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Andee Martineau

Andee Martineau is a parenting coach and mom of six who specializes in helping moms all over the world raise their kids without yelling, ultimatums, or bribes. Using her Connect Method Parenting techniques, she has taught thousands of moms to feel more in control of family life, stress less, get their kids to listen, and more. Andee is a former registered nurse who brings to her clients years of hands-on experience raising her own children (ages 13-22), coursework in developmental psychology, as well as certifications in life coaching and integrative health coaching.

Dr. Megan Mistry

I coach physicians 50 plus to find joy and clarity in their career and lives.

Andrea Anderson

As a breast cancer survivor turned certified nutritionist & certified life coach, I help those who are struggling with overwhelm, pain & inflammation, extreme fatigue and digestive issues get to the root cause of their symptoms by learning how-to regain their health & wellness through targeted nutrition, mindset work & lifestyle changes designed to rebalance, repair and begin to heal so you can reclaim joy for your life again.

Gaëlle Massé

I help perfectionists and high-achievers learn how to connect to their inner confidence, so that they can let go and love their life.

Mary Wall

Turning Big Birthday dread into Big Birthday delight, not just for the day itself but for the rest of your life!

Amber Grauer

I am the Art of Emotional Freedom Coach for Women and Teachers. I am an inclusion and diversity centered Life Coach. I help women and teachers obtain inner peace and develop a secure self worth so they can stop people pleasing and have the life that they want. I help women and teachers develop a Secure Self worth so that they can finally feel Good Enough, and can stop hustling for their Self Worth.

Using Neuroscience, Self Coaching and the Model I help Teachers decrease stress and overwhelm. I teach them about the human brain, nervous system response, and how their thoughts create their emotions to support Classroom Management, Self Regulation and Student Relationships.

Using Neuroscience, Self Coaching and the Model I help women with Insecure Attachment to develop more Secure Attachment Traits. I help women develop better relationships with their Co-parents. I help them get any result that they want in their life by teaching them how to feel and process any emotion and create thoughts on purpose to get the results that they want in any area of their life.

My Coaching Philosophy is rooted in my experience in my journey of life, as a woman, as a woman within the LGBTQIA community, as a Mother, as a Special Education Teacher, as a person who experiences depression and anxiety and how Life Coaching has transformed my life. My Coaching Philosophy is centered on diversity, equity and inclusion. I create a safe place for all humans experiences within my different coaching communities within the Art of Emotional Freedom.

Krystal Sodaitis

Neurodivergence runs deep in my family. Physicians are often diagnosed (formally or through self-discovery/diagnosis) well into adulthood. While the diagnosis may come with some understanding and validation, many still have questions. Unsure where to go with their newfound knowledge that’s where I come in.  I have neurodiverse docs discover their “what now.”  We address the guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs that come with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder or any other disability. Our brains are amazing and I help docs embrace the different yet glorious ways their brains work. I work with you to harness your gifts, not squelch them.

Thais Glenn

Thais Glenn is a Certified Personal Coach helping mums with picture-perfect get out of the rut they’re in and create happier and more fulfilling lives using unique tools based on Neuroscience to rewire their brains so that they show up as their best version of themselves.

Thais Glenn is also an expert at creating the future deliberately.  Having changed her life completely several times, she has studied and developed a process to help you do the same. Professional Certified Life & Mindset coach, with Advanced training in Future Self, her passion is assisting women to stop feeling stuck in a picture-perfect life and design the future they love and enjoy.

Nancy Hauschildt

I help high-achieving introverted women leaders stop hiding their brilliance and authentically upgrade their presence, influence, visibility, confidence, and authority.★

Heather Ross

There is hope!  You can help your child who is struggling with substances. I use a family-centered, compassionate approach to help you motivate change in your child, reduce conflict, repair your relationship, and support yourself whether your child is actively using substances or in recovery.

Katie Chavez

I help women own their story rather than live in shame or guilt by it. Being a Christian who’s had an abortion myself, I know the guilt and conviction associated with choosing an abortion. As in my case, I didn’t understand for a long time how my past decision was impacting who I was showing up to life as; my marriage, my business, my beliefs, my finances, on a daily basis. Fear of being condemned, seen as a hypocrite, and being ostracized kept me frozen with fear of sharing with anyone what I had done for many years. I didn’t want to live my life this way.

If you feel like you’re negatively impacted today by your abortion, could be 30 years ago, could be as late as yesterday, I’m here to help you process and work through what you’re feeling so you are able to own your story with confidence and create the life of your dreams; to do what you thought was never possible.


Csilla Fee

Conflict is on purpose. When life offers a challenge, seeing what’s in it for us is freedom. We live by our learned understanding and skill set and continue to experience the same discomfort. I help people uplevel that experience. Though a heart centered approach to this work, I offer space for healing and creating thoughts that are meant to guide us.