Joey Mascio

A sidekick is someone who wants to do more, to BE more, but they feel like they can’t due to various reasons out of their control.

A hero is someone who is in control of their destiny despite their circumstances and their failures.

I take teens from sidekick to hero in the following HERO arenas:

– Headspace: improving their mindset
– Emotions: managing their feelings
– Relationships: building their social skills
– Objectives: reaching their goals

I package the powerful life coaching strategies and teachings that adults love in a way that teens can use.

MacLaine DeFelice

MacLaine DeFelice

I help LGBTQ+ individuals and allies to discover their confidence and no longer fear the judgment of others.

I understand what it’s like to want to hide who I am. As a gay man, I spent a good part of my life taking things personally and constantly worrying about what others thought of me. After years of therapy, Life Coach Training, and lots of patience with myself, I found my superpower in life β€” helping others own and create who they are.

Tyson Bradley

Tyson Bradley

I worked for The Life Coach School helping hundreds of life coaches in building their businesses.

Now instead of doing it for large groups. I help you 1:1.

Deep dive.

In your business.

Creating the dream before your very eyes.

Imagine having unlimited coaching until you get to your desired outcome.

Are you ready?

If so, check out my website below. Get a feel for what I do and sign up for something free to see if I’m the coach for you.

Regardless, let’s connect and let me help you make things happen.