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Holly Herlocker

I work with women, particularly creative entrepreneurs who feel like they have lost momentum, joy, and their creative spark. I help them gain momentum and confidence in the areas they feel stuck. They often feel paralyzed to take action, devoid of excitement and joy, they might be struggling with leveling up in some area of life, or they feel trapped by the circumstances of their lives…. I help them overcome negative stories, break through the mental blocks, create and stick to a plan of action, all while working to build true and lasting self confidence.

Vanessa Leung

Say yes to what you want.

You’re highly creative and you want to move to the next level in your life and business, but . . .

You keep holding yourself back and you wish you had more time.

You absolutely love what you do and you’re amazing at it.

You know you have what it takes to level up, but . . .

You don’t know how to focus on your own needs.

Feel the fear and do it anyways.

The only thing that distracts you from honouring your needs is giving in to fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of not enough.

Fear of judgement.

A new perfect.

Trying to think positively and reciting daily affirmations to get what you want, can only get you so far.

If you want to stop denying yourself of your truth . . .

If you want to stop feeling frustrated . . .

If you want to show up as your authentic self . . .

You must first look within, fully accept the present, and surrender the past and future.

Self-Mastery is the ability to own your fear, certain you can achieve anything you desire.

Acknowledge your self-worth.

Trust yourself to follow-through.

Make decisions with confidence.

Focus on having inner peace.

Receive the joy of time freedom.

Welcome to Self-Mastery.

I can teach you how to level up with ease and get sh*t done without the mind games.

Kori Linn

I teach over-achieving womxn in corporate how to do their best work without burning out. Then I teach them how to build a career they love, whether they stay in their current job or leave to follow another career dream.

Womxn receive so much social conditioning that blocks us from doing our best work and making our work what we want it to be, and in my coaching practice, we systematically dismantle that social conditioning and replace it with the beliefs and skills that will enable us to do work we truly love and do it incredibly well.

Dex Randall

I coach stressed and anxious professional guys back to peak performance at work (often when they’ve lost their mojo and think it isn’t coming back).

Using simple techniques, start to recover in a matter of weeks. People will wonder how you did it!

Mimi Gordon

I help mission-driven leaders achieve big goals without overworking.

Heather Kerr

I help professional women who crave “something more” create more purposeful, personally fulfilling lives, without needing to leave their jobs or take big risks.

If you feel trapped, unfulfilled and frustrated at work because there are so many other things you’d love to be doing, I know exactly how to help you because I’ve been there too.  I was an international tax lawyer with a creative soul who despised rules of any sort. Now I’m doing work I love. I’ll show you how to do work you love too.

I’ll help you define exactly what you want, create a specific vision and take the actions you need to create the life you want. We’ll do this together in slow easy steps. No dramatic departures or sudden leaps will be required (unless, of course, you’re the kind of person who enjoys that!)  If the actions you want to take feel impossible and you’re convinced there are too many roadblocks standing in your way, no problem! My job as your coach is to see possibilities you don’t. By the time we’re done, you won’t want to hit snooze on your alarm. You’ll feel fuelled with your purpose and excited to start your day.

Nicole Oren

We often buy in to the misconception that in order to be a present and good mother, we have to give up on ourselves. That we have to choose between chasing our own dreams or raising our beautiful baby.

I help new moms unsubscribe from this belief, and help them create a beautiful postpartum experience that includes discovering who they are, and what they are meant to do.

I believe that when a new mother fulfills her own desires, and recognizes what IGNITES her – she has so much more to give to baby.

I use the power of coaching to help new moms break the ‘glass ceiling’ in their own minds, to create the life and career of their dreams.

Linda Street MD

I use coaching tools and negotiation techniques to help female physicians strategize their contract negotiations.

Carole Méziat

I coach high achieving executives and managers (men and women) to get back to a healthy relationship with work so that they can make a difference with their professional life. I help them to reduce their professional stress, find a work-life balance and regain a creative energy at work.

Angela Kelly Robeck

Angela helps educational leaders build mental and emotional resiliency so they can lead their schools from a place of empowerment and experience more balance in their lives. As a former teacher, principal, and district administrator for over 20 years, she has personally experienced the intense demands within the education industry. She focuses on new school and district leaders who are experiencing high levels of stress, overwhelm, and burnout and offers strategies to avoid the common pitfalls of educational leadership.

Tommy Geary

I guide dads questioning their 9-5 to change course.

Life is a fun adventure.

I work with men that want to live in line with their values and principles without having to change careers or make huge life changes.

I bring the tools to make you better for yourself, your family, your community and your company.

Steve Haase

I help men create better relationships without sacrificing their authenticity.