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Melanie Schaefermeyer

I help ordinary people create extraordinary results by offering simple strategies and insights that allow them to design a life they love.

Monette Van Lith

I help parents develop a parenting framework to align their individual parenting styles and strengths so that they can work together as a team. I coach individual parents to tap into their inner wisdom to be the parent they want to be. I coach young people to build self-confidence, develop life and social skills, deal with stress, emotions and difficult relationships and find purpose and direction.

Elisa Hunter, MAPP

I help Christians/ LDS  accomplish their goals without feeling their values are being compromised.  You want someone you can trust who understands your world view & unique problems without judging you.

Jeannine Peart

I help young adult women overcome self-doubt and create a life they love.

  • Do you struggle with comparison (especially after spending time on social media)?
  • Are your actions governed by what other people might think?
  • Are you dating the wrong guys or not dating at all?
  • Do stress and anxiety about school, work, relationships, and the future affect you frequently?
  • Do you question your worth and value?
  • Are you afraid to go for your dreams?

If you answered yes to any of these, I can help you.

“We did not come to this earth life to gain our worth. We brought it with us.” -Ardith G. Kapp

You just forgot who you are. I can help you remember.

Ashley Jangro

I help moms whose kids are struggling with mental wellness.
Mom, if your child is struggling because of anxiety or depression, you are the perfect person to provide support.

As a former teacher, certified life coach, and most importantly, a mom, I am committed to positively impacting the declining mental health of the upcoming generation.

This begins with arming moms with the knowledge and tools to raise mentally strong kids. Together, we can impact the mental health of our families, which will continue on for generations.

Gabriele Nicolet

I help parents raising highly sensitive children (we call them Orchid Kids around here):

  • Understand why their kids behave the way they do
  • Get past shame, embarrassment and guilt about their child’s behavior or diagnosis
  • Reclaim time in their day
  • Get more and better sleep
  • Stop fighting with their kids and each other
  • Experience more joy in parenting.

Jennifer Opoku

I coach teen girls and women who struggle with perfectionistic thinking, low self-confidence, lack of individual worth and a general sense of unhappiness despite high achieving efforts and outcomes.

Jenny Larsen, MA

As a Christian career, life, & purpose coach, I have two branches in my 10+ year old private practice:

I specialize in career direction as a certified natural ability & aptitude testing specialist – I work with students and 20-somethings, but also adults of all ages, helping them identify the career (and/or major) that is the best-fit for them, based on their natural abilities, personality, values, and interests, and create careers and lives they love. I take a very holistic approach rooted in Ephesians 2:10 – every individual is God’s workmanship.

I also focus on helping moms whose kids are getting older navigate all the relationship changes that come during this season and get back in touch with who they are as individuals – knowing themselves & their gifts and finding (or redefining) their purpose, so they can feel truly confident in themselves and their relationships, and excited about the future.

Mike Weekley

I help young people thrive by showing them how to think on purpose; and I help parents have their kids’ backs.

I help young athletes win at life through mindset training. I’ll help them love their playing time and help them get the most out their training and athletic coaching. Together we’ll develop their focus, build resilience, and gain mental endurance. Mindset coaching builds stronger-minded kids, and smarter young athletes – who not only stay on the right path but succeed wildly at whatever they set their hearts on.

I help teens thrive after living in a residential treatment facility. Teens moving back home after living in this controlled environment is a huge adjustment for the entire family. Everyone is different – they need to be, if the teen is to be successful. No one automatically knows what to do. The trauma has been dealt with during the treatment stay and continues to be dealt with in therapy. But what about the other stuff … the day-to-day stuff? The household, school stuff, that is “too small” to mention, that still matters to the teen and the family? That can be managed by thinking on purpose.


Emily Tycksen

I love to help people see the thoughts that are keeping them stuck in their lives. I work with many moms, LGBTQIA and their family members, people interested in health and weight loss, pornography addicts and their spouses, and every kind of human there is. I believe anyone can benefit from having a life coach. I am outgoing, loving, and willing to work with just about anyone! I have an LDS background but am open to any and all.

Megan Wing

I founded the Career Fulfillment Initiative to help high achievers enjoy their careers, so they can get back to enjoying their lives! The 5 pillars of my program are overcoming burnout, managing your time, generating confidence, creating work-life balance, and developing a 10 year plan. Life is too short for you to feel anything less than joy in your contribution, so let’s start today!

Shyloh Brown

I help people-pleasing moms beat their feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, pressures with parenting and move them towards creating the life they deserve with tools for their minds AND body.

I will help you live the life of your dreams with the tools I have learned as a life coach, breath coach, and 500-hr RYT yoga instructor.