Meg Gluckman

I’m passionate about helping parents navigate divorce & co-parenting with ease and in a way that feels good to them.

When we can feel grounded moving through divorce & co-parenting, our kids can feel safe, secure and supported.


Your dream list post-divorce:

You want….

~ to have co-parenting be like your dishwasher– set it and forget it. It works how it needs to and you don’t spend any energy thinking about it.

~ to feel great at work and when you’re home. No more parent guilt!

~ to feel financially secure and abundant. You want to be making plans for the future, knowing you’ll have plenty of money.

~ to have a new romantic relationship that feels steamy, fun, and completely nourishing.

~to feel more peaceful & rested, more often.

~ to feel like you’re doing life right and proud of how you’re modeling your values to your kids.

All of this is possible. I’d love to support you in making it happen!

Nichole Haugen

I coach Catholic Nurses to follow God’s plan.

Are you struggling in the nursing profession. Do you look up different nursing jobs weekly, thinking at that job I would be happy? Struggle with being a mom, wife, and not bringing work home with you? Do you find yourself thinking that “if only my husband would help me more, then I would be happy.”? “If the kids listened better, then I would yell less.”

Do you feel like you are failing in your faith as well? That God is wagging his finger at you saying how disappointed He is because you should do better.

Amy VanOverloop

Helping others move from confusion and overwhelm to clarity and purpose during life’s challenging transitions.

Brittney Soukhone, LCSW

Happiness comes from within.

I teach people how to create authentic happiness, the kind that’s internal and doesn’t rely on other people or things.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that happiness comes from outside of ourselves and we need to find it.

We’ve been taught the path to a happy life is to: go to school, get a degree, get a good job, get married, and have kids. Accomplishments, partners, friends, family, and material things do bring us joy but it’s the type of joy that eventually fades and leaves us feeling empty, restless, discontent, and unfulfilled.

Without inner connection to self, our outer accomplishments are shallow and fleeting.  We end up in this cycle where we’re spinning in circles and chasing wins that never lead to what we’re truly looking for.

Authentic Happiness.

Tamara Pflug

I’m Tamara – born and raised in Switzerland and I’m a certified fun & confidence coach.

This little nagging voice in your head can be quite annoying!!

When you get coached by me, you’ll have this little voice under control…

So that you can finally accept and love yourself like you never did before!!

Santi Tanikella, MD

I’m a physician and a life coach. I find meaning in helping others rediscover joy and purpose in their personal lives and careers. Using the power of life coaching and the wisdom of mind-body medicine, I can help you de-stress and overcome your emotional obstacles. I will work with you on creating emotional wellness so that you can become the next best version of yourself.  Let’s take a big breath, jump in, and create a life that you are absolutely in love with!

Tay Daniels

Our mission is to help women to step into their Breadwinner Energy™ Era, to build a life she not only LOVES but believes she deserves for her & her family. To help her become unstoppable, to break free from society’s expectations & become a force to be reckoned with. We provide the tools and support to help women embrace their powerhouse most authentic energy, cultivate inner peace, and redesign her life inside & out.

Jenn Andersen

Have more connection and energy by working smarter not harder in your marriage, to make it one you WANT to last forever.

Truth:  You are not feeling depleted, disconnected, exhausted, and helpless because of what your spouse is or isn’t doing.

If you are thinking that the only way to feel better is to leave or your spouse to change, I want you to know

You just need to learn to direct your brain and choose emotions that allow you to

Generate connection, love, compassion, desire

Set loving boundaries,

And know what things to let go of and what things to keep.

So, you can show up in your marriage as someone YOU love, have more for the important people in your life, and be an example that you are proud of.


Madeleine Strasburg

Do you feel that you are BAD WITH MONEY?

I am here to tell you that you already have everything you need to be good with money!

Yes, being good with money is more than just knowing how to do money math. It is about developing (and sometimes finding) your abilities and talents to support a life of financial freedom.

Money is just a tool Heavenly Father provides as a way to help you learn and grow on your path back to Him.

I can help you become good with money in your pocket and in your mind.

Aida Mosier

Being in a bicultural marriage can be challenging. You can lose your sense of self and identity trying to make your marriage thrive, but your marriage needs you. Whole and imperfect as you are.

Helping people thrive in a bicultural marriage, understanding and breaking barriers and integrating both cultures.

Martine Thomassen

Start loving marketing as much as you love coaching your clients! 

Marrying my 10+ years as a professional digital marketer with my passion for deep transformational work, I’ve developed the framework Holistic Marketing for Coaches.

Using Marketing as a Tool for (Self) Healing = MAGNETIC Marketing

The reason why you find marketing hard or confusing is NOT because you’re not tech savvy, not creative or just inherently bad at it. It’s because you have core trauma or wounding that requires healing for you to fully step up in your marketing.

Rev. Nicole Reilley

I am a coach who is a United Methodist pastor, serving in local churches and at the Conference level for 30 years. I love the local church and have a passion for developing and encouraging leaders for the church. I know how ministry can be amazing and also hard, lonely, and overwhelming. I will show you how to achieve personal and professional success (however YOU define that) without sacrificing your mental, spiritual or emotional health.