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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
Search the directory to find the coach who is right for you.

Mother-in-law Coach

Mental Fitness Coach for College Athletes

Business & Life Coach

Success Life Coach for Dads

Life Coach and Nutrition Coach for Women with Autoimmune Conditions

Life & Mindset Coach

Introvert, Shyness, Social Anxiety Coach

Professional Certified Life Coach

Emotional Freedom Coach

The Big Birthday Coach

Coach for Perfectionists

✨ Life Coach for working moms ✨

Resolving Complex Life Issue

Millionaire Mentor Coach

Life Coach for Teen Girls

Adult Child Relationship Coach

Life and Business Coach

Life and Leadership Coach

Certified Life Coach and Therapist

Leadership Coach

Performance Coach for Corporate Leaders

Infidelity and Betrayal Coach

Certified Life Coach and Master Certified Weight Loss Coach

Helping Professionals and Students find Clarity, Drive and Passion in Career, Education and Life

Confidence Coach

Shannon Borg Art & Business Coaching

Self and Relationship Coach for Leaders in the Service Industry

Post-Traumatic Growth Coach

Family Caregivers

Leadership and Executive Coach

Life and Health Coach for women with AutoImmune Disease

Life coach for people wanting to rebuild their life after Narcissistic Abuse

Parents of Children with Neurodiversity & Equus Coach


Life & Business Coach for Photographers


Transformation Coach for Women 55+

Life & Career Coach

Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach

Life and Mindset Coach for Midlife Women

Reinvention Coach for Moms

Life & Weight Loss Coach for Christians

Weight-Neutral and Intuitive Eating Coach

Digital Addiction - News & Fear Coach

Coach for Christian Singles

Setback Recovery Coach for Men

The French Confidence and excellence coach

The Wingman - Especially For Men Whose Wives Have Transformed From Coaching

Unconventional Life Coach

Life Coach for Lawyers

Confidence Coach