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Tommy Geary

I guide dads questioning their 9-5 to change course.

Life is a fun adventure.

I work with men that want to live in line with their values and principles without having to change careers or make huge life changes.

I bring the tools to make you better for yourself, your family, your community and your company.

Steve Haase

I help men create better relationships without sacrificing their authenticity.

Sheila Morgan

I help pissed-off people-pleasers stop saying ‘yes’ when they really mean NO… without feeling guilty!

Kasia Kozinski

You can create whatever you want but will you let yourself have it ?

I coach women who struggle with doubt, confusion and self-hate into creating the life of their dreams AND actually enjoying themselves on the way.

I coach in English and French about all the things (relationships, confidence, money, business, self-love, time & productivity, stop buffering and sex).

Johanna Chen

Do you feel stressed or stuck in your life? There is a way out of it and chances to thrive, without needing to quit your job (except you really want to).

No matter if engineer, product manager, marketing or sales manager, designer or HR. The work in the tech industry can sometimes feel stressful, competitive and demanding.

But often you do love your job, but just feel stuck or like you do not have a work-life balance or that you are just not sure how to go the next step.

I help people in the tech industry or in startups to get unstuck and thrive, because you deserve to feel great while you create great new things.

Charise Naifeh

I help Lawyer Moms (and other ambitious moms) get happy in their career and personal lives.

Monaye Marcia, MSA

I Help You Grow From Trauma By Teaching You To Create A Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset

What Is Post-Traumatic Growth

Many have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a commonly known term in the media of what an individual may experience after surviving trauma. It has been a household phrase. However, what has not been talked about as often is Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG)

Post-traumatic growth is a positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis or a traumatic event.

I created the Post-Traumatic GROWTH Mindset Formula for warriors who are ready to take their control back from their traumatic experiences.

The PTG Mindset is using what has happened, is happening, or will happen that caused trauma in your life AND using the trauma to be the best version of yourself.

You Can Create A Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset if you are tired of:

  • Crying yourself to sleep
  • Not being able to get out of the bed
  • Re-telling your trauma  story as a victim
  • Self-sabotaging behavior
  • Worsening anxiety

Or you find yourself feeling:

  • Broken
  • Defeated and powerless
  • Empty
  • Frightened
  • Helpless and hopeless
  • Insecure

You will learn to love yourself even more now and create a life better than before the crap you been through.

You will gain confidence, clarity, and strength to take on any task no matter how big.

Let me help you create a life you deserve.

Christie Williams

I help women over 30 drop their inner critic and get to work.

Everything you do depends on what you think and feel.

At the root of your thought process is how you think of yourself.

The relationship with yourself is a filter for everything else and gets the LEAST attention.

Most of us don’t realize the way we treat ourselves and the impact that has in our lives.

This is how it shows up:

  • You listen to your inner ‘bully.’ (You’re not good enough or stupid).
  • You ask for ‘permission’ to other adults before making a decision
  • You want to do things perfectly. (A = good job)
  • Comparing yourself to others and who’s popular.
  • You punish yourself when you make a mistake.
  • You feel pressure to ‘explain’ yourself.
  • You worry people will make fun of you.
  • You want to get approval from adults and want everyone to like you.
  • You tell ourselves ‘you can’t do that.’ (hold back from your goals).
  • You’re not sure how to process emotions.

If this has been your experience, it’s OK.

You can drop the inner critic. She’s beat you up long enough.

Every women can feel better about herself and live a life she loves, including you, lovely.

Daelene Byam

I help teens reduce their Anxiety Level, create more confidence, and help them plan for the future without worry.

I am a mom of 4 boys, three of which are now adults. I have learned that sometimes the best thing for our teens is to have someone who is not Mom or Dad help them navigate the teen struggles. I am that person for your teen. I take a neutral stance with them and teach them the tools to help them learn how to stop fighting against their anxiety and learn how to manage it.

Rae Tsai

I help women to find love, confidence, and compassion for themselves so they are grounded, empowered, and fulfill their dreams.

Michelle A. Bourque

I help medical device reps excel in your career, without the stress and overwhelm, so you can enjoy life outside of work.

Bonnie Koo

My mission is to help women physicians achieve financial freedom.  We are not only free to create the lives we want, we make the world a better place for everyone.