because I had everything I thought I wanted. I just didn’t know how to change. I felt completely stuck. Can you relate? 

I wanted more connection, more calm, more confidence, more clarity. I knew others had figured it out and felt broken that I couldn’t. 

Hiring a coach gave me the knowledge, tools, perspectives, self-love and confidence I needed to break the limiting beliefs and habits and move myself forward in ways I didn’t think were possible. 

Now, I get to do that for others. It’s the greatest work in the world and I look forward to helping you make your marriage, family and personal life thrive. I promise you it’s possible!

Dr. Nikki Neretin

I help moms who are worried, anxious and overwhelmed stop yelling at their kids so that they can have a fun, safe, peaceful, and connected family life. Overly worrying creates a fearful life that stops us from going after our big hopes and dreams and weakens our connections ultimately recreating the same results for our children.

When we are overly anxious and worried our children get the message that the world is unsafe and that they can’t be trusted to navigate it leaving them feeling insecure and incapable. Our worry, anxiety and overwhelm makes our children take the responsibility of managing our emotions, a job they did not agree upon, leaving little room for their struggles which they ultimately won’t want to share with us. This creates more danger and uncertainty because they will look for other, often unsafe, outlets to work on their hard feelings and find relief. The best way to help our children not repeat parental worry, anxiety and overwhelm and stay connected and safe is for us parents to become so good at managing how we react and respond to difficult situations and become a role model in living a fun, safe, connected and peaceful life.

Cecilia Minano

I help busy professionals overcome burnout and frustration to live life more intentionally, abundantly and purposefully. I teach life skills to overcome any of life’s struggles through thought work, time management and goal setting. Let us discover together what your greatest dreams are and how to achieve them.

Laura Bytheway

I help people overcome the effects of surviving a narcissist so they can have the life they really want by mastering boundaries, creating healthy relationships, learning to love themselves, and safely forgive.

Morgane Horn

I help women create the sex lives of their wildest dreams.

You are not broken, you have just been socialised in a system that does not teach or prioritise female pleasure. I will even go a step further and assume that you have been fed and have internalised information designed to keep you stuck and inhibited. But wherever you are right now, I want you to know that creating the sex life of your dreams is totally within reach and far simpler than you think.

Your sexuality is inherent to your being and your body is naturally wired to seek and receive pleasure. We just need to get you to tune into that part of yourself and bring it back to life!

María José Avilés

I help people overcome the emotional pain associated with extrasystoles, without letting them control their lives.

Darya Shans

Helping women to open online business and scale it as well as combine it with family life. You can have your ideal life without sacrificing your career.