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Jenna Hansen

Jenna guarantees lasting success in creating your ideal body. She will give you the tools and support to create a strong foundation for enduring physical and mental transformation that is rooted in love and self-confidence.

Jordana Thiessen

I help people bring the model and their faith together. You can strengthen your faith, improve your life and achieve your dreams- All while staying true to the faith beliefs that you hold dear. As you come to understand how amazing you are, you will create your best life. Because you are limitless!

Kathy Kommit

I help unfulfilled women go after their dreams by overcoming self-doubt, fear and perfectionism.

Stephani Worley

Whether you chose to break up or not, you are in this situation, and it’s hella uncomfortable – even painful.

Breakups and coming to terms with singlehood is an opportunity for amazing growth.

Being uncomfortable IS the price of growth so why not use this situation to grow into the fullest badass version of yourself.

The truth is that staying in an unhealthy, meaningless relationship is easy in the short term but that is what created the long-term problems.

Now is your chance to do the uncomfortable work and grow from this opportunity so that you can be ready and open for a deep, passionate & meaningful romantic relationship.

The Ultimate Rebound is one on one life coaching using a mind-body-spirit approach to:

  • Heal from all the past relationship issues through thought work & processing emotions.
  • Love the present you – exactly who you are right now, nurturing your body and relaxing the nervous system.
  • Create a foundation for meaningful relationships in the future by connecting with your inner light to lead the way.

Through this unique approach, you will live a life full of love and attract your perfect partner.

Susann Cloutier, MA

Are you over 40 years old, want to love yourself, and lose 50+ lbs?

You can, because your weight gain isn’t because you’re broken — it’s because you overeat.  Overeating often occurs when you’re stressed, anxious, depressed, bored or lonely.  We can fix that!

Do you ever think, “I wish I could…?”

Easily cross my legs

Comfortably fit in an airplane seat

Enjoy how I look in the mirror

Tie my shoes without holding my breath

Smoothly get into a restaurant booth

Together we can make all of these things happen.  You’re going to love coaching!

Rachel Friedman

I help wellness based entrepreneurs build a business they love, doing what they are passionate about, and make money.  Clients come to me to create a signature program, a unique message, and to grow their confidence so  that will attract their soulmate clients. Together we unlock your zone of genius and create a delicious business that gets you excited to wake up to every day.


Erica Hanlon

You’re not cut out for a mediocre life. So what’s the problem? It’s not that you’re lazy or fundamentally flawed. You’re either not taking enough action, taking action that’s running on bad fuel – like self-doubt and confusion, or taking action trying to solve the wrong problem.

I help you find the real reason you’re stuck, create a plan that works for you, and take action that produces real, sustainable results.

Lisa Madsen, LCSW

Are you a caregiver for a loved one with a chronic illness?

Do you often feel exhausted, trapped, and resentful?

Do you wonder what is wrong with you and how you got here?

Nothing is wrong with you.

I coach caregivers to find their sanity, design a life they enjoy, and to love themselves in the process.

I learned the secret that life can be better – right now  – no matter what your loved one says or does. It is possible.

I have tools that are different and they work.

My clients and I are proof.

Aimée Gianni, MS

I work with highly motivated individuals and couples who are willing to do the inner work that loving relationships and vibrant physical health require.

I use evidence based practices from Developmental and Positive Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Integrative/Functional Medicine and apply them in a practical, solution-focused way.

In other words, I use the Art & Science of Love & Health to help you create a strong, loving, joyful relationship and a meaningful life that you love.  One that is full of authenticity, connection, passion, fulfillment, and physical well-being.

Shanen Sadowski

I help women create and live the abundant life they were created for (spiritually, mentally, relationally, and provisionally) without doubt or confusion.  Using neuroscience and Scripture, I’ll help you understand why you do what you do and how to get the results you’re looking for….with Jesus at the center of it all.