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Erin Pinto

I’m here to help Nurses process and prevail, in the face of burnout and compassion fatigue. The system may be broken but you amazing human, are not. It’s time friend. Return to your love of nursing and most importantly, yourself.

Ilse Larson, MD

I help busy physicians feel more balanced, more joyful, and less overwhelmed so they can build their dream lives. I am a mother, a wife, an academic pediatrician, and a certified coach. Coaching has helped me be more productive, connected, and gratified in my life & my career – and I work fewer hours than before! I’d love to help you do the same.

Nidhi Agrawal MD

I help physicians recover from being in burnout so they can balance all their life’s responsibilities, be high achievers in their career and live a life they love. I want to show you it is possible to be a great physician, wife, mother, friend and still have time for yourself, and a side gig if you want one!

Katie Barrett

I help educators achieve work/life integration through a focus on social, emotional, and physical health, so that their professional life doesn’t dominate their personal life.

Deb Winward

I help moms of anxious children get out of worry and start creating a life they love.

Carrie McFarland

I coach moms with teen daughters who want to stop taking their daughter’s behavior personally and feel good about being a mom again.  I will show you how to drop the heavy emotions like guilt, shame, and isolation so you can thrive during this season and beyond.

Camille Grandidier

I help business women to be well in their bodies and in their lives. I help them find their own balance.

My journey in dealing with my body and food has allowed me to understand what I really want and has led me to trust myself enough to make it happen. This is what I humbly propose to guide you towards.

  • Allowing yourself to be fully yourself, unconditionally.
  • Feeling all the emotions that are part of life.
  • Finding your balance and the path to your fulfillment.

I teach the use of coaching and personal development in a simple and intuitive way.

Audrey Wells, MD

You can be a super thinker if you’re a super sleeper.

But without sufficient sleep, you are constantly coping with some degree of mental fog that keeps you from meeting your full potential.  Your emotions are dysregulated and biased toward the negative.  You gain weight.  You lose focus.  Sleep loss costs you in more ways than one.

You know your brain is your most valuable asset.  But it may surprise you to hear that sleep is one of the most important things your brain does.  Sleep is not just anti-wake.

As a high achiever, you need to view your sleep as a superpower.  An investment in improving your sleep is a step toward fueling your mind and getting more done in less time.

As a sleep medicine physician and fellow high achiever, I know how to get you the sleep you need to perform at your highest level.  Every night, naturally.  And with peaceful confidence as your head hits the pillow.   You may be surprised at how little time it takes.

My approach blends my deep knowledge of all things sleep and wakefulness, causal coaching (The Model), CBT-I techniques, time management solutions, and habit formation.

Our private coaching relationship allows me to tailor to your specific needs at every step.  This is the most efficient way to put your sleep issue to bed, for good.

Mischa Delaney

I teach people with chronic illness how to make their mind their greatest ally in their healing journey, so they can go from stuck and surviving to resilient and thriving. I’ve created a custom approach to mindbody resilience – a blend of coaching, thought work, mindfulness, and habit change – that will show you how to break free from the limiting cycles of chronic illness and build a life that is fulfilling and expansive. In addition to being a LCS certified coach, I am a certified Mindbody Syndrome Practitioner.

I’m on a mission to bring empowerment and agency into the lives of people living with chronic illness – because I believe our adversity makes us some of the most compassionate, resourceful, and capable people in the world. When you are resilient and empowered, you are able to fully show up for yourself, your loved ones, and impact the world. I believe most revolutionary way we can make the world a better place is to begin by bettering ourselves.

Each and every one of us have thought patterns, habits, and beliefs that act as unintentional barriers to our wellbeing. Most of these are unconscious and come from our brain’s inherent desire to be safe. The brain’s job is to protect us and conserve energy. When threatened by injury, autoimmune dysfunction, infectious disease, etc. the brain kicks into hyper-protective mode. The brain prioritizes rest, avoids pain and stress triggers, and finds ways to avoid anything that can be perceived as a threat. At the beginning of an illness, this hyper-protective mode is essential to survival. But over time it can prevent long-term healing by keeping us in cycles of learned pain. My unique approach to mindbody resilience coaching teaches you how to lovingly unlearn and shift the thoughts and habits that are getting in the way of you living the full and abundant life you’re worthy of.

Dustie Gimblet

I help GOLFERS with the one thing they haven’t worked on, winning golf mindset strategies.

Work with me to lower your golf score consistently, have more fun while you play, and win more tournaments.

Being a better golfer is the goal, and yet you can’t seem to master it.

Focusing on the 90% of golf – the mental part. Jack Nicklaus famously said, “The game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical”. It is so true, and so many golfers don’t work on this part of the game.

· Imagine feeling in control of the course every time you play.

· Imagine how great it could be to stop overthinking and make powerful decisions.

· Imagine being able to focus without worrying about any distractions.

It’s all possible when you learn the mental mindset of golf, tailored to your specific journey, and you will have these tools for the rest of your life.

Here’s what happens when you learn the Mental Mindset of Golf:

· Your golf game will improve, and it will improve more consistently.

· You will increase your chances of winning tournaments or start placing in the top 10 or higher.

· You will enjoy your golf game more. You will notice less frustration, a less giving-up attitude, and stop sabotaging a good round.

Imagine your score in the ’90s changing to low 80’s and high 70’s. It probably seems impossible, but it’s not!

I became an expert by educating myself and working as a certified life coach. I have coached and mentored over 3000+ people from around the world through working at The Life Coach School. I have advanced certifications as a Deep Dive Coach and Mental Game Coaching Professional.

Every golfer I have worked with has created improvement in their game. You can too!

Nancy Wehnert

Authenticity coach for intellectuals. You want to live more authentically but you have no idea how. You might feel like there is something wrong with you and that you don’t fit in or belong.

We’re in a crisis of disconnection right now – we’re disconnected from ourselves and the people in our lives and it comes from living inauthentically. It results in that empty, isolated feeling, no matter what you do to try and get rid of it. There’s something missing and you feel it acutely.

Who are you really? And how do you become that person?

I help you get back to your True Self and find the answers you’re looking for.

Susanna Kamon

My coaching philosophy is to help you tap into your raw human power, using the combination of your body, mind and momentum to create the life you want, rather than continue to grind away against what slows you down.  Each of us has incredible power, yet it mostly just sits there, vastly underutilized, until we learn to pick it up and use it masterfully and intentionally!  I’m excited about overcoming overeating coaching, because that was my first big personal win, but I can help you find your power in anything!