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Shandy Arguelles

I help divorced women release what is holding them back and unleash their potential.

Amber Deibert

I help you get out of your own way.

You’ve got big dreams, but you’re not taking action on them right now.

You doubt yourself, you hesitate, and you’ve got some major Impostor Syndrome.

It IS possible for you to overcome all of this and go after your dream life.

I know because I did it.

I want to help you do it too.

Amanda Walker

I help busy women build a body, life and business that feel amazing.

Marta Madeira

I help women gain the confidence to start and grow their businesses by dissolving the doubts and fears holding them back, and unleash their inner strength and wisdom.

Julie de Besombes

I help people to break free from what limits/diminishes their life (past, hurt inner child, patterns) and consciously create a new version of themselves where they can feel confident again and empowered.

I have followed this path myself: I had a traumatic childhood but I didn’t really realize it for a long time, It took me years to realize the limiting patterns that were diminishing my life, locking me in a spiral of self-deprecation that came from my wounded inner child (and the thoughts errors that created for me). My inner child was waiting for my attention and unconditional love and so do I.

I created a method that helps people who, like me, feel stuck in their lives without sometimes understanding exactly why, a method which helps you to make peace with your past and create a new version of yourself.

Your past is not a fate, it is just a circumstance.

Kari Schneider

I empower achievers to optimize performance with mindset and vitality coaching to reach new bests without burnout.  I help leaders to their possibility of incredible energy and health while attaining their next level in career, family and self-mastery.

Jessica Perle

I help professional women to achieve their dream life, both personally and professionally, without the stress, anxiety and burnout.

Jimmy Turner MD

Through the Alpha Coaching Experience, we help physicians (both men and women) who feel trapped in medicine find the financial freedom they need to practice medicine however they want through mindset, money, and life coaching.

Serene Shereef

I am a mindfulness & productivity life coach who helps professional women struggling with burnout and overwhelm to take control of their time, mind & energy. I use an integrated mindfulness and productivity program with tools such as habit building, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, & other productivity systems, to build clarity and take control of your life so that you have time for everything that is important to you.

I am here to help you do less and live more in your best authentic joyful life!

Rachel Shumway

I help badass women in stop self-doubt, get clarity, and create the life they really love.

The Badassery Framework focuses on holistic emotional management, authenticity and achievement of badass goals.

Using mindset, planning, emotional processing and healing techniques, my clients learn how to rely on their innate badassery to face the challenges of life.



Lauren Woodburn

Your brain is a very powerful tool. I’m here to help you make your mind your greatest competitive asset so that you can WIN MORE. I want your brain to work for you instead of against you. We’ll take a close look at your thoughts and help you become the boss of your own brain. You call the shots. You have other coaches to hone your physical skills, but I am the brain coach.

The ultimate goal here is for you to WIN MORE. I want you to BELIEVE COMPLETELY in your potential and I want you to have full confidence in yourself as you compete on and off the course.

I coach young golfers that want to compete collegiately WIN MORE and reach those goals by teaching them how to create confidence and develop their mental edge.

Kolette Hall

Remember when you said, “I’ll do that when my kids are older….?” Well, the kids are older and it’s time to do that thing. Want to start a business? Write a book? Lose the weight? Contribute to the world? I can help you make it happen. I help women like you discover your purpose as you decide “What’s next for me?”