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Yasmin Bakhtiar, DMD

I help struggling healthcare professionals get unstuck, gain clarity, and overcome their greatest obstacles to create careers and lives they love.

I understand what it’s like to struggle to stay afloat in a career you’ve sacrificed so much for. I also get the feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, and failure that often accompany it.

I’ll help you understand the real reason(s) why you’re unhappy with your profession and make the decision to stay or leave from a clean place, free of regret and shame.

If you decide to stay, I’ll help you create permanent change to make your work enjoyable.

If you decide to leave, I’ll help you sort out your baggage, hold your head high and go towards the things that excite you.

Maria Stoyadinova

I help high-achieving women give themselves a break by learning how to incorporate more rest into their lives without compromising their work or feeling guilty.

Dr Amruti Choudhry MBBS BSc

I help South Asian Women Professionals lose weight permanently by getting rid of the mental weight that is holding them back.

There is a huge stigma about mental health in the South Asian community, and I help decrease that stigma and talk openly about mental health in a way that is relatable and real.

I lost 42kg (over 92 pounds) and have figured out how to keep it off for life, whilst being that working mother, that loving wife, that caring daughter and that dependable friend. I teach my clients that it is possible for them to have it all, when they learn how to manage their minds.

The weight loss is a bonus when you deal with the underlying reasons you overeat.

I am a retired general practitioner (Physician / Doctor) in the UK and became a full time life and weight loss coach because I found my calling in life. I love empowering my clients to manage their minds and improve all areas of their lives. Learning the skills of how to lose weight permanently by dealing with the mind blocks are the same skills that can be used to achieve any other goal, which is why my clients get a whole life transformation.

Anna Gorga

I help successful women who work in corporate settings create more fun and fulfillment in their life, both at work and in their personal life.

Zach Spafford

Zach coaches a highly effective process for eliminating pornography and other unwanted habits from your life beginning with recognizing your innate agency to choose.  He helps you begin the process of eliminating unwanted and undesired buffering habits while creating and building the habits you need and want to for your most successful marriage, work life and personal growth. His individual, group and membership coaching packages provide you with the level of attention you’ve been seeking to finally eliminate your greatest struggles.  Active in the LDS community, Zach coaches men and women from all faith traditions and walks of life to become the person they want to be.