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LCS Directory

Through our Coach Certification Program, we train and certify top coaches from all over the world.
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Divorce and Conflict Coach

Self Confidence Coach for nature lovers

Trauma Coach

Confidence Coach for Latter-Day Saint Moms

International Life & Success Coach for Ambitious Executives

Life Coach for Faith Centered Entrepreneurs

Relationship Coaching for Female 100%-ers

Career & Life Coach for Midlife Women

Coach for Parents of Highly Sensitive Kids

Confidence Coach for Young Adult Women

Chronic Fatigue Recovery Life Coach

Breakup Coach

Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach for First Time Moms

ADHD Life Coach for Physicians and Medical Students

Stress & Time Management Coach For Entrepreneurs

Certified Life Coach

The Parenting Coach

Master Results and Certified Life Coach

Life & Career Coach for High Achieving Women

Overcoming Jealousy Coach

Master Certified Life and Creativity Coacch

Life + Triathlon Coach

Life Coach for Woman Stuck in Midlife

Mother Daughter Relationship Coach

Mental Endurance Coach

Leadership Coach for Executives and Aspiring Leadership Professionals

Life Coach for Parents, Youth and Families

Certified Life Coach

Life Coach

Life Coach & Guide

Founder & Coach at The Stet Collective l Coaching and Community for Women in Law

Freedom From Overeating and Power Mindset Coach

The Expert Sleep Coach

Life Coach for Smart but Stressed Women

Libido Coach, Sex and Intimacy Coach

Women's Life Coach

Moms With Teen Daughters Coach

Relationship Coach, Certified Life Coach

The Unshakable Life Coach

Confidence & Anxiety Coach for Female Attorneys

Marriage Coach to Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Nurse Coach for Nurses in burnout.

Marriage Coach for Christian Entrepreneurs

Life Coach for Women

General Life Coach and Burnout Coach for Women Leaders

Life Coach for Mom Entrepreneurs

Life & Relationship Coach

Certified Life & Breadwinner Energy™ Coach

Dating Coach for Women Over 40

Life & Leadership Coach

Relationship Coach