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Sara Kenana

Relationships play a big role in our lives. Almost every issue we have whether we admit it or not, goes back to our relationship with that thing and ultimately our relationship with OURSELVES!

My passion is to help tired Muslim women, have more energy fulfilling their honorable roles in their lives (as in career, marriage, or motherhood) through coaching within an Islamic framework. I help women stop undermining their rights and hiding from their true potential due to culture or due to their own limiting beliefs. Together, we help build and uplift better generations, one empowered woman at a time.

Mars Lord

Change can be hard, but I’m here to walk beside you whilst it happens.

For years we’ve been told to be strong and to be silent. Coping with what life gives us. As a Black woman, there were so many times when, even with my voice, I felt silenced and erased. I was afraid to take up space. I was so good at encouraging others to do that, but failing to address it within me. I had to change my mindset.

It’s time to give yourself permission to change

It’s okay to show up as you

Kim Nicol

I help women in leadership reach their goals without sacrificing well-being.  Your life matters.  Learn to go after what you want without over-giving or striving for perfection.  Create a life that feels amazing, and has an amazing impact.

Michelle Kapler

I help high achieving, wildly successful, professional mothers create the exact relationship they want to have with alcohol.

I want to examine the deeper reasons why your life might look amazing on the outside – but on the inside, you’re feeling like something isn’t quite right because of your drinking.

You wonder if there is something wrong with you because you feel like you just can’t get control.

You don’t like the idea that maybe you NEED the nightly glass of wine to make it through your busy and stressful life.

You don’t identify as an alcoholic and your drinking isn’t severe enough to mean that you have seriously damaging things happening in your life. But it still feels like a dark cloud hanging over your head.

I know all of this because that WAS me! When I took control of my negative patterns with alcohol, my ENTIRE life changed for the better.

I am on a mission to have a modern conversation about alcohol use (especially in our context as highly successful, driven <and maybe a little perfectionist> mothers).

Can we be normal and still have a drinking problem? Yes.

Are there ways to address this? HECK yes!

Whether you’re looking to stop drinking completely or you would like to simply drink less and feel like you have complete control over your drinking, I’m here for all of it with you. Without labels. Without judgment.

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And be sure to check out my podcast called Just One Glass to learn more about my approach.

Julia Lakaemper

It’s my passion to help you make tons of money & create a business and a life you love. I want more and more women to be financially independent so you blow your mind about what is possible for you while working 40 hours or less.

Darya Shans

Helping women to open online business and scale it as well as combine it with family life. You can have your ideal life without sacrificing your career.

Ayako Kikuchi

I help Japanese women build their self-confidence and be their own masters.

Michelle Ofreneo, M.D.

I help introverted High Achievers overcome stress, reach bold goals, and live life on your own terms.

I help you BE the Truest & Highest Version of Yourself in your personal and professional life without compromising who you are.

I am a physician, an anesthesiologist, a mom, a spouse, an introvert.
I am a recovering perfectionistic procrastinator, self-doubter, & people-pleaser.
I am a Thriver emerged from the ashes of my own burnout, a goal-getter, and a lifter of weights & minds.

I felt stuck in the rat race of life. I always had to get to the next thing before I could arrive and allow myself to feel good about where I was.
I was in this cyclical state of dis-ease… feeling this need to fill this void that I didn’t realize was there… trying to meet societal, cultural, and self-imposed expectations and pressures of being “good enough”.

I would take out my frustrations on my family or myself.

When finally, I thought — enough was enough.

Sometimes we need a coach, a mentor, a guide to help us see what we don’t see… to help pull us out of the same old story of our lives.

I had tried to DIY my personal development. I read the self-help books, listened to podcasts, tried meditation and yoga, studied philosophy, theology, positive psychology, and neuroscience.  But it wasn’t until I personally experienced coaching that I got the guidance and traction to overcome my old thought patterns and reactive habits.

And so, It is my mission and vision to share the power of coaching to help you shed the limiting stories within you and re-write your story and create new ones beyond the same old limited soundtrack.  I want to help you uncover what is keeping you stuck… help you reveal your highest self even in the most “triggering” situations. Our brains are neuroplastic, and it is absolutely possible to become the person you want to be and create a life you love… and enjoy it!

  • Maybe you’re working through bettering your relationship with your spouse, your kids, or your work place.
  • Maybe you’re working on getting over your self-doubt or imposter syndrome.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to perform better in your work or business.
  • Maybe you’re going through some major life or career transitions.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to manage your time better.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to get out of over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, … over-doing.
  • Maybe you’re wanting to feel less angry and just… feel better.

Together, we create a process to do just that.

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ―Marcus Aurelius

Let’s build some mindset muscle.

Lisa Barr

I’m a former Silicon Valley executive who coaches high-achieving leaders and professionals to hone their business edge, create time, reduce stress, up-level relationships, and work more efficiently to attain their goals, while finding life balance, so they can enjoy the success they’ve earned.

Valita Speranzi

I help women up-level at ‘mid-life’ by getting beyond the emotional pain and frustration that comes with wondering, “Is this all there is?!” I help them get unstuck and rediscover their dreams!

Sandy Ro

I help women to become unstuck from low self-esteem and negative thoughts and move forward to living a passionate life with more freedom and confidence.  Women are powerful influencers to family, society, and the whole globe.

Parastoo Jangouk

I’m a board-certified gastroenterologist, gut health expert and certified life coach. My coaching combines my several years of practicing as gastroenterologist and my passion for physical and mental fitness. I believe definition of wellness goes beyond lack of disease, diet and exercise. It actually encompasses three muscles of mental fitness, physical fitness and gut health. You cannot be well if one of these muscles isn’t flexing.

I help professional women to become the healthiest version of themselves by saying goodbye to stress, leaving pain and fatigue behind and by improving their gut health. This way they can truly enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to create.