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Jill Foreman, PhD

Coaching can help with what you didn’t get in therapy.

Have you had therapy, and learned to understand your past, but not what to do about it?

Did counseling give you support, but leave you without specific tools for change?

Have you ever wondered, “if I’ve had therapy, why do I still have this problem?” You don’t want to keep talking about why. You need to know what to do.

This was my experience, even though I am a therapist myself! And for me, coaching was the missing piece. Therapy helped, but I wanted more. I tried coaching as a client, and found a whole new world.

Therapy works, but it isn’t for everyone, and sometimes we need a different approach.

Jeanne Ann Cannon, LCSW

All of us have inner strength. I have a talent for tapping into that for you, empowering you to confidently change your thinking, feeling actions and results. Coaching is an opportunity for you to learn new tools that will change your life and sustain your new found glory forever! It works, I’m good at it and it’s a total win for you and your loved ones!

Kerry M Lenz

I help nurses who are burned out, overwhelmed, and dread going to work enjoy their life and career again.

Lesley Martin

Lesley helps high achievers who’ve been through adversity create more authentic, joyful and fulfilling lives. As someone who has overcome a lot of adversity already in your life, you’re in a good place now. You’re stable, settled and have a pretty good life. There’s definitely a sense of safety in the status quo, now that things have calmed down and you’re on the other side of the turmoil. You have a sense there’s more on the horizon for you, that you could do something really amazing with your life, but all your self-doubt and old fears resurface and you retreat back into the security of the comfortable life you’ve curated for yourself. You try to convince yourself you have a good enough life, you shouldn’t want more. That stepping out into the light is risky and you might be judged, or get hurt, or fail. But what if you fly? I work with you to transcend your past and all the ways it has defined you, even up to your current circumstances, and increase your willingness to step into possibility so that you can truly embody a version of yourself beyond your imaginings. LFG!


Jolene Atkinson, LISW, LCSW

My coaching focuses on the power of emotional wellness.

Clients learn to:

Develop and practice skills to identify, process, regulate, and communicate their feelings
Take care of their emotions so they are in control
Learn the most effective ways to manage everyday stress
Take care of themselves in order to have more energy and patience
Understand how their habits of thinking create their results and make shifts to reach their goals
Learn how to set and communicate healthy boundaries
Engage in healthy, fulfilling relationships
Manage their schedule in a way that aligns with their priorities
Increase self-acceptance and practice an internal dialogue of kindness and self-compassion
Make confident decisions and utilize effective problem solving skills

I utilize over 30 years of experience as a clinical social worker to incorporate evidence-based approaches into my coaching practice. I am specialized as a trauma informed provider. A holistic perspective is important as I work with clients to support them to reach their highest potential.

Cecelia Baum Mandryk

The habits you have and maintain create the person you are and the results you have in your life.

You don’t struggle with getting to the gym, changing your relationship with food or alcohol, shifting how you talk with your friends or about yourself, or your work-life balance because it’s difficult.

You struggle because you’re using willpower to change your actions instead of self love to change your mindset.

I help women in their 30s and 40s cultivate self discipline using self love.

Using wisdom over willpower, we name and create the habits you want so you can feel amazing in your life.

I changed my life through habits when I:
– Clearly named what I was changing and why
– Worked with belief, action, exception, obstacle, and failure plans
– Learned how to recognize my thoughts and feel my feelings

And I can help you do that same.

Whether you want to change your life or just your morning routine, I’m your coach. Let’s get started.

Susan Soares

Are you an overwhelmed Mental Health Professional teetering on the edge leaving the profession?

Are you at your wits end of just barely keeping your head above water? Do you feel that the only thing that will make things better is if you found another job?

I care deeply about Mental Health Professionals who are experiencing burnout. We are on the front lines serving the mental health needs of others and in order to be effective in our jobs, we must learn to put ourselves first.  We weren’t taught this in graduate school, but the lesson is vital to our own wellbeing.

I leverage the principles of coaching to help you become the best version of yourself personally and professionally.  Sick and tired of burnout?  I can help you find a way out.

Jo-Anne Karlsson

I work with professionals age 40+ drill down to the heart of an issue. We all have fears and doubts. I work with those who hide from reaching out due to fear and shame of what others think and believe. We explore anything and everything by drilling down to the heart of the matter and get you working on yourself.

Brittney Soukhone, LCSW

Happiness comes from within.

I teach people how to create authentic happiness, the kind that’s internal and doesn’t rely on other people or things.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that happiness comes from outside of ourselves and we need to find it.

We’ve been taught the path to a happy life is to: go to school, get a degree, get a good job, get married, and have kids. Accomplishments, partners, friends, family, and material things do bring us joy but it’s the type of joy that eventually fades and leaves us feeling empty, restless, discontent, and unfulfilled.

Without inner connection to self, our outer accomplishments are shallow and fleeting.  We end up in this cycle where we’re spinning in circles and chasing wins that never lead to what we’re truly looking for.

Authentic Happiness.

Kelly Arthur

As a Certified Life Coach and Master’s Level Social Worker, I help women cultivate clarity and purpose in their lives.

Here’s what you’ll create when you join my Signature Program, Path to Purpose:

*Identify your career and life goals
*Cultivate meaningful relationships
*Master your time and energy
*Develop a unique, sustainable self-care plan
*Create your clear 1-year plan

Let’s get started! Book a no-cost Clarity Call and we’ll talk about where you are now, where you want to be and how I can help you create a life that is authentically yours.

Eleni Economides LMFT, CST

What happens when you combine a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Sex Therapist and a LCS Certified Life Coach? You get coaching, guidance and information that is evidence based and top notch!

I work with women who are high achieving and successful at work and at home but struggle in the bedroom. If you experience stress around sex and have lost interest in having it, I am you gal!

If you want to stop worrying about the future of your relationship and start enjoying sex and intimacy with your partner again, let me show you what the missing ingredients are, so you can finally relax around your partner, experience a deeper connection with them and bring passion back to your relationship.