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Amy Koch

As a parent of 4 children (who, at one point, have all been teenagers), I understand the struggles that teenage life can bring. My goal is to help teens, young adults, and parents navigate the anxiety that often accompanies this stage of life and deliver the tools that build confidence through this process.

As someone who has experienced anxiety on a very personal level, I was motivated to search for real solutions. Finding answers has changed everything for me.

My passion is teaching and helping others who are tired of feeling anxious to move forward once and for all. I believe we have the power to meet any challenge, find greater peace within, and build on essential life skills—most importantly, managing our minds.

Shanna Pyzer

I help Christian women overcome mindless overeating and lose weight, for the last time without restrictive dieting.

I help teen girls manage, reduce and overcome their anxious thinking and walk in confidence to show up as who God created them to be in their education, relationships and life.

Janna Stock

What does it mean to be an adult? According to the law – you’re an adult at 18. However, society expects more. Society expects you to have your act together – especially financially.

That’s where I come in. I help people in their 20s gain the confidence needed to navigate adult situations aka get your act together. So you can find a job, buy a car, move out of your parent’s house, date and find the partner you’ve been looking for.

All things you’re very capable of doing, you just don’t BELIEVE it…YET!

I help people in their 20s find their internal strength and self worth. You have it within you to successfully run your life. It looks daunting, I know, but we just break it down into manageable parts.

Once you build the skills, you can handle whatever the world throws at you with self-confidence and the belief in your ability to figure things out. That belief is invaluable. Adults don’t know all the answers, they just keep moving while they figure things out.

Susan Estringel

I help YOU create an intentional, balanced life without having to sacrifice your own emotional and physical health in the process.

Mel Peirce

I help parents that desperately want to be the best parent that they can be, but they are constantly struggling and second-guessing themselves, questioning their parenting skills and if they’re doing the right thing.

With my Conscious Parenting Approach, I help parents raise the emotional health and well-being of their children by becoming conscious and confident parents themselves.  I help parents understand how their child’s brain is wired, and coach using brain-based parenting techniques and strategies, so parents can foster self-awareness, confidence, and resilience in their children and teach their children how to navigate negative emotions.

I’m on a mission to build a new emotionally healthy and happy generation from the ground up, and I believe it can start with the parents.

Jay Rush

Jay believes it is never too late for parents and children to rebuild and strengthen their connections. Borrowing from his experiences as a son, husband and father, he understands the pain and uncertainty that all family members endure when they feel unheard, unseen, or even betrayed. Working to dismantle rigid (and often invisible) belief systems and rediscover compassion, joy and fun, along with learning new tools to cope with tough feelings is just part of Jay’s expertise in bringing families together.

Lauren Woodburn

Your brain is a very powerful tool. I’m here to help you make your mind your greatest competitive asset so that you can WIN MORE. I want your brain to work for you instead of against you. We’ll take a close look at your thoughts and help you become the boss of your own brain. You call the shots. You have other coaches to hone your physical skills, but I am the brain coach.

The ultimate goal here is for you to WIN MORE. I want you to BELIEVE COMPLETELY in your potential and I want you to have full confidence in yourself as you compete on and off the course.

I coach young golfers that want to compete collegiately WIN MORE and reach those goals by teaching them how to create confidence and develop their mental edge.

Kristen Goodman

I help moms create more influence with their teens by teaching them communication and parenting strategies. These strategies, paired with coaching tools, will change the relationship they have with their teen.

Tammie Bennett

You are a go-getter but for some reason you are stuck.  You know you could be doing more. You’ve lost a little confidence.

I can help you get unstuck so you can start showing up for yourself, one step at a time.  Before you know it, all those steps add up to big leaps and you are achieving your biggest goals.  You can do even more than you thought was possible, and do it with confidence and joy.
Are you ready to show up?

Sami Halvorsen

The teenage years are some of the most difficult and yet very pivotal points in our lives. I believe that every teenage girl has immeasurable worth. My mission is to teach teenage girls how to be self confident and live a life with less anxiety, so that they can enjoy their teen years, and reach their full potential.

Dani Brinkerhoff

As an athlete, you only need ONE person to believe in you to become unstoppable. That person is YOU. Trusting and believing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give not just you, but also your teammates, your coaches, your family, and your friends. Building this relationship with yourself is FUN and is what will help you live your best life!

Stephanie Vargas

I help college students stop procrastinating and start planning so they can get that paper done. I’ll teach you how to get A’s without pulling all nighters, yes, it’s possible!

College is not the same as high school. Cramming the night before doesn’t work anymore. Success in college comes down to managing your time and your thoughts, getting rid of distractions, and being laser focus.

Together we work on:

  • Prioritizing assignments
  • Creating a schedule and sticking to it
  • Developing academic confidence
  • Managing overwhelm and stress