Feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or unsatisfied? Get Coached.

Brittney Soukhone, LCSW

Happiness comes from within.

I teach people how to create authentic happiness, the kind that’s internal and doesn’t rely on other people or things.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that happiness comes from outside of ourselves and we need to find it.

We’ve been taught the path to a happy life is to: go to school, get a degree, get a good job, get married, and have kids. Accomplishments, partners, friends, family, and material things do bring us joy but it’s the type of joy that eventually fades and leaves us feeling empty, restless, discontent, and unfulfilled.

Without inner connection to self, our outer accomplishments are shallow and fleeting.  We end up in this cycle where we’re spinning in circles and chasing wins that never lead to what we’re truly looking for.

Authentic Happiness.

Camilla Groen

I work with freelancers and solopreneurs who want to build a business that’s truly FREE – both financially and mentally.


Hi! I’m Camilla.

Certified Coach. Freelance Copywriter. World Traveler & Expat.

Taking the leap, going all in on myself, and building my ‘one woman business’ was the best decision I’ve ever made.

The freedom.
The adventure.
The fulfilment.
The people.
The places.

I was going full speed towards having it all:

Laptop life style. Living by the Mediterranean sea. Creating a multi-cultural family.

Until one day; a mental breakdown nearly tore my whole dream apart.

My brain completely shut down.
I lost ALL my energy, my passion, my desire.
I almost couldn’t get out of bed, let alone serve my clients.

And then I realized I’d forgotten the most critical part of running a solo business:


As a freelancer or solopreneur, you ARE your business.

If there’s no you, there’s nothing to sell. And if there’s nothing to sell, there’s no business. It’s that simple.

So when my life turned upside down, the keys to my business turned as well.

In a desperate attempt to save my mental health, and my business, I hired a Life Coach.

(This was a scary investment to make at a time when my income had just dropped drastically, but the truth is: I just couldn’t see how I could afford NOT to take care of myself.)

Little did I know, this coaching experience was about to COMPLETELY change my life. For the better.

I not only managed to bring my brain – and business – back on track.

I also learned how to:

  • Purposely gain back my passion (even though I thought I’d lost it)
  • Manage my time and my energy in a way that works for ME
  • Reconnect with my own desires and make business fun again
  • Create more money (even though I reduced the hours I worked)
  • Set loving boundaries that helped me attract even dreamier clients – AND the love of my life
  • Cultivate an unstoppable self-confidence (Goodbye self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism! I don’t miss you!)
  • Have my own back, no matter WHAT happens to me (This is the ultimate freedom)
  • Go out and create a life that was even better than I ever imagined when I set out to become self-employed


Coaching taught me how to life-proof my business and build an even GREATER life than I ever dared to dream of.

Now I am here to help you do the same.

Kelly Arthur

I help women in midlife stop spinning in overwhelm and take ownership of their lives. I’ll help you to trust yourself to stop overthinking, make decisions and create more time for yourself and the people you love.

Eleni Economides

I am a Certified Sex Therapist turned coach and I help women with low libido and stress around sex find ways to access sexual desire and develop skills to handle sexual anxiety. I show them how to built a sex life that is customized to their needs and a confidence in themselves that leaves no place for stress in their bedroom.

Faith Mariah

Faith helps online business owners take their side-hustle to full-time income without the drama. She has been making fulltime income online for five years and she believes if she can do it you can do it too!

Amber Sandberg

Are you a mom that has been putting herself last for too long?   It’s my passion to help moms esp. moms that are 35-50 that are in peri-menopause and they might not even realize it. I want to help you lose that baby weight even if that baby is now 18 and going off to college.  If you have the last 10lbs you can’t lose or 50lbs, I  want to help you lose the weight for good without feeling like you are restricting. You can eat what you want and sustain weight loss.


I lost over 50lbs without feeling deprived, macro counting or calorie counting and I can teach you how to do it.  Sometimes you just need that outside support to come along side you and be that cheerleader. To believe in you when you can’t quite believe in yourself.

Kristine Glass

Helping with mindset for Latine, Veteran, or Health Care workers to achieve their full potential while navigating barriers.

Jenna Hansen

Jenna guarantees lasting success in creating your ideal body. She will give you the tools and support to create a strong foundation for enduring physical and mental transformation that is rooted in love and self-confidence.

Jordana Thiessen

I help people bring the model and their faith together. You can strengthen your faith, improve your life and achieve your dreams- All while staying true to the faith beliefs that you hold dear. As you come to understand how amazing you are, you will create your best life. Because you are limitless!

Kathy Kommit

I help unfulfilled women go after their dreams by overcoming self-doubt, fear and perfectionism.

Stephani Worley

Whether you chose to break up or not, you are in this situation, and it’s hella uncomfortable – even painful.

Breakups and coming to terms with singlehood is an opportunity for amazing growth.

Being uncomfortable IS the price of growth so why not use this situation to grow into the fullest badass version of yourself.

The truth is that staying in an unhealthy, meaningless relationship is easy in the short term but that is what created the long-term problems.

Now is your chance to do the uncomfortable work and grow from this opportunity so that you can be ready and open for a deep, passionate & meaningful romantic relationship.

The Ultimate Rebound is one on one life coaching using a mind-body-spirit approach to:

  • Heal from all the past relationship issues through thought work & processing emotions.
  • Love the present you – exactly who you are right now, nurturing your body and relaxing the nervous system.
  • Create a foundation for meaningful relationships in the future by connecting with your inner light to lead the way.

Through this unique approach, you will live a life full of love and attract your perfect partner.