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Brooke Castillo talking into a microphone
Awareness Acceptance Wisdom podcast episode cover The Life Coach School

Ep #41: Awareness, Acceptance, Wisdom

One of the things that comes up pretty regularly with many of my clients, as they get to know some of my core teachings and systems that are meant to improve all areas of your life, is they want to see immediate changes in themselves and their thoughts. Unfortunately, just like many things in life, it is not a quick fix. It requires awareness, acceptance, compassion, diligence and patience in order to change your habitual ways of thinking that don’t work for you.

On this episode, we get into the process behind changing our thoughts, how you can do it (and everyone can if they do the work) and why it takes time and dedication. Join me for this detailed explanation and step-by-step course of action you can take to make the changes you are looking for in your life.

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What You will discover

  • The importance of recognizing the power of your thinking.
  • What coaching and self-coaching can do for you.
  • The relationship between your thoughts and results in your life.
  • Why we awareness alone will not change our thinking.
  • How to become unaffected by your negative emotions.
  • The role acceptance plays in the process of changing your thoughts.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Life Coach School podcast where it’s all about real clients, real problems and real coaching and now your host, master coach instructor, Brooke Castillo.

Hey, everyone, welcome to the podcast. How are you guys? How’s everyone doing? Awesome, I hope you’re doing great. We’re getting into now 2015. Now how’s it going? How’s that fresh start feeling? Have you let yourself down a million times? It’s okay, get back up.

Keep going, keep moving towards what it is you want. Today I’m going to talk to you about the process that I’ve been working on with some of my students. Now for those of you who’ve been listening to my podcast for a long time, so many of you have told me how much it’s changing your life and how much it’s helping you.

I want to make sure you know you’re invited to come hang out with me for six days in California where we take all of this to the deepest possible level. I know many of you listeners have already signed up. What’s up? How are you guys? I’m so excited to see that you guys have committed to the training, you know who you are. For those of you who are on the fence, you’re debating whether you can take that much time out of your life to focus on yourself, I want to tell you let’s do this already. Come over to the website. Go to TheLifeCoachSchool.com, click on train with us, let’s get this party started. You can fill out a short little form there and we will give you all the information you need to know about training with us in life coach training and/or weight coach training.

All right, so today we’re going to talk about awareness, acceptance and wisdom as a process. As I’ve been working with my students this week and talking to them, one of the things that comes up pretty regularly with most of my clients as they get to know the model, as they get to know thought downloads, as they get to know the process of using the model is they want to change immediately, right. They go through the process and they want to find out what they’re thinking and then they want to change it immediately.

This is what happens, I teach that your thoughts create your feelings. I teach that your thoughts create your feelings, which drive your behavior and get your results. I teach that the most powerful thing in your life is your mind, is your brain, right. That your mind and your brain are not only the most powerful tool that you have, they’re the most powerful tool anybody has and yet they go completely neglected, right. I start focusing with my students, my clients. Hey, let’s look at your brain, let’s see what’s going on in there. It’s really important that we focus on it.

Now most of the time when we start looking at people’s brains they don’t even recognize that what’s going on in there is a choosable thought. They think they’re just making observations. I was working with someone today and she was talking to me about how her employees are all very unprofessional and she’s really frustrated by that. I told her, I said, “Hey, do you recognize that my employees are unprofessional is a thought, it’s a choice.” When you think that way you feel a certain way and you can think about it differently.

You could switch that thought to I am my employees leader and I need to lead them in a new direction. I need to teach them, I need to show them, right. You’re not having to lie to yourself, you’re not having to come up with some new thought that simply negates the old one. You’re actually telling yourself the truth about something, but just thinking about it in a different way, okay. One of the things that we have to do before that is just the process of awareness and so as she was telling me all of these negative thoughts I showed her, I said, “Can you see what a negative spin you’re in? Can you see that all your thoughts are negative? Can you see that your attitude is terrible? That’s why you’re feeling so terrible all the time.”

She’s in her life living it, right. She’s in her own brain and she’s not spending a lot of time reflecting on her life and so, of course, she couldn’t see that. She had no idea that’s what she was doing. When I was able to point that out to her and show her that that’s what she was doing, then and only then is she able to see the effect of her thinking and the power of her thinking, okay. That’s all just in the awareness piece. When you’re aware of when I think about my employees this way I treat them in a certain way, I feel a certain way, I get a certain result. When I think about them differently I’ll get a different result, but before I start thinking about them differently I need to recognize the power of my thinking now, okay.

That awareness comes from doing a thought download and what I mean by that is you sit down and you write down your thinking. You get on the phone with a coach and you talk about your thoughts, right. You talk about what you’re thinking. That’s what coaching is really is just becoming aware. Now as your coach I can show you hey, look at your thoughts here. You’re talking to me as if you’re just describing your employees, but I’m able to show you that it’s your brain and that’s what a coach can do for you and that’s what self-coaching can do when you do a thought download.

You write down all your thoughts and then you recognize each one of those sentences are choices. Now do you like the way you’re thinking about something? Do you like the way you’re thinking about your children? Do you like the way you’re thinking about your job? Do you like the way you’re thinking about your husband? Do you like the way you’re thinking about your finances? They are all choices, okay. First you have to become aware of what you’re

One of the ways that you can do this is by looking at your life and the results you’re getting in your life and asking yourself what thought am I thinking that’s creating that result? What is going on with my thinking that is bringing this to me in my life, okay. That’s step one, just awareness, just being aware of what you’re thinking. Two things happen when you start becoming aware. First one is you want to change it immediately before you really get the impact of your thinking, before you truly understand the effect of it you just want to get the hell out of there and change that thought. That’s mistake number one.

Mistake number two is people want to beat themselves up. They want to go oh, my god, what a mess in there. Why am I thinking so many negative thoughts? Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe I wasn’t aware that I was thinking this way about my employees, my husband, my friends, my life. Oh, my gosh, there’s something wrong with me, I have such negative thoughts, okay. That is not the next step. The next step is acceptance. Once you become aware of what you’re thinking without trying to change it and without beating yourself up, the next step is acceptance, is truly accepting what you are creating in your life.
When I say creating I mean the feelings that you’re creating for yourself every day, the actions that you are driving yourself to do, the results that you’re getting. Can you accept it with compassion? Can you create awareness and see what’s going on in your mind and then can you see the effect of what’s going on in your brain in your life with acceptance? I would say this is the hardest part. People get the awareness and they just want to change it. They don’t want to accept it, they want to negate it, they want to resist it, they want to change it, okay. That’s where I do so much work with my clients and allowing them to just be in the space of the truth.

For example, with my client this morning. The way that she was thinking about her employees was really creating a lot of anxiety for her and a lot of disgust for her and because of that she was acting in a way that wasn’t serving her. Now so immediately she’s like oh, let’s change that immediately and I said slow down, I really want you to own this, I want you to own it in a way with compassion. The reason that you’re doing it is because you’re trying to protect yourself, you’re trying to take care of yourself and you’re trying to take care of your employees and have them do a good job and take care of your business, so it can be successful. You’re very well intended, it’s just misguided.

What you need to do is stop, take a pause and see it and understand it and own it. If you aren’t willing to own what you’re doing and take full responsibility of what you’re doing with compassion you will never be able to change it, okay. If you’re constantly beating yourself up and rejecting yourself and rejecting the patterns of thought that you have in your life you can’t change it. You can’t have authority over something, right, without owning it first. Be careful not to beat yourself up and be careful not to try and change it. My students and clients will say to me, “What does that look like? Do I just have to feel crappy all the time?” I say, “No, but you have to allow yourself to feel the emotion that you are creating long enough to truly understand that you are the one creating it.”

There is so much power in knowing that you can feel that negative emotion because remember if you are willing to feel any negative emotion then you will be willing to do anything. The worst that can happen is a negative emotion then you know that there’s nothing you aren’t willing to do. That moment of acceptance isn’t just accepting that you’re responsible for it and that your thoughts create your reality, but also accepting that emotion into your body, allowing it to vibrate through your body. Most of us don’t even know what negative emotion feels like, right, because most of us are constantly resisting negative emotion. We know what resisting shame feels like, we know what resisting anger feels like, but how many of us really know what those emotions feel like when we’re not avoiding them or reacting to them.

Very key distinction there. Are you willing to accept that you are the creator of your feelings and are you willing to feel that feeling and know that there is no feeling that you can’t feel, it’s just a vibration in your body. When someone says to me I’m not willing to feel deprivation, I’m not willing, especially when they’re trying to lose weight, right. I’m not willing to feel degraded, I’m not willing to feel unappreciated. I always ask them why. First of all, you’re the one creating that emotion for yourself even if you don’t realize it and second of all it’s just a vibration in your body. It may be unpleasant, but it’s certainly not worth gaining a bunch of weight over, it’s certainly not worth doing drugs over or hurting yourself in any way. It’s just a vibration. If you’re willing to feel it meaning you’re willing to accept it then you will gain authority over it and there’s nothing it can do to you, right.

First step, awareness, look inside your brain, see what’s going on in there. You will be tempted to want to change it right away, you will be tempted to want to reject yourself and be mad about all your negative thinking. Do not give into that temptation. The next step is acceptance. I am willing to see the effect of my brain in my life, I am willing to feel the emotions I’m creating, I’m willing to be present with my brain and I’m willing to be present with my emotions. Now that phase of acceptance, what it does is it allows you to hold the space of the watcher.

Let me tell you why this is so important. When you learn how to be aware of your brain meaning you are watching your thoughts instead of being your thoughts, you immediately go into the space of the watcher, the witness, the compassionate witness. Now when you are witnessing your thoughts you immediately get relief because you are not identifying with them, you are not immediately at the effect of them. That watcher space, that perspective where you look at your life instead of being in it is immediately bringing you to a place of peace because if you aren’t your brain what are you? If you’re watching your brain what part of you is watching your brain? That is the part of you that is timeless and the more that you can do that watching, witnessing, the better you are going to be able to get yourself into a place of acceptance.

Now once you create that process of awareness and you’re able to watch your brain and you’re able to watch yourself and hold that witness, hold that space is through the process of acceptance. Without judgment I’m feeling shame, I’m feeling anger, I’m feeling frustrated, I’m feeling … Whatever it is you’re feeling, right, and feeling needy. If you’re willing to allow yourself to feel those feelings as part of the human experience and you’re willing to accept that that is part of your life, it will change your life forever because you will keep moving forward because there is no feeling that you’re unwilling to feel.

Once you’ve done that, right, once you’ve created that awareness and you’ve created the process of acceptance the next step is to use your wisdom to change. Now the way that you know that you’re ready to change your belief is because you’ve fully owned what you’re thinking, you’ve fully owned the effect of what you’re thinking and from that place you are willing to change. Now let me tell you what it feels like and what it doesn’t feel like. It feels like I can continue to feel this negative emotion, I do not need to react to it, I’m able to hold this space for it and I can choose something different peacefully.

If you are in a hurry to change it, if you are wanting to change it immediately, if you want to feel better right this second you haven’t gone through the process of acceptance yet, you haven’t truly owned what it is. Even though you will try and change a thought, you’ll try to believe in your thought, you won’t be able to because you are trying to do it from a place of getting out of negative emotion that you’re unwilling to feel and rejecting yourself and the thoughts you’re currently having. One of the questions that I get from a lot of you a lot of the time is oh, my gosh, how do I change this thought and I need to change it immediately and how do I think different thoughts? Most people that are asking me that question have only gone through awareness, they haven’t gone through acceptance.

You will know when you fully own that a thought you’re thinking is creating a result in your life, of feeling an action and a result in your life, when you really see that. The change will almost just come from within you. You will see the effect and you will see that it’s not working and you will change it from a very peaceful place. You will know that every decision that you make will be made from a place of peace. It will be made from a place of knowing I can stay doing what I’m doing or I can change. I don’t have to be in a hurry either way, I don’t have to reject myself in order to change myself. There is nothing more important I think when it comes to making decisions to be able to know that there is no wrong decision. If I stay doing what I’m doing I can take responsibility for that, but I have the opportunity to change and I know how.

You will not be able to make a wise decision if you haven’t gone through acceptance and if you find yourself saying I don’t know, I’m confused, I don’t understand, you are blocking yourself from your own wisdom, okay. I’m always telling everyone whenever you hear yourself saying I don’t know, I’m confused, I don’t understand, you’re usually just blocking yourself from all of the answers that you do have. Find yourself in a place of acceptance, find yourself in a place of truly owning the experience that you’re living and that you’re creating and then and only then make those changes. They may not be as fast as you want, but here’s the truth, they don’t need to be as fast because you’re not in such a hurry to get out of pain.

If you are willing to accept that possibly 50% of your life you’re going to be in emotional pain and that is part of the process of living and, in fact, it’s one of the most important parts of evolving, being willing to experience negative emotion is how you will evolve into the highest version of yourself, then you will always keep moving forward. You will always keep pushing yourself towards the best version of yourself and it doesn’t have to feel like resistance, it doesn’t have to feel like pain. It can feel like acceptance, okay.

The process I’m inviting you to do here is use awareness to see what you’re thinking, use the model to see what you’re thinking and the effect of your thinking. Then move into acceptance, really owning that model, owning what you’re doing, owning what you’re thinking and finally from that space of pure acceptance and that place of peace use your wisdom to change and repeat and repeat and repeat. It doesn’t ever stop. No matter how much you work there is no other side of the human experience except when we die, right. The more you evolve and the more you grow, the more you’re going to have to repeat the process of awareness, acceptance, and wisdom.

I invite you all to do it because it is well worth it and the alternative is hiding from yourself and not being aware and not being present and not being conscious. When you do that you miss out on your life and not only that you miss out on yourself. That is just a damn shame because some of you don’t believe that you’re even worth getting to know, but I promise you, I promise you, you are. You were not created by yourself, something created you, so you are already worthy of it, so don’t miss out on getting to know yourself. I invite you to work really hard this week. Please bring me your comments. I would love to know what you guys think about this process and if you understand it and where you are in it. Have a wonderful, awesome week and I’ll catch you all next week. Bye-bye.


  1. Hey Brooke,

    I have been thinking a lot about the podcast “There are no bad days.” I shared it with my friend, and it’s so helpful. So when I have a “bad day,” I remember to change my thinking and say “these things aren’t happening TO me, they’re just happening- I don’t have to feel bad about these things.” And that’s awesome, but one thing keeps bugging me… why do we sometimes WANT to feel bad? What do I get out of that? Like, why do I sometimes want to stay in a head space that is so negative? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I work on choosing how I think everyday, but what do I do when I just WANT to be sad? What is that about? Why would I ever want to be sad!?!

    1. Valerie-

      This is such a good question~ I have two answers.

      First, we seem to think that we should be happy all of the time. That somehow positive emotion is better than negative. But remember, there is no positive emotion without the negative. If we can feel and not judge, our life will be freed up for much more enjoyment.

      Second, I don’t know! I honestly have no idea why sometimes I want to hate on people. Why I want to have pity parties. Why I want to indulge in self-neglect. But I do, and I try to have compassion and love and understanding when I do.

      Nothing wrong with it!


  2. Thank you Brooke! This podcast really helps clarify a concept that I have been working on understanding. Lots of a-ha moments during the podcast! You are terrific! Thanks again!

  3. Oh I needed this one big time Brooke! So often I feel guilty for my negative thoughts and try sweep under mat or deny them. I must accept them first to move through them.

    Thank you!!!

  4. Dear Brooke:

    You are helping me to become more self-disciplined, determined and consistent. I love your podcasts and most of them have been so applicable to my life, particularly ones that discuss weight loss, taking action and changing one’s thinking to drive results.

    I’ve always been what people would term successful, but have never realized the level of disappointment I had in myself. Your podcasts have helped me begin to understand that my thinking was chronically self-deprecating and sometimes just mean.

    Challenging this thinking, being “KIND” and giving myself a break is helping me be more disciplined, more determined and more consistent about taking actions that drive my results.

    I can’t thank you enough for the work that you give you the world. I am working on my life being as purposeful.

    Keep up your incredible work, it’s changing lives, of that you can be sure!

    Terri Candelaria

    P.S. I felt compelled to comment because of your request to do so in your podcasts.

    1. Terri!

      I am so glad you felt compelled to comment. I love seeing you here and knowing you are a listener who is applying what I am teaching.

      I have no doubt you will step into exactly how you want to be.

      So happy I can be of some assistance in that!


  5. Hello Brooke,

    Thanks so much for these podcasts. I am still loving them and they are a weekly treat. I listen to them several times because they are so full of great information.

    I’ve been listening now since you started and I can really tell a shift in the way I think from practicing compassion for myself and also from being able to process negative emotion. In fact, I was recently really sick with a cough and I realized I was annoying myself with the coughing until I started to describe to myself what it felt like to be sick. It calmed me down so much!

    Also, I have been listening to the coaching calls and would love a place to comment on those. The most recent call with the woman who was frustrated with her transgressions on her healthy lifestyle was a big a-ha for me. It was like, hey, sometimes I want to eat Doritos and drive around in the car… and that’s ok. ha ha. Even though I know they are artificial and terrible for me.


  6. Hey Brooke,

    I have been with you from the beginning (almost a year now!) and have been very happy just listening and working through your exercises. Now I have a question though. I am at a point in my life where I have to pick which path to take and where to go. I was wondering if you have any wisdom to share on making decisions. I have been going back and listening to previous podcasts and am thinking maybe I should pick the path that makes me the most nervous and brings up the most negative thoughts because it would allow for the most personal growth, but I was wondering if you had anything more precise to share with us.

    Thanks for everything! These podcasts have changed the way I see myself and the world!

    1. Hi E-

      First, I like to believe that there are no wrong decisions.

      I would not recommend taking a path that leads to the most negative emotions. I would do my work on it, but then make the decision from a place of peace.

      You don’t have to make a decision- you get to make a decision. Anticipate all paths leading to your wonderful destiny.


  7. Hi Brooke! Just stopping in to say as always, I appreciate all the valuable wisdom you offer so freely. Can you share how you prepare for each of your podcast episodes? They flow so naturally and pack so much great info. Do you write notes first? An outline? Always curious about what goes on behind the scenes in terms of preparation. Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Yes. I always write an outline and notes before I start recording. But then I just free flow with whatever comes to my mind.

      I appreciate all your kind words.

      Thank you!


  8. I love the thought that it is ok to feel negative emotions. So often people think feeling stuff like deprivation is bad. It’s a feeling! I had a big aha with this and sent a link to this podcast to several of my clients I train. Thank you. Into want to go to your training so I hope someone contacts me soon!

  9. Brooke – I love this weeks episode, it is right where I am right now. For the first time in many, many years I have made it to the acceptance level. I can see now why in the past just having awareness was not enough – getting to acceptance, realizing that tough emotions will come up and knowing I can make it through has made the difference. You are so right, it is the story that I tell myself – I am in charge of my thoughts. I love when you say that 50% of life has negative emotions, I have a thought that regularly comes up that life should be easy, painless and never hard. But it is my thoughts and labeling of situations this way that is the source of everything. And it makes me feel so good to know that I can feel anything – and choose how to react, and not go to food for everything, I have a choice!

    This episode is a keeper, I am “new” to acceptance, so I will keep listening to this one so I can be gently reminded to stay in this place.

    Thank you so much!

  10. Brooke,
    One more aspect of the process that I am struggling with–why is it that, after we realize our thoughts create our negative feelings that the process cannot go straight to, is this thought serving me? And change it if it is not.

    1. Melissa-

      It’s a good question and the truth is you can.

      But most people are in such a hurry to get out of negative emotion, they don’t truly understand the effect of their thinking and so the change is temporary.

      There is no rush to get out of negative emotion when you are in true acceptance.


  11. I’m doing some journaling this weekend and really digging deep to understand myself so this one really helped out. I had no idea that being in emotional pain is a part of evolving. Pain is something that I am trying to get away from.

  12. this podcast did more that help me get through a conversation with my husband
    i worked this podcast live in the moment and came to realize what i do to myself
    awareness, acceptance and wisdom
    i am so afraid of feeling that i run from myself , as a matter of fact, i dont even like being with myself my brain is constantly keeping me busy in my schedule to be with others and do activities that i am afraid of being with my own brain (((((lol …really))) talk about acceptance and allowing myself to not judge WHAT A LESSON
    where have i been ???????
    i’m going to give you the biggest hug when i see you this march in training class
    have an awesome day

  13. Hi Brooke!

    I haven’t listened to every episode so maybe you have addressed this already…. if so let me know which episode! 🙂

    I have been thinking about thought downloads and really trying to use them as a tool to help me become aware of why I am overeating. I am a teacher and sometimes I will start overeating when I am in the classroom. I find it hard to stop teaching and do a thought download. I often don’t think about the fact that I am overeating because I am so wrapped up in teaching. It isn’t until after all is said and done that I think about why I might be overeating. There are so many things that I THINK might be causing the overeating but I am not able to pinpoint what it might be. How can I manage not being able to do a thought download at an given moment?


  14. Hi Brooke,

    I have been listening from the beginning of you podcasts and working on trying to understand the model. I wonder what you can tell me about reoccurring thoughts even after when I try and use the model on them.
    I have an example: my daughter is twenty and she left home to travel for four months. While she was gone my partner gave my daughter’s room to her son. His room was in the basement and she felt it was contributing to his isolation. He is twenty as well and spends most of his time playing video games in his ( my daughter’s old room). Now my daughter has nowhere to stay at my house and she has moved in full time with her dad. My thoughts revolve around my partner forcing my daughter to move. My daughter feeling unwelcome in our home. I do the thought download and work some of them through the model only to arrive back with the same bad feelings a few weeks later. Do you have any advice for me?

  15. Hi Brooke!

    I’m a relatively new binge listener and love your podcast and the work you are doing! I just wanted to share a recent experience that took me by surprise. My husband offered to do a little chore that I usually take care of. As he started the task the thought popped in my mind that he probably wasn’t going to do it exactly how I do and a little bit of annoyance arose. Then the thought instantly came to mind that I could choose to be annoyed and that would be okay, but I could also choose to embrace the fact that he was helping me in his way and experience the joy of it instead. I know this sounds small and menial but for me (a recovering control freak), this was groundbreaking! It was natural. It wasn’t forced. I was accepting of either emotion and chose the positive! AND I was conscious of this and experienced the joy in being aware of it all! It reminded me of this episode and I felt compelled to say THANK YOU!


    1. Hi Sara, Glad you found Brooke’s podcast and are enjoying it! What a great example. Thank you for sharing! –Rebekah

  16. I’m a new listener and I’ve been working my way through your podcasts. I just finished episode 41 and I have a question. I’ve known for a little while that I’m overly critical of myself and others and it makes me very negative and judgmental. I really want to change this not only for myself but also for my children. I don’t want them to judge everyone because they watched me do it. I’ve mastered the awareness side…I think, but how do I complete the acceptance piece? I feel like this is the brick wall that I keep running into. I’ll say that I want to change but then the next thing I know, I’m picking someone apart. Help!

    1. Great question, Kristen! Brooke may address this in an upcoming Questions & Answers podcast. Stay tuned! –Brecklyn

  17. I know I am years behind but I am working through your podcasts. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing to help us.

    I just finished this podcast and I’m definitely in the seeking awareness phase. I am struggling to figure it out and feel a little stuck but am trying to work through it. I do have a question – in the awareness phase – should you just be aware of the thoughts or should you also seek out the Why are you thinking that? Or should that come later after acceptance? I just find that if I actually can figure out my thought – I seem to go directly to ok why am I thinking that!

    Thank you!

    1. Good question, DeDe. Brooke may address this in an upcoming Q&A episode. For direct coaching from Brooke, I recommend checking out Self Coaching Scholars, her coaching program. You can learn more about it here. –Brecklyn

  18. Dear Brooke.
    I am new to your podcast, but I love the idea. Now I’ve reached episode 41 and started thinking aware about what I’m thinking. As you may guess, I am not so happy in my life and I would like to change some things. You recommend to write down your thoughts and – before I go to the next step which is change – get aware and approve of them. Now, how do I know that I approved? I think I already done, but is there any way to be sure about that?
    To give an example from my life: I’m not doing what I want, but I’m doing what others want (parents, teachers, husband, children…) and I’m not happy with it. I feel that my life has already ended (though I’m healthy and still in my 40s) and nothing will ever change, because I don’t see the way to make any of my dreams come true. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I think I am aware and accepted it already. But how do I know if I really do and I can go to the next step?

    1. Hi Agnes, Thank you for your question. Brooke will be responding to questions in an upcoming Questions and Answers episode. Stay tuned! –Felicia