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Erica Hanlon

You’re not cut out for a mediocre life. So what’s the problem? It’s not that you’re lazy or fundamentally flawed. You’re either not taking enough action, taking action that’s running on bad fuel – like self-doubt and confusion, or taking action trying to solve the wrong problem.

I help you find the real reason you’re stuck, create a plan that works for you, and take action that produces real, sustainable results.

Lisa Madsen, LCSW

Are you a caregiver for a loved one with a chronic illness?

Do you often feel exhausted, trapped, and resentful?

Do you wonder what is wrong with you and how you got here?

Nothing is wrong with you.

I coach caregivers to find their sanity, design a life they enjoy, and to love themselves in the process.

I learned the secret that life can be better – right now  – no matter what your loved one says or does. It is possible.

I have tools that are different and they work.

My clients and I are proof.

Wendy Burbridge

I help high performing women who are ready to quit extreme dieting and get lasting results on their own terms.

In our work together, my people (the Rebels):

  • Create a sustainable, realistic, fun and effective plan based on foods they love.
  • Learn the science, mindset and habits for permanent weight loss.
  • Get results with a program that fits their lifestyle instead of having to adjust their already busy life for a diet.

I used to weigh over 200 pounds, so I know exactly where you are and how you feel.

I used to go to bed at night feeling hopeless.

I wondered…

Maybe I was just supposed to be heavy?

Maybe I should just accept my body and be happy?

But I didn’t want that.

I was tired of living in a body I hated.

I remember getting the flu once and losing 5 pounds, so I continued eating nothing but chicken soup for a week to keep the weight off!

Bananas, but can you relate?

I was SICK of extreme diets, so I committed myself to figuring out the science, mindset and habits for weight loss.

I lost 70 pounds and have kept it off for two decades.

Now I passionately share all I learned with women who are feeling stuck.

Trust me. It’s possible for you too!

Aimée Gianni, MS

I work with highly motivated individuals and couples who are willing to do the inner work that loving relationships and vibrant physical health require.

I use evidence based practices from Developmental and Positive Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Integrative/Functional Medicine and apply them in a practical, solution-focused way.

In other words, I use the Art & Science of Love & Health to help you create a strong, loving, joyful relationship and a meaningful life that you love.  One that is full of authenticity, connection, passion, fulfillment, and physical well-being.

Shanen Sadowski

I help women create and live the abundant life they were created for (spiritually, mentally, relationally, and provisionally) without doubt or confusion.  Using neuroscience and Scripture, I’ll help you understand why you do what you do and how to get the results you’re looking for….with Jesus at the center of it all.

Pam Howard

I help moms who are successful in many areas of their lives, but feel lost when it comes to parenting. I help them feel calmer, more confident, and more connected to their kids so they can find joy in motherhood.

Through my weekly podcasts, practical strategies, and laser-sharp coaching, I’m here to help you get unstuck, find your mama mojo, and rock your parenting — while making it all feel like you’re talking with a trusted friend and mentor.

My advice has been featured on HuffPost Parents and StepMom Magazine, and clients have said that our sessions are “life changing” and “more effective than years of therapy.”

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker trained in Couples and Family Therapy, and a School Counselor who works with kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade, I have extensive experience working with kids and parents.

When I’m not supporting women to be the moms they most want to be, you can find me counseling kids at school, snuggling my own two amazing children, and sneaking squares of dark chocolate in the pantry.

Come meet me and get ready to blow your mama mind!

Julie DeWitt

OMG! You’ve Got to Hear This! My program uses a commonsense process which includes NO counting calories, NO measuring food portions & NO meal plans. My process works 100% if you put the work in. Food is not good or bad, it’s just food. Diets are ineffective because they treat the “symptoms” of weight gain, not the “root causes.” My program focuses on the “CAUSES” of why you are overweight. It’s not about your love for food, it’s what you’re “THINKING” about food.

You will learn why your brain is not the problem, it’s your ANSWER & the solution to being overweight in not out there, ALL your answers are inside you. I will help you uncover what is keeping you stuck on your weight loss journey because I can see what you can’t. I will guide you to identify what thoughts & feels are holding you back from losing weight. You will learn strategies to overcome ALL the obstacles that are getting in your way.

I solely work 1 on 1 with clients. I have the exact process that takes away overeating & overhuger for permanent results. It’s simple, you are overweight because you are overeating & over desiring food. Weight loss is not complicated. It takes understanding how your thoughts & feelings contribute to you being overweight. I will teach you hunger awareness & how to stop using food to escape or numb out from what you are thinking &/or feeling. You will get a customized plan just for you. Are you ready to create the life you always wanted? I’m ready to help you.I know from personal experience that once you understand what is blocking you from reaching your goals, the weight comes off for good. My training & specialty is to teach you how to end yo-yo dieting for good.

Jill M. Lillard, MA LPC

With 20 plus years of counseling couples, I help Christian wives and couples find joy and peace in relationships.