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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
Search the directory to find the coach who is right for you.

Dating & Relationship Coach

The Parenting Coach

Homeschool Coach

Life Coach for the Ambitious Woman

Master Certified Life and Creativity Coacch

Coach for Overwhelmed Christian Moms

Faith Crisis & Transition Coach

Relationship Coach

Adult Child Relationship Coach

Life Coach for Rare Moms

Life & Leadership Coach for Women in Real Estate

Marriage Coach to Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Advanced Certified Life Coach for LDS Women

Mental Health and Addictions Life Coach

Mindset, Habit & Productivity Coach

Mindset Expert for Business Owners

Life Coach

Men's Relationship Coach

Confidence and Empowerment Coach for Teen Girls and Women

Empowerment Coach: Thriving Beyond the Shadows of Abuse

Mindset and Weight Loss Coach

CRAFT trained, Invitatation to Change certified coach for parents who have a son or daughter struggling with addiction.

Marriage Coach for Moms

Life and Faith Coach

Overcoming Jealousy Coach

Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach for First Time Moms

Surprise Baby Coach for Moms

Family Caregivers

Master Coach for Moms of Teens

General Relationship Coach for French-Speaking Women

Weight Loss & Well-Being Coach

Stress & Time Management Coach For Entrepreneurs

Coach for Moms of Boys

Empty Nester Coach

Surgeon Coach

Life & Mindset Coach

Executive Coach and Optimal Life Strategist

Life Coach for Midlife Women

Relationship Coach for LDS Young Women

Food Freedom and Body Image Coach

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