"Coach Certification Program Applications Now Open"

Martine Thomassen

Start loving marketing as much as you love coaching your clients! 

Marrying my 10+ years as a professional digital marketer with my passion for deep transformational work, I’ve developed the framework Holistic Marketing for Coaches.

Using Marketing as a Tool for (Self) Healing = MAGNETIC Marketing

The reason why you find marketing hard or confusing is NOT because you’re not tech savvy, not creative or just inherently bad at it. It’s because you have core trauma or wounding that requires healing for you to fully step up in your marketing.

Kirthi Lilley, MD

I help busy physicians create extraordinary and fulfilling lives by helping them overcome burnout and time scarcity. I help you bust through the most common limiting belief of “I don’t have enough time” so you can create a joy filled life exactly as you envisioned it. Loving your life again shouldn’t have been so hard and I can help you achieve it.

Mary-Jane Leitner

I empower women to be their own money bosses & connect with their inner money maven.

Bruna Galobardes MD, PhD

I help women over 45 lose weight permanently.

If you think going through the menopausal transition or getting older inevitably mean weight gain, you are in for a treat.

I can help you whether this is the first time you experience weight issues or if you have struggled with weight throughout your life.

Xenia “Xen” Ayiotis

I am a Life Coach and Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness Coach that helps women 40 and older who are successful in every other area of their lives finally make peace with food, eating and their bodies.

My purpose is to help women who have been struggling with food challenges for decades to finally find peace with food and live a meaningful life of freedom with ALL foods. I combine The Life Coach School Model, Mindfulness, Intuitive Eating to help women break free from feeling hopeless around food.

This is for you if you are ready for a different approach to make peace with food and feel free with food. Life is too short to be wasting anymore time on thinking about forbidden foods!

Dr. Faryal Michaud

Life is truly short. As a palliative care physician, caring for seriously ill patients, I have noticed that all we really want at the end is more time.

I also realize that when we do have time, we are either lamenting our past mistakes or worrying about an unknown future.  Essentially, we are wasting precious time that we do have now, simply because we are unaware of ways to be in the moment. Learning to love your life and accepting what is, will add so much depth and peace to your life. So much that when your end comes, you know that you have spent your time exactly how you intended it.

We can’t separate ourselves from constant judgment and to-do lists.

So much focus on “doing”, not enough focus on “being”. Except that, we are human beings, not human doings.

We don’t realize that every single day we are robbing ourselves the joy of living in this very moment. As a mindfulness teacher, I know that what matters above all is the awareness and acceptance of this very moment. It was not until learning the tools of The Life Coach School, that I found a way to communicate this wisdom to patients and clients alike.

I want to help you live your most intentional life. I offer a program that focuses on living in the moment. By offering ways to help you live your most authentic self, I help you create the live that you were meant to live.

With live yoga with certified teachers, mindfulness teachers and ongoing live group coaching, we will address all issues of your life that seem to be directed more to the here and now, to create the best version of you.

Grass is greener where you water it. Let me help you create your most intentional life with self compassion, love and awareness.

Maria Stoyadinova

I help high-achieving women give themselves a break by learning how to incorporate more rest into their lives without compromising their work or feeling guilty.

Dr Amruti Choudhry MBBS BSc

I help South Asian Women Professionals lose weight permanently by getting rid of the mental weight that is holding them back.

There is a huge stigma about mental health in the South Asian community, and I help decrease that stigma and talk openly about mental health in a way that is relatable and real.

I lost 42kg (over 92 pounds) and have figured out how to keep it off for life, whilst being that working mother, that loving wife, that caring daughter and that dependable friend. I teach my clients that it is possible for them to have it all, when they learn how to manage their minds.

The weight loss is a bonus when you deal with the underlying reasons you overeat.

I am a retired general practitioner (Physician / Doctor) in the UK and became a full time life and weight loss coach because I found my calling in life. I love empowering my clients to manage their minds and improve all areas of their lives. Learning the skills of how to lose weight permanently by dealing with the mind blocks are the same skills that can be used to achieve any other goal, which is why my clients get a whole life transformation.

Anna Gorga

I help successful women who work in corporate settings create more fun and fulfillment in their life, both at work and in their personal life.

Zach Spafford

Zach coaches a highly effective process for eliminating pornography and other unwanted habits from your life beginning with recognizing your innate agency to choose.  He helps you begin the process of eliminating unwanted and undesired buffering habits while creating and building the habits you need and want to for your most successful marriage, work life and personal growth. His individual, group and membership coaching packages provide you with the level of attention you’ve been seeking to finally eliminate your greatest struggles.  Active in the LDS community, Zach coaches men and women from all faith traditions and walks of life to become the person they want to be.