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Scholars FAQ

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This page contains answers to our most commonly asked questions about Self Coaching Scholars.


How long is the program?

Self Coaching Scholars was designed as a year-long program; however, you can join for as many months as you'd like. We know that if you go all-in for a full year, your life will look completely different. Many Scholars create such amazing changes that they decide to stay in Scholars for years. Others decide to join for just a few months. There is no minimum enrollment time, but we know you'll find so much value, you won't want to leave. Click here to read success stories from some of our Diamond Scholars.

Can men join too?

Absolutely. We love our male Scholars.

Is Scholars for me if I don't have a problem? I just want to uplevel my life.

Yes, Self Coaching Scholars is for anyone who wants real change. Many Scholars join to achieve massive goals, make more money, and feel better overall. There are many high-achieving Scholars who use these tools to take their life from good to mind-blowing.

Can I receive coaching one on one?

Yes, you will receive weekly one-on-one coaching included in your membership. The value of these weekly sessions alone is worth more than your monthly membership.

What are the topics included?

The topic we feature changes each month. Some topics that are available for you at any time are How to Get It Done, Time Management, Relationships, Self Confidence, Double Your Business, Stop Overeating, Organize Your Life and Your Mind, and Believing New Things. No matter what you'd like to focus on, the perfect topic is available for you.

What's the difference between Scholars and Certification?

Self Coaching Scholars is a monthly membership program for self growth where you will be the one receiving coaching. In this program, you are the client.

Coach Certification is for people who would like to use our tools to coach other people. In this program, we'll train you in our advanced methods, which will allow you to effectively use the Model with your own clients.

Scholars will not train you to use our tools with clients. If you would like to use our coaching tools with your clients and be licensed to use our intellectual property in your coaching practice, we recommend enrolling in our Coach Certification Program.

How do the payments work? When do I gain access?

When you join Self Coaching Scholars, you get immediate access to everything in Scholars, including the featured topic, private and group coaching, and the Study Vault, which includes Brooke's most popular programs. (These programs were once sold separately for thousands of dollars.) Your first monthly payment is charged immediately upon enrollment and recurring payments will be made every 30 days after that. You may cancel at any time.

Can I rejoin if I decide to cancel?

Yes, but you’ll need to wait one full year before rejoining.

Can I try Scholars before enrolling?

We do not have the option to try Scholars out before you fully enroll, but you may cancel your membership at any time.

What is the time commitment?

We suggest spending at least 15 minutes per day on the topic that you have chosen to work on. We also recommend attending at least one 60-minute Live Coaching Call (or watching the replay) and attending your private coaching session each week.

I live internationally. Will I still be able to join the Live Group Coaching Calls and schedule private coaching sessions?

We vary the Live Coaching Call times daily so that more people are able to attend live. We do have international students who get coached often. Calls are usually between 10 am and 6 pm in the Central time zone. If you can't make the monthly coaching call live, you can watch a recording of the call, which will be posted on the site within 24 hours. As for private coaching, we have incredible coaches located all around the world, so we are able to provide a variety of private coaching time options.

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