"You are worthy of the change you seek. Join Get Coached."

Arthur Patton-Hock

I help grad students, postdocs, and professors in the humanities and qualitative social sciences think expansively about careers for which their PhD has qualified them. You can build the professional life you want – within the academy or beyond – without “selling out.”

Carrie Holland MD, CPT

I help smart women get strong – mentally and physically – through a combination of eating, moving, and thinking. I believe that you should not have to choose between career, family, or wellness, because when you take care of yourself, everyone around you wins. Especially you. Women who work with me get the tools necessary to take care of their minds AND their bodies, so they can feel better and show up as their best version.

Sara Tamarin, MD

I help women physicians and other professionals envision and create the life they want–and to start living that life TODAY.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck–stuck in a relationship, stuck in a job or career, stuck in a body size, and even stuck in seemingly endless thought loops and negative thinking that feel impossible to change.

Feeling stuck feels absolutely awful. At times it can feel like the worst feeling imaginable.

Well, I’m so genuinely excited to tell you that transformation is possible, both big and small, and that feeling stuck does NOT have to be the end of your story. In fact, it can be the very catalyst for a life so incredibly awesome that you’ll have to pinch yourself to know it’s real.

I’ve used coaching to make countless transformations in my own life. And now it is my privilege, passion, and purpose to help you make those transformations in your life as well!

We all have this one, finite, precious life to live. I don’t want you or anyone else to regret not having lived it well and according to the life you were meant to live.

You are not stuck. Change is just one first step away.

Judith Lightfoot Clarke

I work with professional actors and creators in all areas of emotional health and relationships.  I work on Broadway, regionally, TV and film, so  I know what the life is and WHY we love it.

We in our industry signed up for a life of Unknowns…

  • Where is the Next Job?
  • How much do I bend to book the role?
  • Where is space for me in this fraught, but beautiful industry?
  • What should I do when I am not acting?
  • How do I live with anxiety and audition tension?
  • How do I not take the Drama home?

We love an industry that does not always love us.  Know that you are Not Alone in this.  NO matter how recently we were on stage or on set, we ALL know the feelings of When Will I Work Again? Where is my power here?

The tension is real.  But so are the rewards.  

I love acting, and I love coaching actors.  I help actors develop the mental stamina for longevity. I teach you the healthiest path to great relationships.


Marina Clavet

I help working mums to be finally happy in their professional life, without sacrifying their “me” time and time with their family.

Celine Leclef

I work with ambitious professionals & parents who seek meaningful satisfaction in their CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS and BEST-FIT lifestyle.

We are capable of so much more than we think. And simple shifts in our thinking can make life extraordinary. That’s the beauty of coaching.
If you’re like my clients, you have a great life and a full plate. Yet there’s something more you want to accomplish, experience, and create.

I’m here to speed up your growth and make the inner work more fun.

To help you let go of old definitions of who you are, what you “should” do, and what you “could never,” so you can realize the most satisfying and meaningful possibilities for your life.

Let’s make sure your efforts add up to meaningful satisfaction in your career, relationships, and everyday life you REALLY want.

Kelly Rae White

I help high-performing women transform in two ways:

1. Achieve more with less stress: setting and achieving impossible goals, getting unstuck, becoming more confident with less doubt, and being more productive without being stressed out.
2. Relaunch or restart their career: As a career and job transition strategist, I help women change careers by reinventing themselves. I help you reinvent yourself regardless of your age and give you the one thing that you can control so everything falls into place.

Karin Obertreis

I support professional women leave overwhelm and burnout behind by managing their mind and question the patriarchal belief system they grew up with. My vision is to help as many women as I can free themselves from burnout, overwhelm and self doubt so they can tap into their full energy and create the life they truly want to live.

Jenna Rykiel

I empower moms like you to build thriving businesses without burning out.

I believe that, as a mom, you are uniquely qualified to be a successful entrepreneur and I’m dedicated to empowering you to do just that.

I will help you plan for the next chapter of your life and business with more certainty, structure, and empowerment.

Because you absolutely can grow your business while growing your family.

Olivia Vizachero

Olivia Vizachero, a former BigLaw commercial litigator and criminal defense attorney, runs The Less Stressed Lawyer, a boutique life coaching practice for lawyers. As a Certified Life Coach, she works with lawyers who are over the overwhelm and want to live lives with less stress and far more fulfillment by teaching them how to manage their mindset and make themselves and their well-being their top priority. As a result of coaching with her, Olivia’s clients learn how to manage their time, set boundaries, stop people pleasing, overcome perfectionism, take more action, become more intentional, achieve their goals, develop business consistently, improve their professional and personal relationships, and, most importantly, feel better day in and day out.

Olivia is also the host of The Less Stressed Lawyer Podcast. She co-authored a pandemic anthology titled #Networked with 19 other women lawyers. #Networked, which hit #1 on Amazon’s New Release charts, tells the story of how these 20 women came together in March 2020 an overcame the confines of COVID-19 social distancing to create connections, cultivate community, and build businesses in the midst of a global pandemic.

Before launching her coaching practice Olivia worked as a complex commercial litigation associate at Michigan’s largest AmLaw 200 firm and as a criminal defense attorney at the boutique criminal defense firm in Detroit.

Lynn Grogan

Living true to yourself is an act of bravery.

This is especially the case if you’ve always done the things you’re “supposed” to do. College. Career. Marriage. House. Kids.

But what if you want to do things differently? That’s where I’ve found it gets challenging. It’s easy to get support and approval when you do things the way most others do. Bring up something outside of that and you’re suddenly the black sheep of your family. I know this firsthand having traveled full-time in my RV for nearly 10 years.

Going beyond the status quo and rethinking how you work and live can feel downright scary. I can help.

Christelle Soto-Suarez

I help professionals who want to be more intentional in their life / career but feel stuck, frustrated, or worried about their future – in particular, professionals interested in non-linear, unconventional, international careers, and women in STEM / construction. With my “Empower Yourself” program, I empower them to get the clarity and confidence they need to move forward.