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Nancy Beard

I believe everyone deserves the tools to help them live their life with purpose, passion and joy.

My mission is to help clients find clarity in their lives as they steer through changing phases of life.

I will guide you as you consider new thoughts that can be used to heal relationships with yourself, your family and/or those in the workplace.

Jasmin Matzakow

To all mid-career artists and creative professionals who are stuck in a slump and lost your artistic passion.

Years ago, you started your career with so much fire, idealistically you put a lot of time and energy into developing your creative practice, and now you are wondering „why am I doing this again?“

Let’s get you out of that slump and rediscover the power of your artistic process.
You will create safety and trust with yourself and create your art with ease.

I have worked with the plant the Stinging Nettle in my art for many years and I learned a lot from her.
 I have harvested the large plants in autumn in my local parks, brushed away the leaves and dried the stalks in my studio. I broke the stems open, peeled away the strong skin and was left with long strands of green fibres that I could twist into yarn. I worked hundreds of plants into threads and threads into necklaces.

All of this to say that I have been quite intimate with the Stinging Nettle for years and I have observed many traits from the Nettle that I could transfer into my life: She lets you know clearly when you have crossed her boundaries, you feel the prickly itch on your skin right away. But when you know how to be around her, when you take your time, you can pick her fresh leaves with bare hands. She grows big and lush wherever humans leave their shit. She is a great metaboliser and transforms used material into extraordinary new fuel. She gives a lot of herself, you can drink her tea, eat her like spinach, let her fertilise your garden, create nourishing hair wash and twist her fibres into strong, lasting yarn for ropes and fabric.

Do you want to live less anxious, with more ease and learn how to compost your mental sh!t into the fuel of your life: come and coach with me.

I am and artist and a life coach, and I’m taking all I have learned in 20 years of making art, teaching art, being human, and my coach training into one programme:

The Stinging Nettle Coaching Programme

Here are some examples of what we can do:

Create Stinging Nettle Boundaries so that you are not anxious anymore and start trusting yourself.
We will look at the state of your boundaries, so that you are aware of them and clearly know them in your bones. You will get to a place where you can communicate them with more ease.

Create Stinging Nettle Clarity so that you take your decisions quickly and calmly. Gone are the days when you spend weeks thinking about which is the best option and are so paralyzed that you don’t try anything at all. (Remember the last time you wanted to buy a backpack, spend days researching for the best one and didn’t buy at all in the end???)
We will look at your decision overwhelm: All the decisions you want to take but are not taking. You will find ways to make the best decision for you. Quickly and calmly.

Create Stinging Nettle Sovereignty so that you stop expending your energy on this perfect looking mask that you wear and which disconnects you from your creativity. Connect back with your inner fire that started this career of yours.

Create Stinging Nettle Roots so that you take up space in this world comfortably and calmly. Learn to create safe belonging for yourself.

Create Stinging Nettle Weirdness so that you can embrace your oddities with love. Doing that will allow you to create more art than you ever have, in a way you will enjoy. I will help you transmute what you think is bad about yourself into your super powers.
Fun fact: “weird” comes from having power to control fate. Let’s go do that together!

Create Stinging Nettle Composting Powers so that you are not afraid of failing anymore and start experimenting playfully. All the while being kind to yourself. Beating yourself up is a super intense energy hog. Let’s direct that energy where you actually want to use it.

Create Stinging Nettle Nourishing Love (you know, the kind that also loves your healthy boundaries) so that you feel at ease no matter what. Focus on giving in a way that nourishes both other people AND you. That’s like a super power and will give you lots of room to move in your life.

Elaina Battistessa

My coaching program focuses on the mindset piece of selling. Most companies provide the “how” to sell, but with me we will dive deep on discovering the thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are in your way. We will explore who you are, what you are capable of, how you present yourself, your core beliefs about selling, money, and how you and others view you, ensuring you are aligned in integrity and can sell authentically, dealing with the emotional highs and lows of sales. Together we will collapse time to get you to your future confident and successful self that meets her quota with confidence and grace.

Shannon Hatch

I help nurses feeling stuck in overwhelm and burnout to reconnect to their purpose. As a nurse, I get it. We care for others all day and then feel depleted, frustrated and unfulfilled because our needs always come last. We are great at caring for others but terrible at caring for ourselves. I believe nurses can give with their whole hearts while still feeling peace, calm and fulfilled in their lives and careers. Slowing down, listening to our own needs and trusting in our intuition are just a few of the ways to begin the shift to a more enjoyable life. The secret to success in anything we do is our relationship with ourselves.

Marc Hildebrand

I empower leaders to excel in both business and family life! My focus is to help you connect deeper with your family, prioritize your physical and mental health, and build a business you love. Finding YOUR version of success!

Caryn Gillen, MA

Caryn Gillen is a trusted coach, advisor and chief of staff for wildly amazing, remarkable humans. She takes the big picture view, asks the unexpected questions, and helps her clients figure out what’s right for them. Caryn is known for her warm but direct manner and her laser-like ability to get to the root of the issue (and it’s usually not what you think it is.)

Her primary focus is helping her remarkable clients get what they want and do life their way, taking the most impactful route, and doing it in an aligned and elegant manner.

Caryn is a former therapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through Coaches Training Institute, Master Coach through The Life Coach School and a Certified Equity Centered Leadership Coach.

Dr. Melissa Fransky

I help female physicians solve overwhelm so that they can enjoy work again.

Amy Grimm, DVM

I help busy, burned-out veterinary professionals transform their lives and fall in love with their careers again. You CAN live a life of alignment, fulfillment and intention without sacrificing your time, your money or yourself!

How do I know this?

Because I reached a point in my own veterinary career where I almost quit. Fueled by frustration and stress, I found myself on the precipice of leaving the profession forever. And had I done so, I would have become yet another statistic. Another victim of burnout.

But I didn’t!

Instead I decided to use those signals as an opportunity to transform my life into something better.

Life coaching truly saved my career and my life. So much in fact, that I decided I had to share this work with others. And that is what I do today.

I love what I do.
I rediscovered my joy for veterinary medicine and
I still work as a doctor, doing the doctory things I love and
I help those who are struggling (just like I once was) to create and cultivate their dream life too!

Carolina V. Gambrel

You know how some women realize their career is no longer right for them? Well, I help them take that next step to find a clear path forward.

In a world where women often feel lost in their career transitions, I bring more than guidance — I bring a unique strategy that sets me apart – I help you actually follow through!

When you can get out of your way and believe in new things – it sets the foundation for the career you want to create!

I offer support and accountability so that you can get through all the hairy, scary parts.

My clients experience confidence to know that they have what it takes to create their career story and relief that they don’t have to do it all on their own.

Sandhya Mudumbi, MD

I’m a palliative care physician and certified life coach. I want my woman physician clients to know that I’ve GOT them. I too have delayed gratification for decades and wondered why I didn’t feel better when I technically arrived at my destination. While my journey started with weight loss with Corinne Crabtree, it then went so much deeper with Self-Coaching Scholars through The Life Coach School, and eventually with getting certified as a life coach. I feel compelled to share this with every woman physician that I know.

Dori Sharvit

It’s so easy to live life on default mode. well duh! that’s why it’s default mode.

But it’s also painful.

We don’t get what we truly want when we are stuck in default mode. And that sucks.

I love coaching because it helps you life on purpose!

And when you live on purpose, you can literally create anything that is important to you.

You can lose weight, stop procrastination, have better relationships, transform your career (the list is endless).

What you want matters.

And I love using coaching to help bring what you want to life.

Dr. Sophie Jablonski

My work is all about empowering my clients for personal growth through science-based positive psychology coaching.

I teach my clients, high achieving successful individuals in mid-life, a science-based approach to personal growth and transformation. As a scientist, I bring a unique perspective to the coaching process, incorporating evidence-based methods and research to help them achieve sustainable change and fulfilment in their lives.

As a confidential, expert, and non-judgmental coach, I create a safe space for you to explore and understand yourself better. Drawing on my scientific background, I provide you with accurate information and practical tools to navigate the complexities of personal development, emotional intelligence, and self-empowerment.

Yet, I am also pragmatic in guiding you towards your inner wisdom. I understand the challenges you face and the desire to live a more fulfilled life. Together, we’ll uncover limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns, and unhelpful habits that may be holding you back. I’ll support you in developing a deeper understanding of yourself and empower you to make meaningful changes.

Do you even know what you are capable of as a leader of your own life?