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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
Search the directory to find the coach who is right for you.

Confidence and Empowerment Coach for Teen Girls and Women

Speaking & Thought Leadership Coach


Parents of Struggling Teens Coach

Executive Coach and Optimal Life Strategist

Life coach for divorced working moms

Anxiety/Confidence Coach for Teens & Adults


Pediatric Weight Loss Coach, Pediatrician

Mindset & Transformation Coach

Performance Coach

Coach for Women with Imposter Syndrome and Self Worth Issues

General Life Coach

Dating Coach for Women Over 40

The Energy Awareness Coach

Coach for Latinx Physicians and other Latinx Professionals

Coach for Career-Minded, Christian, Single Moms

Life & Business Coach for High Achieving Women

Empty Nester Coach

Loss & Life-Change Coach for Christian Women

Balanced Business Coach for Women

Weight Loss Coach

Pregnancy Coach

Mindset and Confidence Coach for Introverted Professional Women

Stop Emotional Eating Coaching

Certified Life Coach & Minimalist

Active Life Coach

Life Coach for Moms Who Want More

Dating & Relationship Coach

Mental Endurance Coach

Certified Life Coach

The Corporate Women's Resilience Coach

Weight Loss Coach for High Performing Women

Time Management Coach for Entrepreneurs

Transformation and manifestation coach

The Unshakable Life Coach

Human Design Coach for Successful Women Who Are Unfulfilled

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